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He waited for an hour for her to come back, but she didn’t.  He know he have again gutted her. She always thinks about him and interurban he can only and only hurt her.




He stood up and went out to search geet. She didn’t come after such a long time also. He went out and looks down at lawn but no one was there. So he went to Khushi room slowly opening the door and finds her sleeping in Khushi bed.  His heart ached to see her curled in a ball hugging her. He knows she must have cried before sleeping. Slowly going to her he sat behind her and touches her shoulder gently. Jaan. He wisphered slowly making sure Khushi won’t wakeup. He leans down keeping his head on her shoulder. I’m really sorry. Leaning down he kiss her shoulder softly. She was in deep sleep so he let her and slowly made his way to the room.




Geet open her eyes when she heard the door close. She didn’t want to talk to him any further in this topic. She is tired to make him understand and she knows if she would have talked to him he again will start his cry. Sighing she closed her eyes and went close to Khushi hugging her. She stirred in her sleep feeling geet and snuggles close to her. Maan too hug geet pillow and slept a restless sleep wondering what he should do now to makeup.








Next morning geet was in dining table making Khushi eat her breakfasts. Mom and dad notices Maan was not down yet which is not his usual self and geet not going to her room for once and her being very quiet. Khushi ran to their room finishing her breakfast and mom and Dad sat beside her. Geet. What happened between you and Maan? She looks up at both of them, sighing again look down. It’s nothing dad. It’s just… I… she take a deep breath covering her face with her palms. Removing her hand she looks down. No matter how old will Maan get, but he always behave like a baby to me. Mom and dad giggles making her too giggle. He is such a stupid dad. I don’t believe how he is running such a big company and that too so perfectlyBoth of them laugh at her. Dad keeps his hand on her head. You know him beta. He always needs you with him in every step. She nods her head smiling. I know dad.





As she entre her room she find him sitting in bed lost in his thought. The moment he saw her she can see his guilt look. Sitting beside him she comes close to him keeping her head on his chest. He hesitates to hold Ger at first hut finally hold her close taking a sigh relief. She lookup at him wanting him to say something. But he kept looking at her. She moves her hand to his chest playing with his button.




You will never hide things from me now. He nods his head innocently. You will tell me whatever is in your heart. Ok. He again nods. Now say. What going on your mind. Maan bring her close hold her waist making her sit on his one thigh and look at Ger eyes.I don’t want you to sleep in Khushi room ever again. She moves her one arm to his shoulder keeping her head on another shoulder whispering.Done….. Next. He moves his hand to her arm caressing her skin with his thumb.I want you to kiss me. She move up close to him and softly kiss his cheek, and move down kissing his jaw, than his chin and move close to his lips softly kissing him, moving back she look in his eyes and kiss his other cheek keeping her head again on his shoulder.





Next. He smiles delight tightly holding her. I want your smile back. Her finger move to his stubble brushing her finger on them. You will get it soon. He looks at her eyes. Soon. His smile widened by her word and kisses her cheek. You will love me like before?  He asked with his one hand on her cheek. She looks at him and sighed. I won’t answer now.


maan : Geet.

GEET : No. Not now.

MAAN : Please.


No. And now you should go to office. She move back and was about to go down from his thigh when he hold her waist. She looks at him curiously.You know, you are the best. He giggles kissing her lips. She move back and put her hand on his cheek. You are also. Don’t even think of changing yourself to me. And that an order. He smiles nodding his head.







Precap: dinner date


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