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He loves someone from long, but was unable to say any of us. He stop for some time and than continue. It shows how perfect our family is. He smile detective by himself. His brother was in love but never has shared his feelings with anyone. Not even mom, how can he be so careless in his own world that he have kept himself away from his own family when he promised his dad to be the pillar of them all. What if geet wouldn’t be here and his brother would have kept it in himself always. He look at Geet, she have brought so much happiness here. She fulfilled all the promised which he made to dad. She always takes a very good care of Vicky Annie and mom.






She put her hand on his cheek. Maan. He looks down only. I don’t know how to thank you. I don’t know what would have happened to my family if you wouldn’t be here. He looks up and cups her face. You have changed Annie, you brought Vicky back to his family. You brought mom her family and you have helped me from going very far from all of them. You have brought life to my family geet. Thank you. She smile with tears in her eyes and kiss his lips wiping his tears from corner of his eyes.It’s not your family. It’s my too. He smile kissing her forehead and she giggle.And if you want to count things. Than Let me say now. Reaching her head on his chest she held him close to her. He brings her close holding her tight. You love me the way I am, is the big thing Maan. Even seeing me in pain always never have lessened your love for me. Even leaving a life which has no future you love me. You always love me and make me feel I am the most lucky girl in the world is bigger than what I did. Moving back she looks at him and smile. He smile back and kiss her lips bringing her more on him she hold him tight locking her arm around his neck. They move back when she rest her head on his





Maan. I will go to doctor for the check up. He looks at her shocked. She wants to go , he search her eyes to see if she is no more scared but the only thing he can find is only love. It made him very happy and smile delight. Really?  She giggles nodding her head. Yea. He hugs her kissing her head. Thank you.





He holds her and lie down bring her close to him. You should sleep now. It’s late. She smile closing her eyes and keep her head close to his neck. He brushes her hair slowly making her sleep. It always makes her calm and sleep peacefully, that’s how sleep can only come to her.  What will you do now for Vicky ? He keeps his head on her. I will talk to chachu. But before that I need to talk to mom. She move back and look at him. But first I have to talk to meera. If she agrees than. He smile nodding his head and kiss her lips, and again start brushing her hair, she smile and close her eyes. After sometime he felt he sleeping, kissing her cheek he too close his eyes and slept.








Maan woke up early than usual, he has many important meetings today and he has to rush to office. Looking at geet he smile and kiss her forehead before waking up. Coming out after taking a bath he went to cupboard and take his office cloths,  he was taking the aftershave when it fell on table making a noise, he quickly keep it quietly not wanting to wake geet so early. But geet open her eyes slowly with the loud noise and saw his wearing his cloths.





Maan. She called him sitting on bed. He keeps his jeans on bed and sat in front of her. What are you doing? It’s early. He smile and kiss her cheek. I know. It’s only 4, but have to go to office now. He stood and again starts wearing his cloths. She went to washroom and came after sometime finding him buttoning his shirt. She was about to do it when he say.No honey. I’m getting late. Have to rush. She sighed sitting on dressing table looking at him getting ready. I may be late at night. Will fix your appointment whenever I will be free. She only nods her head rubbing her eyes. He smile and patted her head taking his files and everything.




She pours a glass of juice making him drink. No sweetheart, please. She moves the glass close to his lips. Drink Maan. You haven’t eaten breakfast. Fastly gulping the juice he rushed out and sat in the car started it with the speed. She stood there looking at him in so hurry. She was about to go inside when she heard his car sound again, frowning she turn and found him coming again and got out of car. What happened? Did you forget something? He nods his head coming close and kisses her lips hugging her tight. Forgot my mishti sweet lips. She smile moving back and kiss his lips. Now go. You will get late. Kissing her cheek for the last time he again sat in car driving in full speed.





She went inside but was not feeling sleepy anymore, so she went to kitchen and started making breakfast, as Vicky will also wake-up after some hours for office.









Precap: geet angry with Vicky.


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2 responses to “FOREVER WITH YOU

  1. Snow Nest

    November 1, 2011 at 5:35 PM

    loved it finally geet agrees for check up nice 🙂

  2. vijaya

    November 6, 2011 at 9:03 AM

    beautiful ff thank you so much , please update soon waiting eagerly.


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