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Bhabhi. He again called out looking at her with his puppy eyes. But she still look down now at maan and start brushing his hair. Please say something. Please. She finally looks up at him and finds him in urge of crying. Sorry. He whispered holding both his ears, she look down pouting. You know I can’t tolerate a word against Maan. Maan open his eyes, by her shaking voice, her tears were coming down. Vicky move forward but Maan brought her in his embrace glaring at Vicky. Which made him guiltier?





He wipes her tears bringing her close to him. You can tell me whatever. But you can’t just call him heartless. Vicky look down in shame, tears threatened to come, maan didn’t care, and it’s nothing new to him. Always everybody call him this, he never have cared what people think about him. He always knew his own family also somewhere have this hatred toward, he can never remove it. Somewhere he was as also wrong, leaving his family at the time they needed him most. He was lost in his own misery, to bring the business back in level where his dad wanted him to, but somewhere lacked to watch out to his family.




Geet. He called, he knows this would be really painfully for her; she can’t tolerate a word against him, its ok sweetheart. Don’t cry. Vicky looks at him, how easily he said it’s ok. He have called him with so ruder but inspire he didn’t even say a word about it. I’m sorry bro. I really didn’t mean it.



It’s ok. He nods assuring him. He moves his one hand and patted his cheek. Don’t be sad. Vicky sighed in relief and both look at Geet, he wipe her tears and smile, she look at Vicky who was looking at her with his pleading eyes. Moving from maan arm she move forward and slap him playfully. He only looks down. She slaps him again and hugs him, he wraps his arm around her and tears roll down. I’m sorry. He mumbles hugging her close.  She hit his back sobbing. Dare you say like that again?


I won’t… promise. Maan only smile looking both of them. Moving back she wipes her tears and wipes his tears pulling his cheek. Ab Rona band kar. Maan smiled hugging her from behind. Now stop this crying session. Both chuckled, Vicky look up at him. He was so wrong to even think about his own bro like that all the while. He is really something else. Hmm. To shaadi karna chahte hai aap? Maan said finding him lost. Geet giggle but Vicky looks down shyly. Ok now smile later and go. He looks up at both and rolled his eyes. No matter what happens but his bro will never ever learn to speak lovely or softly to them.bye Bhabhi. Hugging user again he went out closing the door.



Maan lyre down holding her so she fell on his chest, he smirked tracing his finger on her back, she giggles moving close muzzling his neck. Office nahi jaana.  He turns around bringing her beneath him putting his hand under her shirt and start kissing her lips. She starts to giggle inbetween kissing him back. They missed to be close to each others. Wanting to be as close to each others that nothing can separate them. Moving back he looks at her and kisses her cheek. Tumse door jaane ka mann nahi hai.  Keeping her hand on his hair, she moves his hair back playing with them. Kisne kaha main door jaa rahi hu. Yahi to hu. Smiling he again move close kissing her neck.






Next day both went to hospital. Maan was more nervous than geet. He remembered the pain she went through in previous test and was now against this test,


They sat in a waiting room where she looks at him tapping his foot on floor nervously and looking here and there. She smiles keeping her head on his shoulder. Why are you worried? He looks at her and then sighed looking down holding her hand. Maan. It won’t be the previous test.



They will just check my blood circulation system and many other tests but not the previous one.


He looks at her as if confirming she is saying truth she smile blinking Ger eyes assuring him.


Precap: the result.


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2 responses to “FOREVER WITH YOU

  1. Simar rana

    November 23, 2011 at 2:13 PM

    nyc yr

  2. Jyoti

    November 23, 2011 at 7:34 PM

    hope the results r positive….

    cant see them separate….

    if anything happens to her….maan will be lost…all broken….


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