15 Nov



Maan was really busy all the day, one meeting after another.  He didn’t even called geet for once


 Vicky tried to call her again and again but geet didn’t once pick his call. He was getting restless, not once have geet behaved like this to him and he was not able to sit peacefully seeing Ger so angry to him. Somewhere he too was left in thought. He was also wrong, very wrong.



He went to Maan cabin who was working on his file. Bro. Maan looks up at him and again looks down. I need to talk to you.


Fast Vicky, I need to go. He sighed sitting in front chair. Bro, I want to be with you. Maan look up at him frowning. Bro, I want to help and blarney everything. Can you please teach me the work you do? 



Maan look at him shock. Vicky asking him to join the work he does.  It was rather shocking plus really very impressive. Geet really did a magic on his little brother. The one who hated business is now willing to join him in his projects. Wow. His brother is really growing up.



Well. If you are interested than join me in the meeting now. Vicky smile weekly. Sure bro. Thanks.  Maan nods his head and stood up. Both made their way to the meeting.



When the meeting was over Vicky quickly took his mobile and again tried geet number but she as usual cut it. Sighing he sat and regret only on what he have done. How can he even talk about his own bro like this?  How can he heart his bhabhi like this? Maan look up from his file and noticed Vicky being quite since morning. Vicky. Vicky looks up suddenly. Everything ok.



Vicky looks at him than his mobile. Yea. Just… he starred at his mobile not knowing what he should say him. That he have spoken so harsh words about him. That he have been so rude about him all the while. I’m sorry bro. Maan look at him curiously. Why is he saying sorry, the person who always need a reason to irritate him is saying sorry for just little thing. What is going on?  Vicky stood and went to his cabin.






Geet went to Annie room where meera was helping her in her study. She smile and sat beside anni.Meera. I want to talk to you. Meera look at her frowning and then smile. Jee Bhabhi. Say.


Geet smile. Come to my room. With that she stood and went to her room. Suddenly her phone start ringing and it was none other than Vicky, she cut the call and sat on bed waiting for meera.



After sometime meera enter and sat beside her. Meera do you like being here?  Meera smile nodding her head. Ofcourse Bhabhi.  I love being here. Geet smile holding her hand. Yea, you have become a never for all of us.


Geet smile. What if I ask you to stay here for always? Meera frowned looking at her. She didn’t really understand what she is saying. Meera, Maan wants to talk to chachu and mom about you and Vicky. But I wanted to ask you first.



Meera was unable to react at this. This is all so sudden. She never has thought something like that. Vicky loves you for more than two years. News for her, Vicky loves her. She always has taken him as her best friend but all the while he. Always have loved her. Meera. Geet called out finding her lost.


She looks at geet for some time. Why he never told me?  Geet smile.You know him, this made meera shy and look down. Geet pull her chin and make her look up.So, yes it is?  She asked teasingly even knowing the answer by her shy. Meera smile and hug her tight, while geet laugh hugging her back.




Geet sat in her room beside window and smiling at meera. How she was shy all the time, suddenly her phone started ringing, she smolders seeing the caller id and receive the call.  Hey my love. Maan smiled leaning back on his chair. This voice only have the power to make him relax and happy. When will you come?


Have some more meetings, will be little late.



Kya maan, I know you didn’t eat anything from morning. He smiles by her concern. Not getting time geet.


I have talked to meera, she agreed.


Really?  That’s good. Let me talk to mom than. She smile, but suddenly he was reminded by his secretary for another meeting. Ok geet got to go now.


Fine. Love you.


Love you too sweetheart.



Forever takes me by a minute,

While I’m here with you.

I’m falling even more in love,

With everything you do.


Hold me in your arms,

Look deep into my eyes,

Don’t turn away and let me go,

Don’t ever tell me lies.


I swear I’ll never lose you,

In my arms I’ll always hold.

I’ll never let you slip away,

And leave nothing left untold. Lying with u hand in hand, with a promise in my heart to be FOREVER WITH YOU



Thanks dear

                    By bloomysunday

 visit her page…






Precap: Maan confused with Vicky and geet behavior.




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