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PART 5  



He stands beside her and both went out where Sam was waiting at the door. Kya hua? She whispered looking behind her. Maan smile at her and stood beside geet. Can we go? Sam looks at geet who was only looking down. How can she will come to know now what happened between them.






The Khurana family takes their permission to go but with the promise, survinder invited them to stay with them for one week after three months in karwa chauth. Dadi very politely and happily agreed and promised they will be here.






Maan was sitting in car but the face of geet didn’t leave his mind. Dev elbowed him. maan. Kya baatain hui? Maan rolled his eyes looking straight on road. Arey tell na. He gave a glare to him wanting him to shut, how can he say him in front of Dadi what she said. Dadi smile seeing both of them. Mujhe to geet buhat achi lagi.  Sundar hai susheel hai. Bus sharmaati buhat hai. Kyun Sara? She asked her laughing. But Sara rolled Ger eyes. I don’t care mummy. I only know my kitty party is runied just because of this. All rolled their eyes by her usual party’s issues. 




Geet say Na. What happened between you two? She asked sitting on bed while geet sat in front of dressing table taking her hearings. You want to know? She asked looking at Sam from mirror. She nods excitedly. Standing geet takes her night dress and went to change. After sometime she come and lye beside her. You know di. I just hate him. So many attitudes. Main shaadi dadima k liye kar raha hu. She mimicked him rolling her eyes. Sam move close. Phir. Geet smile moving her hand around Sam waist. Maine bhi keh diya. Main bhi Dadaji k liye hi kar rahi hu. Bus. She smile proudly but when look at Sam she was giving her a deadly glare.






 maan please say. He asked finally reaching home and locked maan in his room. Maan sighed and shake his head. Nothing like that happened which you are thinking. Dev frowned.



She also is marrying for her Dadaji.















Sam slaps her playfully sitting. What have you done? She sits rubbing her cheek and baby face. Kya di.  Wo log kuch bhi kare aur hum bus chup rahe. Sam sighed and look at her. Geet please. Maan seems to be a good person. They are great family. They have business and above Dadaji is really happy with this.






Jaanti hu. I will try to di.






Try nahi. You have to talk to him and spend time with him. Make yourself comfortable before marriage so you can be happy after marriage. Geet look down for some time and then look up at her, hugging her she say. Theek hai meri maa. I will. Khush. Moving back Sam smile and both lie down.










Maan wanted to spend his most time in his work but geet face, and her shy look only come in his mind torturing him from his work, sleep and every single moment. He was finding it really hard to concentrate in anything which disturbs him a lot. How can a person make you so restless b y just one meeting. He didn’t want to give her such a power to rule his life, to always be present in his mind. No. he wants to concentrate on his work and nothing else.












Geet got herself busy in her usual study, she almost have forgot about him but Dadaji and Sam always remind her of their visit making her angry again and again. She tries to remove him from her thoughts and didn’t want them to come to her house. She didn’t want this hope of marriage to be fulfilled; she hated his guts and arrogance. She didn’t want to discuss anything about them or talk about them.

















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