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After making breakfast she made her way to Vicky room knowing he may be coming out any moment for his tie. As she was about to open the door when Vicky open the door and look at her.Oh Bhabhi. I was about to come to you. She smile entering his room and took his Tue. That’s why i came. She started to tie his tie. Where’s bro.




He went. Have many meeting. He nods his head. Thank god you saved me yesterday. God knows what he would have done to me.




 Geet laugh shaking her head. Seriously Bhabhi. You don’t know the real bro. I mean. Everyone is so scared to even to talk o him. He always scares all. And always like a Butler. I always doubt he have any heart. He laughs shaking his head.He is really stone heart person Bhabhi. Don’t know how he is so changed with you.





He finished and looks at geet to find her looking at him seriously. At irate he thought she must be just pulling her leg. I think you forgot to whomever you are talking Vicky. She said really firmly which made Vicky frown. Bhabhi. She moves back leaving his tie. Yes. The wife of the person you are talking about. He looks at her not knowing what he should say.You have no right to say anything about him when you even don’t know him. He move forward which made her step back. Bhabhi I was….. But she cut her.



You think he spent have heart?  How can you even think like that Han?  He is your brother, the eldest member of your family.



Bhabhi I…he again tried to speak but was again cut by her.




No… You don’t have any heart or brain that you can’t even feel his emotion. You can’t feel the pain he went through after dad, you can’t feel Vicky what he went through holding everything just to keep all of you happy and safe.




Vicky head bowed down in guilt what he said. He was just trying to joke but things went out of limits. He was really feeling bad to tell all that. If you hate working in office than think about him Vicky, think how he manages to hold everything alone. Just think when York own makes you feel left out. He looks at her and again tried to say something. Bhabhi.  He tried to hold her shoulder when she jerks it away. You have no right to call me Bhabhi when you don’t respect my husband. Got that.




She turns around giving her back to him while he looks down in shame.How can you just say him heartless Vicky. How can you?  Her voice cracked which made Vicky more ashamed. Bhabhi. I’m sorry. She turns around with tears rolling down. He always has done so much for all of you. He forgot about his pain after dad and always protected you people. He never ever for once has talked it even taught about his happiness.




Bhabhi please don’t cry.




Than what should I do? I have seen him broken Vicky. I have seen the pain in his yes always. But he never complains, not even with me. Even being the pain in his life he loves me so much, than how can you say he us heartless. He always has thought about your all happiness first. She started crying which made Vicky helpless. He felt really guilty seeing her in this condition just only because of his stupidity. If you can’t talk to him, if you feel like staying away from him. Then you should also stay away from me. She looks at him furiously. I hate the person who can even think like this about my husband. And I hate to even see their face Mr. vicktant Khurana.





With that she went out slamming the door. Bhabhi… Bhabhi please…he tried to go to her but she ran to her room closing the door leaving Vicky to felt ashamed and worse of him.




He seriously never have thought about his bro, never have anyone thought about his happiness.








Precap: Maan confused with geet and Vicky behavior.




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