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They will just check my blood circulation system and many other tests but not the previous one.


He looks at her as if confirming she is saying truth she smile blinking Ger eyes assuring him.


aGeet name have been announced. She stood up to go but stopped looking at him. Why don’t you wait here for me? He frowned than move forward. No… Not at all. Holding her hand he went inside. She smile feeling him flinch when the needle inserted her, he look at her worriedly and his hold only tightened at every step. That’s the reason she wanted him to stay out knowing very well about his reaction.




Finally when the test was over he sighed heavily coming out of the room and move his arm around her. You OK. She giggles nodding her head and both sat in the waiting room. Have you talked to mom? He lean back taking her hand in his and play with her finger. Hmm. She is ready. She was really happy. She smile and look forward to see they are now alone. A sudden thought occur on her mind.




Maan. Have you thought about what I told? He looks at her curiously. There is really someone stalking me all the time when I’m alone. She whispered slowly looking at him with her pleading eyes. He looks at her, geet never ever have seen any such things before nor she ever have frightened about any such things. There is sure something going on which is making her thinks about it only. He should take it seriously weather it’s her thoughts or real. An if its real Han that person have to pay for this.




Maan. She called him keeping Ger hand on his shoulder. He keeps his hand on her cheek. You don’t worry mishti. I will do something. She feel relief knowing he believe her.








Both sat in doctor cabin holding each other’s hands. The result has come. Doctor looks both of them and smiles. Mrs. Khurana. I must say. You have progressed way too well. A sigh escaped from maan lips while geet smile looking at the doctor. Yes. Your stages have decreased which is very good news. But you have to control you blood pressure. She smiles nodding her head. He gave some prescriptions which maan took. I am decreasing your medicines. Just take better care of yourself otherwise congratulations. Maan smile squeezing her hand and look at her She smile back.








They return home happily and told others about it. Vicky was way too happy and hugs her tight. Both went to their bedroom where she sat with her back stick to his chest. He holds her kissing her neck.I can’t believe it. I have progressed so well in no time. He smile muzzling her neck and caress her waist under the shirt. It’s all because of you. She turns around capturing his lips and sat on his leap. He hold her close nibbling her lip and hold the back of her neck to bring her more close. She closed her eyes brushing his hair and kissed him happily. Finally she is now well from all those pain. Suddenly he move back and look at her curiously. I forgot to ask. What about your weakness she laughs at his worried expression and kisses his cheek. It will also go after sometime. Don’t worry. They are just sighs of weakness. Eating well and fresh juice will slowly reduce it. He smile and hug her lying on bed bringing her in his embrace. It was the happiest day of his life. His geet will no more feel those terrible pains and will have to leave those medicines. His life couldn’t be better with the thought of his geet without her pains. He smile closing his eyes and slept with her with a peacefully sleep.







Precap: meera parents.




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One response to “FOREVER WITH YOU

  1. Jaans

    November 28, 2011 at 6:12 PM

    vow!! geet coming back to normal. freee from all thos painful pains. maan is releived for the moment. now to attend to the next problem….


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