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Anjali look at him confused. Why so hurry. He still have days than.But why tomorrow. He smile and pate her cheek. That’s something for me. Just do what I say. With that he left leaving a confuse anjali. She looks at his retreating back and shrugs his shoulder. Chaddo. Yea dono aik din mujhe pagal kar ke rakgenge. With that she again went to her task. While think of  the way she will disclose the truth to Geet. It’s going to be the hard task anjali.






Two more days were past; geet was now desperately missing him as geet is not calling her from tomorrow. He has told her he will be quiet busy and won’t be able to talk to her anymore till he comes back. The only time he called was after going back and that too just for some minutes. After that he is not calling her and his cell is Also switch off. She also went to meet the girl for brij. Her name is Sanaya. She was very pretty and very nice. Anjali mixed up with her very soon. But she was really quiet feeling shy all the time. They fixed the engagement after a week and a wedding after two weeks of engagement.





Whole house was filled with joy; brij was very shy to speak about the topic. Geet was having a fun time in teasing him a lot while ajay always join Ger. It was evening when she made her way down where anjali was sitting in dining table selecting the decorations from the menu book. She sat beside her on a chair and picks a book which have diamond ring picture. The moment anjali saw her she remembers what Maan have asked her to do. She was not having time from two days but hope so she will be able you make it today.





Geet. She called her closing the book. Hmm. Geet was busy with the rings. Anjali close her book to gain her attention. She looks up at her with raised eyebrow. Did you like Sanaya? She smiles.Yea she is nice.





Hmm. I’m sure bhaiya going to love her when they will get married.  Geet look at her confused. Bhabhi. How do people know they are in love? Anjali smile looking down. That’s what she wanted her to ask.




It’s a feeling geet. A very beautiful feeling.  Love brings life in you. You love to spend time with him. You love to have him close to you. You feel helpless just to have a glimpse of him.




Anjali trailed down, but geet smile vanished and she lost herself in Maan. She feel him in anjali every words. She remembers all the time when they were close and she always feel so happy being with him. How he always makes her feel so special. How he was always so close to her. She remembers the time they have spent in their farm house. Where she has felt it that their relation is not friendship but then what??





Anjali find her lost and knew she is almost done.Geet. She snapped out of her thought and look at anjali. She knows what geet may be thinking this time. The feelings can be seen in her face. Holding her hand she says.You can also make sure. Just close your eyes. She moves her hand to geet eyes closing them. And remember the person who is very close to your heart. Who means life for you? She closed her eyes and the first thing she saw was Maan. She remembers him saying.



 “You have become so important in my life, that I can do anything for you.”



She opens her eyes gasping a loud. Maan. She saw Maan. What does it mean? Why have she seen Maan from all the people? Why is she feeling Maan only? Does this means??  But how can this happen? 



 Anjali read her shocked face and squeeze her hand. The face you see is the person you are in love.  She is in love? She loves Maan. She remembers the day when she dreamt of Maan almost kissing him. And all the moment of her and Maan when he lovingly kiss her, when he always claim her his, when she desperately want to spend time with him. The feeling she is having for Maan all the while was love. She is in live with Maan. How can she feel like that?? What if Maan doesn’t have any of such feelings for her?? She gasped putting her hand on her mouth. Tears rolled down, shaking her head she ran from there. The thought was scary how can she feel this? Maan will never like her feelings. He will definitely hate her knowing she is in love with him.




Geet…. geet suno to. She stood to go behind her but stop herself, maybe she need time. She has to accept what she just have felt and sawn.  Things may be very difficult and scary for her. But she has to admit that she is in love with Maan. She has to accept Ger feelings. She has to feel the feelings which Maan is feeling from lolling.








Precap: realization.




 Love you all for all your love and support.

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