30 Oct





Yash look at get curiously who have turned red and was looking only down fidgeting with her finger. He again looks at Maan.I’m here from yesterday. He said with his raised eyebrow and biggest smile, Yash gasped a loud popping his eyes and look at geet who didn’t look up at once. Maan went to her and put his arm around her.We didn’t did anything wrong geet. Look up. He whispered to her slowly making sure Yash won’t listen. Geet slowly look up at Yash who was looking both of them with his popped eyes.





Both were sitting with their heads down while Yash and Nana sat opposite to them glaring them. Yash have immediately called Naina in mansion and took both of them there. Maan was not at all sorry but geet was all the while quite looking down only.



This is the limit. How can you do this? Naina ask finding both of them quiet. Maan look at geet and the look at both of them. What do you mean?  We will be getting married. I don’t see any point to be shocked or talk about limits. He was irritated with both of them to interfere in their life. This is only making geet more and guiltier which he never wants. But how can he make these two big people understand. If you don’t like it than fine. We will get married today only. A loud gasped escape from three of them.Yea. And if you have problem with it. Than don’t even try to stop me meeting her. Naina stood in front of him while Yash shook his head. But Maan. We never stopped you meeting her. We are just… he stop her raising his hand and stood up. I don’t need explanations. I need geet with me always. For that I am all ready to marry today.



Naina shake her head and look back at yash, he raise his eyebrow and stand beside her. Well. What could we do now? Maan smirked putting his hand on his pocket. Nothing, just get ready, by evening, at xyz court. We will be there. Naina groaned and stormed off, yash gave him a look and went behind her.


He smiled at both and turns around to find geet starring at him. Standing in front of her he push the strand behind her ears. I want to be yours. As soon as possible. Cupping her face he looks at her eyes searching for an answer but instead she keeps her head on his chest keeping her one hand on his chest. You happy? He asked not knowing what she will feel after his decision. Not once have he looked at her to see how she reacted by his sudden changed decision. Will she be agreeing with this? If not than he can change his plan and marry her whenever she wants.



She looks up at him. How can you do things which I want? That too always. He smile keeping his hand on her cheek, we will have a grand wedding later. She shakes her head holding his shirt. I don’t want it. Nothing. He tried to protest. But. She stops him keeping her palm on his lips.No. I don’t want anyone. It’s good like this only. He kisses her palm which made her move it down circling her arm around his neck. Whatever you want. Both smile, moving close her rub his nose with her. Making her giggle.I will buy a bright new sari for you. For our wedding. He holds her hair in his hand and with other holds her waist. She moves her finger to his stubble tracing there. And I need a suit, a very beautiful suit for you. Chuckling he keeps his forehead on hers, she lean forward softly kissing him. He kisses her back. But suddenly were disturbed by the loud noise.



Stop it guys. Moving back they saw yash with his back toward them. You people are getting married in few hours. Have some patience please. Groaning he started walking ahead but again turned hitting his head and went to door, forgetting fully where and why he was going. God this maan.



Maan laugh looking at his plight and look at geet with raised eyebrow. Your poor brother. She giggles slapping his chest playfully and keeps her head again on his chest. Finally they are going to get married soon. Wow, life can’t be more beautiful.





Precap: marriage bell.








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  1. Snow Nest

    October 30, 2011 at 5:49 PM

    pls Zoha get them married soon pls


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