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Taking a department breath she went to the conference room where rajjat was standing and Mr. Mehra stood by the board with his back to her. Rajjat look at her and suddenly look down. She gives him a glare and went inside standing behind Mr. Mehra. Hello. Mr. Mehra. She saw him turn around and the next second the ground beneath her vanished. Her breath caught on her throat and eyes widened in shock. How can this be possible? She hold the chair for support feeling very week on her knee, Mr. Mehra smile at her and eyed rajjat to go. He simply nodded his head and went out quietly closing the door.





So. Mrs. Khurana? He smirked moving close to her. Rahul.  She whispered moving back. All the memories come back to her. He was the one who have touched her so brutally, the one who had forced himself on her.


Rahul smile and move a step which made inches difference from both. Nice memory. He move forward whispered. Honey. She gasped moving back which made her hit the wall which gave him opportunity to keep his hand on her both side and smile. I felt so sorry when I came to know you married such an idiot. Her tear rolled down, she tried to love away from him which made him holding her shoulder tightly. She was finding it difficult to breathe with him so near her. His dirty smell reminds her of that dreadfully day and the proximity was scaring her to the core. What if geet did to again?  She fidget from his hold which made him hold more tight hurting her and she winced in pain closing her eyes.




Rahul was so loving to see her helpless. He knows too well hurting her will hurt maan more. He was not successful before but will surely now. He chuckled seeing her tears and closed eyes and move close kissing her cheek forcefully.



She open her eyes in jerk feeling his rough lips and tried to move away pushing him. He hold Ger waist pulling her toward him loving her in his body. Oh sweetheart. You have become more beautiful than before. He whispered huskily moving close to her lips. She wimps hitting his chest but he almost touch the corner of her lips tracing his tongue.Leave me. She whispered with her framing voice hating the moment and praying for maan to come there.



He moves back licking his lips and smile wickedly.  We have to work for three months.  Together. She looks up at him shocked while he smile and twist her wrist which was continuously hitting him. She winced but he brought her more close bringing her hand behind her back twisting it. There was no gap between them. It will be fun working with you. He whispered moving to her neck first inhaling her and then kisses her making her struggle to move away. He twists her wrist more pushing her you wall and his body to her. Must say. Maan is one lucky person. He said looking at her milky sling and suck her hard making her cry more loudly in her helpless condition. His teeth bite her neck and move to her throat. Please… please no… No… She cried feeling terrible, her knees felt so week. There was only pain on her body.


He move back panting and look at Ger smirking. That’s it for today I think. Will have a meeting tomorrow again. He said and kisses her cheek going out. She rolled down hugging her knees and cried in her helpless. The dirty feeling in her made her feel so dirty, so worse.  He came again and did the same with her. She was left with his dirt on her body. She was an again filled with his dirty smell. She cried hiding Ger face on her knee feeling so week to even walk up to maan cabin, tell him what happened. She was not having any more strength to even wipe her tears to make it visible for office person. Just sat there crying her heart out.






Maan came to office and entre his cabin. Geet was still not there. Strange. The meeting should have been over till now. He made Khushi sit and sat beside her for sometime waiting for feet to come but she didn’t even after 15 minutes. He called Sasha. She entre his cabin. Where is geet?


Sir she is still in conference room.


The meeting still going on?


No sir. Mr. Mehra went far before. He looks at her curiously and frowned. Why is geet in conference room than. He nods his head and went to conference room to see hat taking her so long.




Precap ;  geet crying


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One response to “LOVING LAMENTS

  1. mishy

    November 29, 2011 at 1:29 PM

    ME TOO CRYING hey zoha please please give the next update soon it feels really bad for her now maan wiil never spare him he will kill him now he will show him that contract she signed nd again he fill guilty so sad yaar


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