17 Nov



The door bell Rang making Sam jump in excitment. She went and opens the big door. Dadi and Maan were standing in front. She smiles looking at them. Dadi smile Namaste. She greeted touching her foot. Dadi smile touching her head. Maan look at her. Oh. So this is the girl. But he was not so interested in all this.


Survinder greeted them with a smile and made them all sit. Sam went in kitchen watching all of them. And suddenly goes to her sister He is so handsome. In her excitement she failed to notice how hard she was holding her. Di. Stop pressing me.



Oops… sorry… she again turns and peeped out.









It’s so good to be here after so long.Savertri said examining the house. Sara, Maan mother rolled her eyes setting her curls.  True Bhabhi ji. Hope Balwant would be here. Savetri eyes got moist.


Arey. Main to bhool gaya. Bacho.  He called out them.








Oh my god. Chal chal.

Sam said holding her hand tight while her sister rolled her eyes. You go. I have work. Sam give her a glare. Please di. You go.

Twisting her lips she took the tray of tea and move forward to all of them. Seeing them Sam directly looks at Maan and smile delight, looking down. Yea hai meri poti. Sam.

She comes forward greeting all folding her hand. Savetri look at survinder confused but smile at her. Sam looks at survinder who eyed her to bring her sister. She went to kitchen.


Chal. Dadaji bhula rahe hai.



DI, mujhe nahi jaana



Chal.She cursed her and come with her. Survinder smile seeing both. Aur yea hai meri choti poti.  GEET. She fold her hand and look at dadi only. Maan look at her and lost himself in her beauty. She looks so innocent. Survinder made her sit beside him and career her head
. Yea hai Balwant ki geet. Uska sapna

Savetri smile seeing geet.  She is so beautiful and looks so pure and Maan too somewhere liked her beauty. Dev nudge him bringing him in reality. He looks down nervously.



She stood up and slowly both went from there to kitchen where Sam again becomes over excited. Wow. Dekha tune. Uuffhhh he is mind-blowing. Geet rolled her eyes by her sister overacting and move to pour the tea on mug.  Chado.






Bhai saab. Yea Sam. Savetri asked with a confused look. Survinder smile.Oh. I forgot to tell you. Amar. Adopted Sam. She lives with us. Buhat pyari bachi hai. She smile and look at Maan who was just looking down. She like geet and hope Maan will also like her.








Bata na dekha tune.  She asked hitting her shoulder. Geet inhaled sharply hitting the knife on table and look at her.Di. Have you seen the smaller brother? I like him for you. Sam frowned and hit her shoulder hard. Chup kar. Mujhe devrani banane ka irrada hai han. Geet look at her angrily and then smile shaking her head. Sam smile hugging her from back.Bata Na. Dekha usse.




nahi, aur mujhe dekhna bhi nahi hai. 




Di please. Sam sighed and turns her around. Why do you think like this?


I don’t know. But I don’t like them at all.





Maan sat there, thinking about geet. She is beautiful, very beautiful. Suddenly he become little nervous of saying her truth, saying her reason behind his accepting. Don’t know how she will react after knowing he is just saying yes for his dadima. She will clearly cry and go to her Dadaji rejecting. Well that’s easy but after seeing geet his heart was somewhere not wanting to tell her, or she just won’t cry or reject…







Precap: Maan and geet alone.








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3 responses to “SAATHIYA

  1. Jyoti

    November 17, 2011 at 2:47 PM

    relieved…it is geet after all….

    waiting for them to talk….

  2. sehzadisomia

    November 18, 2011 at 3:46 PM

    Me happy

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    November 19, 2011 at 3:31 PM

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