14 Nov




Sam beta. Survinder calls out hid daughter. She came their and stood infront of his rocking chair. Jee dadaji. He smile and stand-up holding her shoulder and make her sit on bed. I want to tell you something. She knots her eyebrow looking up at him with confusion. Savitti Bhabhi ji ka phone aya tha. Wo log kal aa rahe hai. A gasp escape from her lips and formed in a wide smile. Sach dadaji.  He nod his head sitting beside her. I’m so happy Sam. Sam smile and hug him. He always have dream of this day. Always talk hundred times that one day they will cone and take his grand daughter. Today finally his wish came true.



Ab to aap khushi haina. She ask keeping her hand on his cheek. he smile and nod his head. Barso se jo sapna main dektha aa raha hu, aaj wo sach hoga. Sam smile. Dadaji, aaj to wo bus aa rahe hai. Aap to aise keh rahe hai jaise aaj hi shaadi hai. She giggle making him giggle too. He hit her head. Pagli. How I wish it to be true.


Kya dadaji, itni jaldi hai bejne ki aapko. He smile and shake hi head.


  DIDI..a yell came from out which made both if them turn. Lo aa gahi. Main dekthi hu. Saying this she stood up and went out to see her sweet little sister coming from her collage. She smile and ran toward her hugging her tight and twirl around.




I’m so happy. So happy. So so and so happy. Finally after stopping both hokd their heart breathing heavily. What’s wrong with you di. Sam giggle kissing her cheek and again hug her. Oh, what should I say. You know what?  They are coming. They are finally coming. Saying this she live back twirling round. Her sister couldn’t but but laugh at her di excitement. 



Aisa kon aane waala hai jo aap itni khush hai?  She asked teasingly hitting her shoulder. Sam giggle and sat pulling Ger also down at sofa. Dadaji ne kaha, sacerdotal dado ka phone aya hai. Aur wo kal jaane waale hai. He sister sighed shaking her head and stood up going to kitchen.




Oh. So finally they decided. Sam frowned and wwent behind her.Don’t say that. I’m sure they will fix this marriage. She said and start to giggle,I’m so excited and nervous.  She look at her with her puppy eyes. Her sister laugh and give her a meaning full look. She never like these khuranas who promised somethind tears before making their dadaji restless all their life and not once have they contacted them. Survinder always speak about them and tell they will come and sow pure they are. Well it can be seen how pure they are. Just called after so many years and are coming yo fix things. Such a people.




Sam look at Ger and knew well what she maybe thinking. Going to her she hug her from behind. Dadaji buhat khushi hai aaj. Aur main bhi. She wisphered making Ger smile and turn around. Hmm. To bhala main kon hoti hu kuch kehne waali.  Sam hit her head and both laugh hugging eachothers. But I don’t like them di. They took so many years for deciding. Why? Sam rolled her eyes. Oh please. Ab shuru na ho ja.. we are so happy. She twist her lips and put the water to boil. Yea. Ofcourse you will be happy. Sam just hit her head and went to prepare dishes for them. so was on the gaga world and all the while dreaming about the marriage and how will be the grand son of balwant singh khurana.



They both prepared everything for them, survinder nit once sat patiently and continiues to order his ttwo little grand daughters badly. They were strickly told about their likes and dislikes. He explain about every single things to them and told them clearly nit to make a single mistake. Two poor soul were damn tired but can’t say no to their dadaji as He is this happy after so many years.



Sam sat in her bed selecting dress for herself. Di, aapko nahi lagta, you are showing over happiness. Sam look at her and twist her lips. Chaddo. Tujhe kya pata. You sit and spend your time only with books. She roll her eyes reading her book while sam select a dress for herself and for her sister.




Khurna family were on their way, dev was all the while teasing maan but he hated that. First this marriage, than meeting a unknown girl. God knows how she will be and how will she react when he will say about him. Ofcourxse will start crying and will tell her family no for the marriage. Hope so.. don’t think so much. Achi hi hogi. Dev nudge him teasingly, he rolled his eyes and look out the window.








Precap : khuranas arrival.







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