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Next day when geet wake up and went down all was already having breakfast. She sat beside ajay slapping his back hard. Good morning. He choked on his drink and glares her. Tu sudregi nahi na.  She made a very innocent face and shakes her head. All giggle while ajay rolled his eyes sipping his drink.



Geet. We have to go somewhere. She looks up at anjali. Khurana mansion small gasp escape from her mouth by which anjali smile looking down. She looks here and there to escape from anjali teasing look and start than start eating.







Geet was taking a dress when anjali entre her room. Geet, not that. You will wear this today. She gives a packet to her. Geet open it and found an anrkali dress. But Bhabhi. I don’t wear this kind of dress.



I know. I just liked it and thought to give you. Geet look at the dress, it was beautiful but she never wore this kind of dress. Well she can’t say no to anjali so just took it. Ok fine. Anjali smile keeping her hand on her cheek. Did you call him? She looks down turning pink. No. His phone is switched off. Anjali nods her head and went out leaving her to change.






They enter the Khurana mansion and were welcomed warmly. Geet sat beside dev who smile delight looking at her. Hey sweaty. Missing bro. He raised his eyebrow with a mischief look, but was shocked to see her shyly smile and turn deep red. She would always roll her eyes at his teasing but today. Wow. Maan called you? She asked with some hope that he would have told him when he will come.



Nope. He seems really busy. He said getting busy with his mobile. She looks at all who were busy but her eyes caught anjali who indicate her to come.



She went and stood beside her. You are having a headache and will go to house with driver. Geet frowned and look at anjali who said all this really seriously but was looking down at the plate which she was setting. BhabhiShe called out anjali who glance up at her and whispered gritting her teeth. Just do as I say. Geet was rather shocked by her behavior. Never have anjali talked to her like this.



Confused by this she unwantedly went to mohinder and told them she is going home. She was about to sit in the car when anjali called her. Driver will drop you. Go but you should be home soon. Ok. Smiling she hug her tightly and kiss her cheek.  Geet look at her not knowing at all what to say and do. Anjali push her in car, she sat in car really very confused. Anjali told her to go home but now she asked her to be home soon and enjoy. What dodoes it all means.



While anjali took Ger mobile and dual the number. Yes. She is on her way….. Bye. Hanging the phone she keep the mobile under her chin, looking at geet car going And smiled, before going inside.






The car stopped at some area. It was really dark that she was unable to even guess where she is. Ma’am you have to go out.




What???  Out, at this time? And alone?  What is anjali thinking and sent her here. Why she have to come here from all the places, opening the door she look here and there to find someone when the far zoomed away. She looks back terrified now. She is all alone in this hilly area where not a single person can be seen.





She was rather terrified now. No one is here and it is so dark. Looking Herr and there she called or say whispered terrifying. Bhabhi? But there was no sound. She tried again. Hello? But again nothing came back.



Gulping down she wanted to go and run from there, away from this suffocated place. Turning around she was about to run when she collapsed on something really hard. Closing her eyes she was all ready to fell when something caught her safely.



Slowly opening her eyes she saw Maan standing few inches away wrapping his arm around her waist and smiling at her.


Maan. She whispered and touches his face to feel him. Oh my god. He is really here. He came back. A wide smile spread on her face and without thinking she jump on him hugging him really very tight.You came. You came. Wow… she jumped eexcitedly tightening her aarm around his neck more and momore. He laughs softly holding her tight. Life cannot be more peaceful having your love one in your arm so happy by your presence. He softly moves his finger on her arm making her sigh and hold him tighter. Looks like someone missed me.



This brings her out of her dream world. She move back starring at him Frowning and gave her back to him crossing her arm. He chuckled hugging her from back. Arey. Kya hogaya? Twisting her lips she shrugs and moves away from him but he holds her shoulder making her face him.Now you came, after three full days without talking to me, why you came Han? He smiles cupping her face. Kabhi kabhi kisi insaan ki ehmiyat jaane ke liye usse door rehna acha hai. She looks at him confused by his word. Nothing went on her head. She pouts moving his hand away. Geet. He holds her hand looking in her eyes.I wanted to see the same feeling in your eyes for me which I have for you. I wanted you to feel for me same as I feel for you. She stares at him in awe, she thought he may be angry by her feelings; he will also break their beautiful relation knowing what she feels for him. But he was feeling the same before her. All the while he was having this feeling in him.



Maan smile seeing her so lost in his eyes and gently kiss her eyes bringing her out of her thoughts gently removing her hair behind her back. This feeling is beautiful. Haina. She moves her hand to his chest starring him. His heartbeat amuse her more, it’s the same as her heartbeat is. She smile shyly, do you feel it also? She asked even knowing till now he does. He smile leaning down to her face, she closed her eyes feeling his breath and soon feel his soft delicate lips in the corner of her lips. He softly kisses her and move just inches away.My feelings are being beyond your imaginations. A small sigh escaped from her mouth before keeping her head on his. He touch her locket, do you know what it means? She shakes her head making a cute face.he smile by her innocence, that’s what he loves the most about her. cupping her face He moves forward to her ear whispering. Geet… Maan…. Khurana. She gasped moving back looking at him with her wide eyes and then looks at the locket. How can’t she not understand this? He so nicely has told her but she being stupid never has understood him.


All the while he always felt the same or say more for her but not once have he convinced or told her about his feelings. He was patiently waiting for her. Gulping down she wrap her arm around his neck hugging him. Not wanting to lose this person who gave her so much importance, who feels so much for her, he has been waiting for so long. I brought something for you. Moving back he smile and take a box put from his pocket. Her eyes widened to see a ring in it. Smiling he simply slide it in her finger kissing them.

 Now. Your mine. Maan ki geet. She smile delight and again hugs him.




They remain in each other’s arm not at all believing that their relation has gone so far. Maan move back and stare at her, cupping her face he moves close gently kissing her lower lips. She sighed keeping her hand on his chest closing her eyes. Maan didn’t move back but again keep his lips on hers pressing them, her hand move to his shoulder by immense pleasure. This feels so beautiful. They remain like this for some time when Maan start to kiss her softly and then nibble her lips holding her waist bringing her close to him.



She gasped when he let her for a second to inhale a breath but again caught her and suck her lips, he hold her hair and pull her closer.  She become out of breath and move away breathing hard, but Maan move to her neck kissing their and nuzzle his face. Her breath got normal so she wrap her arm around him.  Your mine geet. Only my. She smiles moving back land look in his eyes. There was so much passion and love in them.






Precap: secret meeting…





Love you all for all your love and support.

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