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Geet made Khushi lye and she slept holding her, maan made a big face lying beside Khushi.  Geet move her one arm to his shoulder, he look at her with his pouted lips. This is not fair. He complained like a kid, she look at Khushi and then to him. Move. She said holding Khushi. He frowned for a moment and then realized. She wanted only Khushi and her on this bed. Moving way he stood crossing his arm.  Geet made Khushi lye other side and lyre in middle looking at maan. Come. He smiled finally knowing the reason and lyre behind her holding her tight. She turns around moving her arm around him to his back and close Ger eyes. He kisses her cheek and closes his eyes.





Maan was in full mood after the date with geet. She tried many time to make him understand things. We will go again. He finish his tired and went to take his coat when she high him from back. Mujhse naraaz ho? He sighed and turns back holding her waist. Khushi never leaves you alone. He complained hugging her tight.I want to be with you. Love you… but... she move back and kiss him. Things need time. Don’t be sad. Ok he nods his head hugging her and kisses her before leaving






She entre his cabin with Khushi who simply sat in her desk taking her drawing book. He smile seeing geet and stood up taking her in his arms. I want to tell you something. She asked wanting to discuss about Khushi trip. Hmm. Later. Holding her shoulder he made her sit on his desk. The project you have signed. They will come today. I want you to handle it. She looks up at him confused. Well. I really don’t know anything. Plus Rajjatwill help you about the project information. She rolled her eyes standing from the chair and stood by the window. He trusts that man so much that he has accepted the project without having any single detail about it. How can he be so careless?



He knows what she may be thinking so went and hug her from back. Can you please trust me once? She sighed turning around. He cupped her face kissing Ger lips.Just once jaan. Please. Suddenly they hear a noise. Papa. Both turn to Khushi. My drawing book is full. She complained showing her book. He smile and sat beside her. It’s ok baby. We will buy a new one now. She smile delight and kiss his cheek.



The door knock make geet look there. Sir. Mr. Mehra is waiting in conference room. She looks at maan who smile standing. Ok. You go. Turning to geet he holds her shoulder kissing her forehead. Rajjat will be there to help you. I will go with Khushi to buy her new book, and you continue with the meeting. With that he kisses her cheek and takes Khushi in his arms taking her out. Geet stood there not knowing what to do? Should she trust maan? Will everything really babe ok by trusting rajjat so much.





Taking a department breath she went to the conference room where rajjat was standing and Mr. Mehra stood by the board with his back to her. Rajjat look at her and suddenly look down. She gives him a glare and went inside standing behind Mr. Mehra. Hello. Mr. Mehra. She saw him turn around and the next second the ground beneath her vanished. Her breath caught on her throat and eyes widened in shock. How can this be possible? She hold the chair for support feeling very week on her knee, Mr. Mehra smile at her and eyed rajjat to go. He simply nodded his head and went out quietly closing the door.



Precap: when past collide present.





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Love you all.





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  1. mishy

    November 24, 2011 at 1:38 PM

    Cool but not fair too short nd i know who is this he is rahul omg cant wait now yaar this is not fair we have to wait so long


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