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He put the phone down and looks at Naina. He will go there, don’t worry. Naina sighed coming in his embrace.I hope so. He never goes to anyone when he feels alone. He holds her tight. Hmm. But now he has geet. I’m sure he will go there.






Geet sat there thinking about what Yash told her. How can Maan send them away, why he did this? She was engrossed I. Her thoughts when her bell Rand and she know instantly who it will be. Opening the door she saw him standing with his head bowed, she never have seen him like this,  he would always smile brightly looking at her, but now his face seems so sad and low. She went ahead and holds his arm dragging him inside, he look up at her.



His mind was fighting with his heart. No one in this world can hate her, and he is sure that his parent would have been proud with his choice. How can mom say something like that about geet. How can she even think about her like this? he was right to send them, otherwise things can be difficult for geet. If in return they would have wanted his whole property, he can give anything just for her, and her happiness.



Making him sit she sat beside him looking at her,  he sighed keeping his head on her lap,  she start brushing his hair, closing his eyes he felt so calm, so peacefully by her soft touch have the power to make him feel calm after such a turmoil. He was not in mood to meet anyone, not to talk or see anyone. But he knew geet can screw all these thoughts from his mind, She only can do this.  He forgets everything and just enjoys her touch, which made him sleep in the deep sleep.



It was almost an hour; Maan was peacefully sleeping in her lap while geet was brushing his hair, suddenly her phone start ringing.  Maan stirred and turned moving his face to her stomach.  She pick her phone looking down at him.


Nandini : Geet.


Geet : Bhabhi.


Nandini : Maan aya kya?


Geet : Jee.


Nandini : Please take care of him.


Geet : Yea Bhabhi. Don’t worry.



Hanging the phone she looks down to find him looking up at her. She smiles caressing his cheek. You should sleep in the room. I will make something for you. He looks at her for some time and then sat,








Geet made dinner for Maan and went to room; he was just lying down and looking up at ceiling.  Putting the tray she looks at him. He sat straight but looks down. Putting her hand on his cheek she made him look at her.I don’t like to see you like this. He smile and hug her close you him kissing her shoulder. She rubs his back with her one hand and brushes his hair with another. I hate it when someone says anything about you. She sighed now knowing the reason of his mood. Moving her arm around his neck she brought him near. It’s ok.



He move back and look at her. No its not. He cups her face in his palm lovingly looking at her eyes. I love you geet, I don’t know how much but I can’t tolerate a word against you. She keeps her hand on his and smiles with tears rolling down. He shakes his head kissing her tears. She sniffs and wipes her tears. Keeping the tray on bed she made him eat while he just admires her with all love in his eyes. She is his life, his strength; he will make sure she won’t tolerate anything anymore. She must be happy and he will make sure about this.






Precap: don’t go.










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She turns around. He smile and kiss her Forehead. Moving back she smile and went out. He stood there until she close the door.




Dropping geet Maan went again in mansion you make everything clear with them. When he entre he found his mom still saying there, sitting beside her he look at her, he was not sure how to tell her and start speaking. Clearing his throat he says. Mom. I want you and dev to shift somewhere else. Dev look up instantly while mom look at him shock. All her plan to have the property will be just vanished by this. Maan knew from look of her and dev that they must be thinking about money and nothing else.



You don’t worry about anything. I have a place, a big place. You and dev will get 35% of my property, I have business there too and it will be under dev now. So you can live happily.




Dev look at his mother, both were quiet shock but couldn’t say anything. At least they are getting something like this but if they started to argue than they sure will not get anything. She was sure this all is just because of that girl. If she could meet her alone than she could have talked to her well about this. But knowing Maan she stayed quiet and smile weekly. As you think son. We will go. She said with an uncomfortable smile, while dev roll his eyes and went from there. Maan smiled at her, stood up and was about to go when her voice from back stop him.




If we were you real family, you wouldn’t have done this. He turns around and looks at her. Your parents will be so sad to see you throw us for some other girls Maan. He looks at her shock. No, he won’t believe this. His parents are and will always be happy for his choice, why is she saying this.








Geet was making coffee for her when her phone rang, washing her hand she pick it. Geet. She smile and sat on chair. Yash. Kaise ho? 




Theek. Is Maan there? Geet frowned; there was some urgency in his voice.Maan?  No. Why? She stopped eating, curious to know what have happened. He has sent his family somewhere else, but naina is calling him from long, he is not picking and not being here. Geet was stunned, where will he be?  Will he be alright?  How can he even do this? Why did he send his own family, he is not even picking the call. But somewhere she knows he will come to her, he will have to. Don’t worry Yash. I will inform you if he comes.




Yash sighed looking at naina. Yea. I’m sure he will come there.








Take care of him please. He may be feeling low.



Yea I know. Don’t worry.






He put the phone down and looks at Naina. He will go there, don’t worry. Naina sighed coming in his embrace. I hope so. He never goes to anyone when he feels alone. He holds her tight. Hmm. But now he has geet. I’m sure he will go there.








 Precap: Maan aayega Na???








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But still, she is your mother. He sighed and hold her and. He knows meeting his mother is not right. She will never accept geet because she always wanted a lottery ticket for him. But he didn’t want geet to meet them, it will surely hurt her. Please Maan. He looks at her. She has asked her for something first time. And he really can’t say no to her. Fine. But their decision is nothing for me. She nods her head, he start the car and headed toward his mansion.




They reach the mansion… maan was not at all liking this. He knows they will create some drama and he never ill want geet to witness it. She already has agreed after so much effort, she finally have agreed for the marriage and he don’t want them to ruin everything.




When they entre Maan tightly hold her hand and bring her close to him. Her eyes went where Dev and his mom were sitting and talking. The moment Dec saw geet with Maan he stood up, looking confused to both.



Geet move little behind to Maan seeing Dev and remembered the office incident and his behavior. She didn’t like his look but couldn’t say anything now but the things cannot go out from her mind. Mom stood and looks at Maan and geet with confused expression.



Maan. Who is she?  Mom ask him shocked somewhere to see a girl with Maan and that too with homing and this close. She tried to make him work with many girls and made some relation but he very politely have ignored them. Than how come this girl.



Maan move his arm around geet shoulder in protecting manner. She is geet mom.



Suddenly dev come forward smirking. Who can forget you ma’am.  Geet look down, holding Maan shirt. Dev stood in front of her looking at her mischief from top to bottom which didn’t get unnoticed by geet.  She was getting very restless by his gaze and wanted Maan to talk fast so they could go from here. Maan look at his mom and spoke up. I and geet are getting married.




What??  She yelled looking at him shocked and then look at geet. But we don’t know anything about her. She tried to make sense, not having another option, because she knows she is not allowed to interfere in his life.




Yes mom. Next week. Geet wanted to meet you. And I know everything about her. Dev look at geet. He did not at all like this, he has an eye on this beautiful girl and his brother has to take her. He chuckled remembering his being so close have made her so nervous and scared; don’t know what magic Maan have done to her that she is standing that close to him in front of them. Strange.




Mom came forward and look at geet and then to Maan. If you made a decision already. Fine. Your wish. Maan smile and look at geet who was only looking down, than he remembers the office incident where she was screen of dev.  Glancing at dev he fined him drooling her with his dirty eyes. He know him to well, we got to go now. With that he guide geet and went out.






All the drive Maan was only thinking about them, they didn’t seem to be interested. Of course why will them. Mom wanted some millennium to come and he was sure she will taunt geet whenever they will be left alone. And dev, he also is not so good. Maan decided to shift both of them to outhouse or other place and make it clear to them to stay away from geet that will be only the solution.





When they reach home Maan was about to come out when geet hold his hand. It’s late. You should go.



He smile, oh she is scared as what happened yesterday.Hmm get out type. She giggles looking down.




He holds her hand and kisses her fingers. Good night. She smile and was about to go when he tightened his hold.




She turns around. He smile and kiss her Forehead. Moving back she smile and went out. He stood there until she close the door.










Precap: Maan decision












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Smiling he remove a strand behind her ear caressing her cheek. She keeps her head on his chest moving close.I missed you so much. She complained making a cute face. Geet. He said making her face him. He has to say her before things get late.I just came for few hours. I have a flight after two hours. She look at him for some time, he came from so far just for him. Just because she was wanting to be with him, just because she was desperate to be with him. Smiling she kiss his cheek.It’s OK. He smiles hugging her. Did you talk to them? She looks at him.They told me. But still. I’m really hurt. She said pouting her lips. He smiles patting cheeks.




Suddenly anjali enters the room hoping that she will listen now when Maan is with her. Entering she smiled at both. Geet sat straight making a face and look down. Anjali sat beside her and touch her arm.



Geet. Ab to baat karna. Geet look at Maan but avoid looking at anjali. She sighed being sad by her totally avoiding her and look at Maan pleading to help her. Maan clear his throat and smile at Geet. Look Geet. Your Bhabhi came to you. Won’t you talk to her? She frowned and shrugged anjali hand. No. Anjali. Was hurt by her behavior. She never have behaved like this with her, always have she been very sweet and lovely but today she is more frustrated and angry on her. She know it was because she always considered anjali as her mother and expected her to share things to her but she tried to explain her point of view also but she is not even looking at her which is hurting her deep. She again tried and holds her shoulder turning her toward her. I’m really sorry. I have told you many times about the situation. She said sadly, Maan nod his head to geet to speak to anjali.



But it doesn’t mean you should hide things from me. She said angrily and again jerks her hand. Aisa nahi hai. We were trying to tell you bit were not getting time.



Oh so you need time for me now. Anjali sighed shaking her head. Not knowing how she could tell her she herself is being hurt by her behavior but things doesn’t matter more than her sweet smile. Her rude behavior is only making her guilty and ashamed; she was herself in her urge of breakdown. Cupping her face in her hand she says. I’m really sorry but don’t be so rude to me. Please. She whispered with here burning eyes. Looking down she wipe her tears which shouldn’t be out right now. Maan look at her and felt bad for seeing her cry Geet felt bad seeing tars in her eyes, wiping her tears ,No matter how much she can be angry but she can’t see tears in her loved ones eyes. Why are you crying? 



Because it hurts. She said with her trembling voice and look down. Maan hold her shoulder. Anjali. She shakes her head. I swear nothing was finalized until the day we talk to you. Maan rub her shoulder and look at Geet, she look at him and then anjali not knowing what she should do now.



Ajay enters the room and find anjali crying, he frowned and ran besides her bringing her in his embrace. You made her cry?  He said softly but yet strictly. Geet look down guiltily and tears rolled down from her eyes too.How can you geet? She loves you so much and you… anjali hold his arm shaking her head.No. It’s not…  he cit her. ChUp anjali. He looks at Geet and said softly. She is unable to sleep from these days just because of your rude behavior.



This made geet sadder; she was just waiting for Maan to come and was not in mood to talk to all, hats why she avoided talking to all. She pouts crying, her cheek and nose turn red. Maan was unable to see her like this. He cups her face wiping her tears. Geet. Don’t cry. She sniff still looking down and mumbled.I’m sorry. Anjali immediately came to her wiping her tears.It’s we who should be sorry. You shouldn’t cry. Geet hug her and mumbled sorry again and again.



Ajay and Maan just sat and smiled at both of them. Glancing at the pure love they have for each others, who will believe anjali is a stranger who became such an important part in such a small time and geet who made gave her the biggest place of her mother to anjali which no one can ever do. After a long time when they move back Geet softly wipe her tears and kiss her cheeks, anjali smile kissing her forehead. Ajay smiled happily seeing both together after a long time and thought of making the situation light.



Thank god. Maharani ka gussa to utra.  She pouts and looks at anjali. Ajay. She said firmly. Ajay look at her with raised eyebrow and look at Maan. Dekha maan. Dono ka Side changed. He smiles while Geet punch him and hug him kissing his cheek. I’m sorry. He smiles putting his hand on her cheek.



No. My gudiya never say sorry. You are the princess of this house, and nothing can be done here without including you. Pagli tu to hum sab ki jaan hai. She smile and again hug him. I love you bhai.




Maan egged. Oh, how easily she said to ajay but saying him is taking ages to her. No matter how much he tries but this girl never can tell her emotions to him, only god knows how much she will take time to express herself to him and say those words for him he is dying every moment to listen.


When I hear your voice so sweet, dear love, 

I feel like an angel from above.

It makes my heart beat faster, yes, 

And alleviates all cumbersome stress.


Among the things I see in you, 

The one I love most is not painted in blue.

It’s your killer smile, so seldom seen, 

This makes my heart melt or turn into steam.


What’s the magic that you’re working on me? 

‘Cause my feelings are not what it used to be?

You occupy my mind reserved for one, 

And who’s next to you in my heart? None.


Infatuation, yes, it could be that, 

The feeling that turns me into a selfish brat.

But no, I think it’s a Lilliputian crush, 

That’s why I don’t want to rush.


Whatever feeling this may be, 

There’s just one thing, a request, actually.

Please smile for me, my dear love, 

And I’ll be off in peace


Thanx Priya.


Love you.



Anjali finds him looking at geet; she smirked and hit his shoulder bringing him in reality. He looks down immediately but anjali giggle. Ajay and Geet look at her curiously, she smile, but the look of Maan made her think about Geet and her feelings.






Precap: time for Maan to go.




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 Hello…. yea… I will be there… keeping the phone he again start driving. Are you going?  She asked curiously. It’s Sunday and almost late night, couldn’t he even sleep peacefully?  He smiles just a little shaking his head. No. Morning I have some important meetings. Just for them. She did not like him being so involved in work, they rarely spend time, but she couldn’t even complain knowing it will only make him more tensed choosing inbetween. Sighing she. Again keep her head on his shoulder.






They entered the mansion; Geet was still in her mood and sadly just walk beside Maan. She was not sure what to do and what not to. The sudden drive of Maan to hospital has left her thinking about her state. Lost in her own thoughts they were about to walk upstairs when mom call them. Maan Geet. Come eat something. They both turn and look at all eating their food. Maan did not know whether to make Geet sit with all as she already was feeling low. He knows she needs time right now. Bhabhi, spend some time with us too. Vicky said teasingly. Maan look at geet and saw her still sad, than he look at Vicky. He holds her shoulder making her look at him. He eyed at all indicating her to at least eat some she sighed and wart walking with him. He holds her and slowly walks toward the table. One glance at Vicky he was revealed, Oh. How can he forget her chamcha can make her light for now? His nonstop bak bak can only take her mind away.



Both sat beside each other and start eating quietly. Sameera who was in kitchen silently went from there seeing Maan and his full mood. Vicky found Geet quite than usual and tried to speak. Hmm so Bhabhi how was your day with bro?  He smiled and tried to lighten her mood, because somewhere he can feel the tension between both. But Geet didn’t answer and just sat their silently eating her food which gave Vicky the proof something must have happened. Maan glanced at her and then at Vicky. He raised his eyebrow asking what happened. Maan grab his mobile slowly and msged him saying all the things and also asked him to change her mind from all this. He read the msg and assured him with his eyes msging him he will come to their room. . All continued to have their dinner in silence feeling the cold look of Maan and somewhere a silence of Geet which itself indicated something was wrong. Sameera who was look in all this from above smirked feeling the silent war between them.




After finishing the Donner Geet silently stood and starts walking. Maan walk behind her but glanced back at Vicky he blinked assuring him.  As they enter the room Maan went to change while Geet sat in the bed, thinking about the incident, what should she do?  Should she agree to Maan or not. Her heart was not convinced to do another checkup. It will be useless. But what about Maan? He is already too tensed and she is just increasing his tension by her health. But what can she do. She can’t leave thing which are happening with her, something wrong is going to happen and she is having a fear in her heart.



Maan came out of washroom and tried to talk to her. Geet. She looks at him, and again thought of the checkup. But suddenly there was knock on the door. Maan sighed and went to open the door. Vicky smiled at Maan who shrug his shoulder glancing at geet. Vicky put his hand on his shoulder and walks to bed. Sitting beside Geet.Bhabhi. He called out softly finding her lost. She looks at him and smiled a little. He sighed, hmm so how was your day?  Care to share. He winked which made her chuckled.  She looks at Maan who smile at her in response. One look at Vicky smiling face made her forget everything and she sat in front of him now smiling and forgot all other thoughts. It was good. Me and Maan went out to eat… she stopped and look down for sometime and than start laughing softly which made vicky curious, looking at vicky She trailled all ththeir hotel things and the unknown girl. Maan smiled finally seeing her smile; he sat beside her and starts to caress her arm. You know what. She was all the while looking at Maan. She laugh and made Vicky laugh to. Seriously?  He asked with his raised eyebrow. Maan nuzzle his face on her hair.




Yea. She was all the while talking so much. Oh god she talked a lot. She said all the incidents and both laugh a loud while Maan smile holding her from back.wah bro, what a charm Han. He said teasing which made geet frown and hit his lap. Shut up OK. I swear if Maan would have looked at her I would have killed him on the spot. She said angrily which made Vicky clear his throat and glance at maan who was busy in his wife, he hold her tight and kiss he cheek. But I didn’t Na. She smile sweetly and hold his arm. Yea. My Maan is the best.




Vicky again clears his throat.  Ahem. You know guys I’m here. Maan rolled his eyes and nuzzle her neck. Arey you listen Na. She again started to say all things about Alisha and both laugh hysterically. Maan was happy that she forgets the things and become Ger usual self. He promised himself to not to force her for anything until she herself wouldn’t desire. He was such a stupid to ruin their day. She was so happy but him. He just. He sighed kissing her shoulder, but her worries and being scared of small things were buzzing in his head. He has to take her fear out. This is not good for her.





Precap: Maan knowing about Vicky secret.



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He immediately nods his head without looking up at her. Maan sighed finally.  Go now rajjat. Maan said wanting him to leave as soon as possible so he can handle with her anger which is nothing for him. She can never show her this side to him.



When rajjat goes from the cabin she Look down at Maan giving him a glare and start murmuring taking a file sitting in front chair. Don’t know when you will you change? He truly looks like a bluffing person. I don’t believe you can believe him. Oh what am I saying? You can believe every second person toward you. Her continua to curse him while he smile and look at Khushi who was looking at him with her big eyes. He chuckle at her pouting lips. Kissing her cheek he move back and puff his cheek indicating geet mood. She giggles softly, he too giggles and both look at her while she was still murmuring something. Mama is dusht. Haina? He whispered again making her giggle and himself giggle too.



This brings geet out of her cursing world. She look up at both with her raised eyebrow which shut both of them and instantly cleared their thought glancing at each other’s and look down. Rolling her eyes she look down but Khushi again start giggling. She looks up at them. You both are making fun of me? She asked angrily standing up and put her hand on her hips looking both of the them. Nahi to mama. She said making a very cute and innocent face. Maan too nods his head making a face.



Haan mama, hum aap pe hanse. Na. Saying these both burst in laugh highfying each others. The look on Geet face didn’t help them to control more. Her cute red cheek and above that making puff them. Her hazel big eyes looking at them trying hard to glare them. They continuous to laugh which irritate her. Good. Laugh. I won’t talk to both of you. With that she goes and sits on sofa crossing her arms and made a big face. Maan and Khushi look at eachothers, knowing well that have to make up for it now.  Let’s go. He whispered to Khushi, she nods her head quickly and both went and sit beside her on either side.  He glances at Khushi indicating her to be first. Khushi jump on her lap.mama, yeh sab papa ki waja se hai. Haina. Maan open his mouth wide seeing her daughter changing side, oh god, she is such a changing color. You cheat, you were also laughing. Looking at geet he kisses her cheek wrapping his arm around her shoulder. Mama has seen you. Haina mama. She nods her head, but smiling inwardly seeing Khushi behave exactly like Maan. Now Maan will know how exactly it felt when someone changes side in the end. It’s almost same what he always do to her and leave her to handle everything. She wanted to laugh at his plight, her poor jerk is in danger now by no one else than his own daughter.  looking at Khushi with pouted lips who blink her eyes innocently looking at geet not knowing how more to defend herself, geet fall on her innocence who look just like Maan when he have to manofy her, so adorable and beautifully  she smile kissing her chubby cheeks. But I still love my baby… she smile widely kissing geet cheek. I love you mama. She shows her tongue to Maan hugging geet.



I also need a kiss and hug, he complained cutely pouting his lips and look at her.  Geet look at Khushi while she shakes her head not wanting her mama to fall for her papa so soon.No papa you won’t get it. He frowned looking at Geet. Do I really won’t get any?  He asked making sure he sound very sad that it will immediately. Geet look at Khushi and look at Maan, oh how much they both were looking cute. How can she be angry to her both most lovely person.

They are only her world and person to whom she love and the most in her life. But she wanted to play it little hard for Maan. Wanting to see what will he do when for the first time he is kept in her place by no one else but his own daughter?  Hmm papas have to work hard. Haina baby. Khushi giggles and look at Maan raising her eyebrow giving him her wining look. He made a big face hugging Geet and kisses her cheek. I’m sorry. Bus. He said making a face. No, mama won’t agree this easily. She said giving a look at Maan moving him away from Geet. Geet loved the entire scene, He look at Geet sadly and slowly move his hand becoming sad. Geet felt his uneasiness and knew exactly how he feeling, she hate to see him like this is. And stopped pretending.You know Khushi, mama can never be angry on your papa. Maan gasped. Turning and look at her happily, kissing her cheek hard. Now that’s my Geet. He raised his eyebrows looking at Khushi. Theek hai theek hai.  She mumbled hugging geet. He smile and look at Geet she look at him. Lovingly, that how she wants to see him, happy. How can she be angry on such a cute person, looking at Khushi she made sure she was busy with her toy now she again look at Maan who was lost in her and kiss his lips suddenly which gave him a shock of his life, she never have kissed him so openly.
Never in her life have she claimed him like this. It will be always be him claiming first or she would kiss very rarely that to making sure no one sees them. He smiles happily showing his dimples to which she kisses his cheek skipping another beat of his heart. He look at her eyes while she keep her head on his shoulder kissing his chin, can his day be more better having so much love from her, he was in cloud nine at that moment. Smiling with tears burning his eyes, he kisses her forehead keeping his hand on her cheek while she rolls her eyes hugging him. Now why are you crying? She whispered softly tracing her finger on his chest. He sniff holding her tight and shake his head keeping her more close, she lean close keeping her head on his chest hearing his thudding heart which amused her and she look up at him.I love you so much. He said kissing her hair.  Kissing his neck she stayed in his arms lovingly.





Precap: Maan crossing his limits



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I forgot. You didn’t reply me. She move and look at him. He smiles caressing her cheek. Will you marry me?




She smile looking down and slowly keeps her head on his chest keeping other hand on his heart. Geet. He asked removing her hair from her shoulder tracing his finger thief. You know. She whispered wrapping her arm around him and hides her face on his neck. He chuckled closing his eyes. I will be really happy to listen from you. She move back and look at him, he smile moving a strand behind her ears. Yes. She said tightening her hold on his shirt turning bright red. He looks at her and then cups her face softly kissing her lips. She sighed looking down shyly after moving away. He could only giggle at his shy angel and hug her close to him.




I have to make something. She tried to move away but Maan hold her waist tight not letting her goes. She smiles looking at him while he shakes his head. Please. Again shaking his head he moves his cheek forward to her. She giggles moving close sand kiss his cheek. A small sigh escape from his lips which made her shy and hug him. Suddenly they heard a sound. Ahem. Both separate immediately and geet move to table. Yash smile and stood at the door. I came to see if you are not having any problem… but… look like… I disturbed… and start laughing shaking his he’s. Maan look at geet who turned deep red, looking at yash he irritated say. Will you please ho to your wife? Yash look at him with raised eyebrow. Hmm sure. With that he went but still laughing. When he went Maan smile and kiss geet hot burning cheek. Maan move. He giggles and hugs her from back tightly.









They all sat and eat the food which geet made. So. When are you getting married? Naina ask looking both of them. Maan look at geet which was looking down at her plate. He smile, she never will stop shying. Very soon di, you can fix the date. But Yash interrupt them. Date will be fixed by me. And I have decided next week. All look at him shocked and then look at each other’s. I don’t think waiting will be good, plus i want my sister to be married as soon as possible. Geet smile looking at him while Maan and Naina look at eachothers and smile.



 Suddenly Maan phone Rang, seeing the name his smile vanished, and Naina well understood who it will be. He picks the call.Yes mom. The word caught geet attention, she almost has forgotten about them. Yea will be there soon. Gaming the phone he mumered softly and keep it on table. Now what they want?



What else. Leave it. She nods her head but thinks of something for some time and then speaks up. Have you talked to them about geet? Geet look at him, he look at her and saw her looking at him expectedly.I don’t find them important to say di, and they won’t he interested in it. Geet look at him shock, why is he not even trying to talk to them. Naina look at her and then indicate Yash. Geet. She turns to him. Eat your food. Nodding her head she started eating but her mind was on what Maan have said just now.





Both bid bye to them and sat in car to go home. But geet mind was somewhere else. Maan.




Can we go to your house?  He frowned and looks at her. I want your mother to see me, she should know about us. He stops the car in one corner and look at her. I told you before Geet, they never have interest in my life.



But still, she is your mother. He sighed and hold her and. He knows meeting his mother is not right. She will never accept geet because she always wanted a lottery ticket for him. But he didn’t want geet to meet them, it will surely hurt her. Please Maan. He looks at her. She has asked her for something first time. And he really can’t say no to her. Fine. But their decision is nothing for me. She nods her head, he start the car and headed toward his mansion.






Precap: mom and Dev face to face with geet.









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