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Suddenly they hear anjali voice from near calling geet. She move back and was about to run when he hold her and kiss her. Cheek quickly before disappearing.  She smile and went to anjali.



Where were you?  She looks down fidgeting with her finger. WO. I’m tired. Let’s go home. She nodded and went to Sanaya.






It was almost late night; maan didn’t yet give her the dress she was pacing in her room, ab kya karu. He didn’t even bring the dress.  What will I wear tomorrow? Sighing she lye on her stomach playing with the chain. She waits for some more time but he didn’t come. Getting tired she keep her head on pillow closing her eyes. After some time soft lips touch her cheek making her simile and slowly open her eyes. Maan. She whispered turning around to find him looking at Ger and bend down kissing her forehead.



Sorry. Was in important meeting. She twists Ger lips pulling his tie and makes him drop on top of her, loving her arm around his neck. He smirked hiding his face on her neck inhaling the fresh aroma of Ger shampoo. She closed her eyes feeling tickling sensation by his breath. His one arm moves under her head keeping it above it and softly kiss her neck making her gasped and titled her neck.  Maan. A soft moan escape from her lips, he move to her throat rubbing his nose their and kiss her sensitive spot. She grabs his hair with the proximity he was building in her. He toes become curled.



The loud noise from outside bring both of them in reality. She open her eyes and maan too move away realizing where they were heading. He looks at Ger who immediately look away outside the window turning deep red. How can she face him after whatever have done between them. His finger move to her cheek stroking the pinkish shades when she closes her eyes. Smiling he move forward muzzling her cheek.Your dress is on the table. He whispered kissing her cheek and move little away just to look at her. She slowly look at him and look down, a shy smile stayed on her lips making him move down and very softly kiss her.

Miss me. With that he move away from her body and stood up. She turns to her left looking him going out of window, but giving her a flying kiss before going.






He wore his cloths hurriedly wanting to meet her as soon as possible. Wanting you see how will she look like with his dress. He got ready and went to there house which was filled with lots of people, lights, foods, juices. But his eyes were only searching of his feet. Where is she? He move forward and saw anjali and ajay together standing with brij and talking to him.


He from there and look here and there and finally spotted her standing with sonali and giggling. She was looking the most beautiful girl with her gagra choli dress. He smile and move forward to her amazed by her cute giggling sound, just like some music. She was engrossed with Somali when she feels Someone gaze on her. Turning her head she saw him standing with his genuine smile looking extremely handsome. She smile and look down than to Somali again. Geet. I want to show you something. Come. She nods her head and walk ahead of him.



Sonali watch both of them leave and went to maan mom, who frowned and look ahead to find geet going somewhere with maan beside her. She notices how his hand slowly move you Ger waist bringing her close. She was lost by the way he was holding geet. He can’t hold her in such a way. They are just friend and nothing else. She has to talk to maan.





He take her away and both stood in other side where there were very less people and most important to family members. They watch silently as Sanaya came and stood beside brij. She was all the while looking down. Geet giggle seeing anjali wisphering something in her ear which made her turn deep red and shyly look at brij who look down blushing. Maan look down at her finding her lost in her family. Looking down he take her hand admiring her ring and softly kiss there. She looks up and keeps her head on his shoulder, looking the ring ceremony. All clapped a loud and mohinder wished both hugging them. Geet move forward but he holds her hand. Stay with me. She holds his arm and drags him along with her to brij and Sanaya.



Anjali smile looking both of them together and geet arm around maan. She saw her hugging Sanaya and wishing her kissing her cheek. Maan shake his hand with brij and move a little back letting geet meet Sanaya. She looks how maan was only and only looking at her and was only beside her. She can see how much he wanted her to be with him which cannot be happen like this. There are many people and having no choice she find geet leaving him and went to brij and ajay. She saw him getting restless and stayed away from everyone in one corner. The only time his smile got back when she went to him again.





Precap: maan and geet in room. Anjali outside.



Love you all for all your love and support.

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  1. mishy

    December 1, 2011 at 2:12 PM

    awesome nice update but now he have to told his mom

  2. Timothy Smith

    December 3, 2011 at 1:57 PM

    I absolutely love your blog! Check out my blog at Tester


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