30 Oct



It was time for their marriage. Geet and Maan were already waiting for Naina and yash to come. What’s taking them so long? Maan said frustrated pacing in the room. Today only they have to be late. Geet smile seeing his restless, he himself have come and brought her two hour before and know calling them late.



Finally after 15 minutes both came.  What took you so long? He asked walking already ahead. Yash look at his watch and that. To Naina confused. Both look at geet for answer but she giggle holding yash and move forward.


They signed the papers and yash gave the mangalsutra to him which he tied around her neck putting the sunspot. A tear escaped from geet eyes which he wiped cupping her face and softly kiss her in front of all. Yash groaned rolling his eyes while Naina and the lawyer giggle.






The moment they entreated the room he hug her tight happily. They finally are one. Finally they won’t be having any barriers or restriction between them. I’m so happy. She smiles holding his shirt. He made her sit on bed cupping her face looking at her, her face was flawless, and radiated just the kind of love that he sought all his life. Her brown eyes were just a bit bigger than the average girl, which really got his attention. Her lips were full. The beauty of their perfect proportion to her angelic face had him entranced and hungry for a taste. Just a kiss, for now, just a kiss. Her neck was so smooth and creamy, to kiss her there, he never wants it to end.



Moving close as he kissed her neck, very gently, like a feather touch, she began to squirm and stood turning around. He grabbed her wrist and pulled her toward him. She ended up with her palms against his chest and cheek against his shoulder. She was breathing heavily. From where his hands rested lightly on her waist, he could feel her curved hip as it pushed against him; her ample breasts as she breathed.



She averted her eyes to keep from looking into his. Look at me. He told her. And she did. Just a glance at first then her eyes stared into his as they shared a moment of understanding.  Her hands reached up and stroked his stubbed jaw line and all he could do was watch as she very lovingly traces her finger there.  The innocent strokes from her hand were oddly arousing his desires for her more.



 Then, all of a sudden, she leaned up on her toes and kissed him on the cheek before making a move to dash off. He have expected her to do that and caught her around the waist before she could take a few steps. The wall cushioned her back as a pushed her against it and sampled her lips in a smooth move. She was like a statue at first. Unfeeling, cold. And then he felt her response as she bucked against him and pushed her lips firmly against him. His tongue swept into her mouth and she let out a surprised gasp. God was she sweet. She tasted like spices, unique, sweet and his. Her tongue began to move and slowly, started licking at his. The friction was so intense that both started trembling and landed on bed, Maan being on top of her. Their tongues intertwined, he felt her palms digging into his shoulder.




They stayed in each others arm, when she was lying beside him; he took her hands and kissed both of them. He could feel her shiver from delight. She turned her face to the pillow, shy all of a sudden. Geet.




She moves forward in his embrace. Promise me, you will always love me like this. He smiles kissing her forehead.Promise. I will love you more than this. His lips traveled down her arms to her forehead and he placed kisses along it. Her beautiful dark eyes vied for his attention and he pleased them before moving on to her delectable, well-shaped mouth. Her breath caught in her throat, eliciting a sound that turned him on.  Her hands were now sliding under the collar of my suit, wanting to touch him. Working the front catch of her blouse, he slid his hands over the tops of her breasts and felt her stiffen. He touched her repeatedly until she got used to his fingers, his touch. She let out a cry of disappointment when he released her mouth only to sigh with pleasure again when he traced an intricate pattern over her bra, unhooking her bra and he ripped the garments off her body, desperate to look at her. She was beautiful, perfect, and gorgeous. He was lost in her wanting you feel every inches of her lost him in her.  You’re mine, you know. Now and forever. He said and moved into position and thrust into her heat, he felt her moan.  Her nails were raking his back and the sting only added to his pleasure. And then she moved. Her legs wrapped around his waist instinctively and he groaned as he seated himself deeper within her.






She open her eyes as the morning light burn her sore skin. She stirred in his embrace reveling in the feeling of her tight skin against him. His hand automatically moves around her caressing her back and slowly opens his eyes with the bright light. The first sight has him the biggest happiness. His Geet, his life, his wife is sleeping so close to him. Their skin touching eachothrrs making his desires grow again. He smiles touching her neck to her shoulder which has turned deep red by his passion.



She slowly opens her eyes with a beautiful smile on her face. I love you. He whispered kissing her lips. She smiles moving her arms around his neck. Love you too. His head was buried in her glossy, dark hair and the smell in itself gave him more pleasure than expected. The smell of her juice was in the air and he wondered if he could ever get enough of her.








Honey I’m home. He yelled entering his house. The fresh smell of his favorite pasta told him his geet would be in kitchen. And then here she came wiping her hand with towel and hug him kissing his cheek. Missed you. He kisses her cheek giving his mobile, bad and files to her. She took his things and went upstairs to their room, Rohan. Papa is home. She yelled on one door and entre her room.



Maan smile looking at her and went to kitchen to see what is cooked, she never cook one type of dish. Always cooks many and never forget to add one of his favorite items. Such a sweetheart she is. Papa. He turns around to find his 5 years old son standing with his open arms for him. He smile and pick him kissing his both cheek. Hey buddy. He smiles kissing his cheek. Finally you came after two whole day’s papa. He complained while keeping his head on his shoulder. Maan sat on one sofa. Yea. Was missing you all.  Have you taken good care of mama? He smiles nodding his head.



Geet sat beside them and pull Rohan cheek. Rohan is my son. He is very protective, like his papa. She look at him, he smile keeping his forbear with her.Ooppss.  My cartoon going on. Will come soon papa. With that he ran from the and went to his room. Slowly beta.  Geet said looking at his running form. Turning Maan keeps his hand on her cheek kissing her, she move back looking down.



He looks at her and slowly keeps his hand on her small bump, moving down he kiss there keeping his ear. Why my baby kicking mama? She chuckled moving her finger on his hair. Missed u baby. Moving back he stares at her again capturing her mouth. I love you.











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2 responses to “TAMANNA

  1. Jyoti

    October 30, 2011 at 4:44 PM

    i cant believe it ended…

    beautiful end…

    finally their tamanna is fulfilled….to be loved….

    it was a beautiful story….

    thnx for giving us such a wonderful story…

    will miss this one…

    hope u start another one soon…

  2. Promo Code

    November 14, 2011 at 4:42 AM

    I love your page, it’s nice when you can tell somebody actuallly puts effort into a blog, and gives the topics. If you set up notifications value.


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