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What’s this? He asked smiling, but she just holds his hand and took him to the room. As they enter she slowly made him sit on bed.I will be back. Sit here. Don’t remove it ok. He nods his head smiling all the while loving this surprise. Kissing his cheek she went from there making him wait and sit alone in unknown room.






Maan sat there for 15 minutes when he heard some door noise and soon geet soft hand come to his cheek. Let’s see some lights. She whispered and removes the cloth from his eyes. He blinks few times and finally was able to see the most beautiful sight. The whole room was decorated with rose and candles all over. The small dining table was full with his favorite dinners. He smiles and turns to get but his breath caught on his throat seeing her for the first time in sari and that too looking so damn beautiful.



She moves forward sliding her finger from his neck to his chest seductively.  That’s the dinner you wanted? He moves his hand to her bare waist bring her close to him. You are looking awesome. She move close kissing his neck softly and move to his lips nibbling his lower lip. He reacted quickly kissing her equally. He was in cloud nine with so much of her attitude. She has done so much and he almost taught she forgot it.



Moving back his smile didn’t stop for a single moment. She keep her both hand on his chest making him sit on dining chair and sat on his lap taking a spoon of food making him eat. He ate silently looking at her in awe. How things changed in a day. The geet who was not looking at him once is now feeding him with all her love. The love she showed years before is again coming back to him. The geet which he posted years ago due to only his mistake is now finally coming back slowly to him.



They ate the dinner sat on bed talking for some time, she discussed with him how she have planned everything and he sat silently listening to her talking little openly to him. After sometime he gently moves his finger stroking her cheek. You know, it’s really hard to control for me today. She looks at him for some time and then gently kisses him. I don’t want you to anymore. He looks at her shocked suddenly by her surrending herself. She is allowing him to be close to her, to be as close to her as much he wants. To share his passion to her.



Slowly leaning to her he move on top of her making her lye on bed and move to her neck kissing and nibbling her skin. He was beyond happy by her, she wanted to be his, and she is not having anymore doubt or problem. This all means she is somewhere having trust on him. Moving back, he captured her mouth tracing his finger on her shoulder slowly moving down to her waist. She moves her arm around his neck. His lips went down to her throat sucking and nibbling, making her close her eyes and gasp lightly.




He was engrossed in her skin when suddenly geet phone started ringing. He made a face moving back and looks at her. She picks the phone only to hear a loud yelling. Mama, when are you both coming? I want to sleep. Please come Na. Geet sighed and day straight.Don’t cry baby. We will be there soon. After consoling Ger for some time she finally was able to hand the phone. But one look at maan, she knew he also must be in fool mood like his daughter. This is cheating. He said stubbornly and looks down pouting. She moves forward cupping his face. We will come next time. He shakes his head removing her hand and stood up leaving the room.



She sat there now thinking how to console this not so big baby of her. They sat in car. She tried many time to talk but he simply shrug her. Maan. She was crying.



It doesn’t mean you can ruin everything.


We can go some other day.


I don’t like this. you always bring khushi demands first. i just hate it.


She staid quite not knows how to make him understand. They arrived mansion. Where Khushi was already waiting in their room which made maan pout more and look at geet angrily. Now she will sleep between them. No time at night too. What a baby they have. Never leaving them alone for a moment.



Geet made Khushi lye and she slept holding her, maan made a big face lying beside Khushi.  Geet move her one arm to his shoulder, he look at her with his pouted lips. This is not fair. He complained like a kid, she look at Khushi and then to him. Move. She said holding Khushi. He frowned for a moment and then realized. She wanted only Khushi and her on this bed. Moving way he stood crossing his arm.  Geet made Khushi lye other side and lyre in middle looking at maan. Come. He smiled finally knowing the reason and lyre behind her holding her tight. She turns around moving her arm around him to his back and close Ger eyes. He kisses her cheek and closes his eyes.





Precap: a small twist.





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