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 No. And now you should go to office. She move back and was about to go down from his thigh when he hold her waist. She looks at him curiously. You know, you are the best. He giggles kissing her lips. She move back and put her hand on his cheek. You are also. Don’t even think of changing yourself to me. And that an order. He smiles nodding his head.






Next day geet didn’t appeared to office. She was really busy with Khushi and preparing things for their dinner plans. She wanted to do every possible thing to make Maan happy. To make him smile always.



Maan came home little early excited about their date. He wanted to be home soon and go soon. He entre their room and find geet sitting on bed with Khushi making her do her homework. Smiling he kiss both of their foreheads to gain their attentions.Papa, you came early? Khushi asked surprised, he smile and look at geet who was engrossed in reading Khushi work. Yea. Was missing you baby. Geet look up at him than look at Khushi. You write this ok. She stood up and went to cupboard to take his cloths, he smile and hug her from back.



We have to go today. Remember? She turns around throwing his cloths on bed and look at him. I know. But you came early, we have time. He pouts holding her waist. Let’s go now, please.



But Maan, Khushi.


Dad and mom are here. Let’s go Na please.


Fine, first get ready. Smiling he kiss her cheek and RA. To washroom taking his cloths.





Both sat in car, geet insist to drive and Maan allowed her happily sitting and waiting for his surprise. While geet was driving he kisses her cheek. Maan. She yelled focusing on road. He emperor and again kiss her cheek.



Maan saw outside when they reach a place, it was great hotel, smiling he went out and frowned finding so many people. He thought there will be only them but seems like geet have something in store. He hold his heart making unselfish understand that they will have fun inside.



But to his dismay when they enter, geet sat on table and gesture Home to sit casually. He was rather confused. Geet. Why we came here?  He asked looking at all the people. He wanted to spend some time alone with her and here, she brought him here. You wanted to have dinner right?  So we are here to have dinner. He looks at her shock. Dinner, just dinner.  What will he do with dinner? He just wanted to spend time with he but she just want to have dinner. Only dinner.



Making a face he gulps the water which waiter had brought. Geet look at him and keep the menu on table. Chalo. She stood up and holds his hand he stood not knowing now what have happened suddenly. What happened?  She turns around and look at him sternly which made Home look down. Come. Dragging him she went out and made him sit, he just sat confused by her behavior. What wrong did he do that she oft everything?

 Tu bhi gadha hai. Kya zaroorat thi mou banane ki. Dinner hi karleta, ab dekh. Sab kattam.
 He was so engrossed in cursing himself that he didn’t noticed when car was stopped. Geet came his side and open the door. Come. Holding his hand, she walks straight in another hotel which was the biggest hotel of the city. He looks at the building while geet drag her inside.



They stood at the reception. Mrs. Khurana.  Maan look at her lovingly, she said it with so much proud. The lady nodded smiling and hand her the keys. Geet smile and drag Maan to life. Where are we going? He asked now happily knowing very well this was her plan to irritate him just. He hug her from back,I won’t say anything. He chuckled kissing her cheek. The lift stopped and they went out. But geet stopped, and look at him. Standing infringement of him and took a black cloth out and start to close his eyes with it.



What’s this? He asked smiling, but she just holds his hand and took him to the room. As they enter she slowly made him sit on bed. I will be back. Sit here. Don’t remove it ok. He nods his head smiling all the while loving this surprise. Kissing his cheek she went from there making him wait and sit alone in unknown room.





Precap: Khushi ruined everything.



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Love you all.




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