11 Nov




Geet…. geet suno to. She stood to go behind her but stop herself, maybe she need time. She has to accept what she just have felt and sawn.  Things may be very difficult and scary for her. But she has to admit that she is in love with Maan. She has to accept Ger feelings. She has to feel the feelings which Maan is feeling from lolling.




It was late night when anjali enter her room only to find her sitting beside window looking up at the moon but was lost in her thoughts.


Jaane tu mera kya hai

Jaane tu mera kya tha

Tu hi mera har pal

Tu hi har lamha tha


Slowly closing the door she sat in front of her. Its not wrong geet. She was lost in her thought when she heard anjali speak looking at her she tried hard to think it is really not wrong.


Jaane kaisi kasish hai

Jaane kaisi khalish hai

Kyun yeh saans thami hai

Ankhon mein kyun Nami hai

Hai dosti humko yakin tha


dost  aur kuch bhi nahi tha


 Her feelings are not wrong, her heart was crying out loud that these feelings are not wrong but her mind was speaking something else.



Tu hi har lamha tha

Hoti tujhse subah Har din ki

Teri dopher se shaam ki dhun thi

Hoti thi raatein tere baaton mein khoye

Teri khayalon mein hi jaage aur soye


tu jo nahin to kya raha 



Anjali keep her hand on geet shoulder. You have seen Maan. Geet look at her, she knew anjali will read her mind. She didn’t mind it, in fact she liked it,  somewhere she already know it and she will not have to explain her anything as she is in no position if explanation.


Jaana dil jaana

Kaise tune na jana

Ke pyaar yehi hai

haaan Jaane tu ya jaane na


 She sighed looking down. He will hate me if he comes to know my feelings.


Hai yeh kaisa dard naya sa

Kyun dil lagta tuta tuta sa

Hai jaana dil jaana

Kaise mene na jana

Ke pyaar yehi hai

Yeh Jaane tu ya jaane na



 Anjali frowned by her answer. Why is she feeling this?  Why is she thinking Maan will hate her?  Then she realized that geet is still unaware of Maan feelings. Smiling she hold both her shoulder making her look up.





Maan can never hate you. You don’t know what he feel. Do you?  She smile looking at her but geet didn’t understand her. Lifting her chain anjali look at the chain and than to her. Remember this geet. You know what it mean… Maan ki geet.. Maan ki… do you still think he hates you. Geet look at her shocked. Then she remember the day when Maan hold her so lovely and with lots of shine in his eyes,



 “Maan ki Geet… sirf maan ki “.



She remembers the time when she asked him that their relation is not friendship and he accepted it.


Jaane tu mera kya hai

Jaane tu mera kya tha

Tu hi mera har pal

Tu hi har lamha tha

Hai jaana dil jaana

Kaise mene na jana

Ke pyaar yehi hai

Yeh Jaane tu ya jaane na



Jaana dil jaana





 kaise tune na jaana
How he left everything and came to her when she wanted to spend time with him. How he told her that her happiness is now more important for him than his own family even. He told Ger before everyone when he got the project.  She remembers all the time when they spend together and look at anjali with her sparking eyes. Bhabhi. Does it mean… Maan also feels the same?  Anjali smile putting her hand on her cheek. Yes baby. He has proved it many times. A small gasp comes out from her mouth and she instantly hugs anjali tight. Anjali smile with tears in her eyes. Finally she realized her feelings. Finally she will be able to meet and see Maan the way he always wants her too. And the day may not he far when he will announce it to everyone and he will take Ger little princess away.





Geet move back when she heard anjali sniffing. Bhabhi?  She called worriedly wiping her tears. Anjali smile rubbing her eyes and stood up. It’s nothing. I’m really happy for you. A small pink shade on her cheek made anjali giggle and she kiss her forehead.Chal ab so Ja. She made her lie down on bed covering her with spread. Do you want to talk to Maan? She blushed and turn taking anjali hand putting it under her cheek. How will I talk to him now. Anjali have to laugh at this cutie pie. She kisses her cheek. Her little angel and princess. She will surely feel damn shy now even seeing Maan when she is turning deep red just by his name. Oh how innocent she is. Sleep now baby. We have to go somewhere tomorrow. Geet nods her head and close her eyes. Anjali move close kissing her forehead and went out closing the light.





When she reach out of her room she took her mobile out and dial a number. Yea… yes it’s done… ok fine… Bye.. Hanging the phone she smile and entre her room.









Precap: something cooking hmm.



Love you all for all your love and support.

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