04 Nov




I hate you. I just hate you. You love Khushi more than me. He complained like a child. She wanted to hit him hard on his head but on the other hand wanted to kiss him and pull his cheek for being so cute. How can she make him understand things? He cans never ever tuning anything when it comes to her will always complain and complain.





She climb in bed and sat in front of him. Maan. He hides his face on pillow lying on his stomach. She smiles stroking his hair. Maan. She said so softly which melt him, slowly turning he sat but like down only. She wipes his tears cupping his face.Remember the times Maan, when you used to remind me things 100 times a day even I would have known them better. But still you always roam around me and complain to me. He slowly looks up at her remembering all the times when he would irritate her to the core only to fulfill his one demand.



Remember that? She asked looking at his eyes. He slowly nods his head. That is the person I fell in love with. The person who was my shadow, who used to roam around me always, who would share every single things with me,  his happiness his misery,  every single word he speaks or everything he does. He looks at her blankly not knowing what to say or do. She looks down for sometimes,you are not the person I loved.  She said looking at him.




You are not my Maan. You are someone who is just trying to be a good husband. He sat her stunned by her words, somewhere it was true. He is changed, but he always thought it will make her happy. He always tries to do think which she like forgetting that he never did that before. I never have wanted you to change Maan. The only thing I wanted was you to be responsible… bus…  she said dejected by his behavior, tired to make him things always explain. Tired of explaining him again and again. His changed behavior, his attitude is not what she wanted to be change.




Maan sat there confuse, not knowing what to feel and what to say. She always was irritated by his behavior. Always she told him to change. She wanted him to be change. That’s what you wanted? You don’t want me to change? He said not being in his world but it made Geet more frustrated. She is being talking for so long to make him understand at least some things but here he. God. She furiously stood on floor. For god sake Maan. She yelled and stood in front of him while he looks down sitting.Should I sign the paper, I never wanted you to change; I just wanted you to be responsible. She yelled furiously. What the hell is wrong with him? Why he always need years to understand things. He sat silently while she looks at him furiously.




She stood in a silence for long but seeing him not saying anything she sighed sitting in front of him.I don’t want you to hide things from me and sit quietly keeping things in your own. He slowly looks at her. But you always were tired of my irritation. She wanted to hit his head hard, how he can even think like that. How can he not understand what in her mind? He never needed any words but now he always needs an explanation to understand. Again standing she went to drawer taking a card and turn to him. I always love you when you demanded to me. Not to pretend and cry like this. With that she slams the card on his lap leaving the room. He looks at the card and opens it slowly.



It was a beautiful and romantic card and something was written in it. He can say Geet have written it by her hand wiring.



This wife of yours want her lovely, cute and charming husband to be her date… you have lighten my life by being a part of it… though we went through many ups and downs but I want them all to vanish and only loving memories will be there.


                                                  Your jaan!!


He kisses the letter keeping close it to his heart. How can he just thing she will forget the things he said. How can he even think she will not take his words seriously when he very well know how much she is and always was serious for him, to him.  How much she always has taken care of his single desire, how can he even think of her like this? Why does he always have to act so stupid? Why does he always have to let her lament only loving him?



He waited for an hour for her to come back, but she didn’t.  He know he have again gutted her. She always thinks about him and interurban he can only and only hurt her.





Precap: will they go for a date?





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