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Maan sat there, thinking about geet. She is beautiful, very beautiful. Suddenly he become little nervous of saying her truth, saying her reason behind his accepting. Don’t know how she will react after knowing he is just saying yes for his dadima. She will clearly cry and go to her Dadaji rejecting. Well that’s easy but after seeing geet his heart was somewhere not wanting to tell her, or she just won’t cry or reject…







Both Sam and geet again went there and keep the food. Dadi smile and look at geet. Geet beta. Come here. She sits beside her.  All the while Maan was lost looking at her. He never has seen such a beautiful and innocent girl. She was only looking down. Dadi put her hand on her head. Kitni Bari ho gahi hai humaari geet. Survinder smile. You are so beautiful. Geet smiled a little, which automatically bring a small smile on Maan face barely noticeable.





After sometime dadi spoke to survinder. Bhai Saab. Agar aap bhura Na maane, thori dair k liye Maan aur geet… survinder smile nodding his head. Jee kyun nahi. Sam. She smile and got up taking geet.





They went to upside of the house. Sam all the while was smiling holding geet hand, Maan walking ahead of both of them. Geet hold on Sam hand only tightened.  Don’t worry. Everything will be ok. She whispered leaving both of them and went outside. Maan went to see the view which seems so beautiful. Geet slowly went and stood behind him not knowing what she should say.




After a long silence he turns around and looks at her. She was looking down but the thing which makes him lost was again how innocent she looks. He was lost in her when she also looks up looking at him for the first time and somewhere felt Sam right. He is not that bad. Both of their eyes met making Maan step ahead and stand in front of her. Her dark brown eyes, her sweet little nose and such a smooth fair skin. She becomes aware of his gaze and looks here and there clearing her throat.






Maan inhaled and told her what he wanted to say from long. I…  I want to say something. He turns his back to her not wanting to see her eyes. It makes him lost himself to her light brown eyes. I want to handle my business right now. I am agreeing only for dadi. I love her and can do anything for her. He smiled mentally patting himself. Now this will do the trick. But somewhere was scared by her silence.




After a long silence he was about to turn when he heard her words. I can also do anything for Dadaji happiness. He turns and looks at her shocked. Somewhere he thought she will cry like all girls, or just deny for the marriage.  Hut here she agreed and that too showing this much attitude to him.




It makes him chuckle and shake his head. She is really a strange girl. He thought he will have to deal with some girl who will drool her and request him to agree. But she so coldly told him she is also marrying him for the same reason as he is. Somewhere it’s good. No need of showing off or some explanation.  Smiling he turn and look at her. Oh… So you don’t like me? He asked a simple question looking deep in her eyes making her look away. Main to aapko jaanti tak nahi. she look up at him. Pasand to door ki baat hai. He loved her attitude. Such a straight forward she is. She finds him lost and moves a step back. Rejecting me? She looks at him finding the naughty smirk on his face and look away. Chale.



He stands beside her and both went out where Sam was waiting at the door. Kya hua? She whispered looking behind her. Maan smile at her and stood beside geet. Can we go? Sam looks at geet who was only looking down. How can she will come to know now what happened between them.







Precap: sharing the thoughts





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