30 Oct




It was my mistake to start thugs. He shakes his head. She lied down and brings him close to her brushing his hair. He tightly holds her waist. Maan. Please stop crying. He sniffs and wipes his tear looking up at her. She moves her hand to his warm cheek. He kiss her palm closing his eyes, she lean and kiss his forbear and brush his hair untilled he again fall sleep. Closing her eyes she snuggle close and slept.





Two days were past but Maan was being restless when there was not once when Geet told him about the date. He let her come to office for little time finding her cold behavior at all. But it was making him restless being not close to her. Since that night Geet is being far from him and making distance, he did not like it. No matter how much he tries but things always come back to same situation.


On the other hand Geet was intentionally not telling Maan about the date or reminding him wanting him to express himself as he always do. He would come to her every moment reminding her about things but now he never express himself, just sit quietly and become sad. She can feel his uneasiness but wanted to make him express, wanting to let that Maan come out again who demands unconditionally, but the only thing she can see was him being quiet and keep thing in his heart which she was not liking, she know he is feeling miserable thinking she might have forgot things but she wanted to play this game.




Later when Maan came home Geet was sitting in Khushi room making her do her homework Maan entre there, he saw both of them and went inside sitting beside Geet and tried to make Ger remember about the date. Geet was very well aware by his nervousness but didn’t asked him enjoying his plight, he look at her for some time to gain her attention but she also as quiet for him to say things before. He clears his throat. Ahem. She looks up at him. WO… ahem… I… I think you are forgetting something. She frowned trying hard to not to smile and maintain a serious face.



No I don’t.  You please go I am busy now. He sighed becoming sad that she have forgotten about such an important thing. Slowly getting up he remembers the time when she never forget a single thing about him. Always caring for him and lost herself I’m him. But seems like Khushi meant more to her now. Of course she is the main reason of her to come back to him, otherwise. May be she just was saying about the date just like that and he have taken things seriously.




Lost in his thoughts him entre his room and throw his thing in table grabbing his cloths he enters the bathroom, thinking about the change in their relationship. How life have changed now, how much Geet have changed, she no more have a single amount of trust in him when there was a time where she always have blindly trusted him. There was a time when she would only think about him but now she keeps herself away from him mostly, he was trying his level best to be a best husband and make her happy but things are not at all working.




When he came out and found Geet setting his things, she saw him and can see his swelling eyes. Frustrated with his usual crying form, she wanted to play but here this baby can only cry. She throws his file and stood in front of him. What took you so long? He tried to avoid her eyes and turn to mirror, she jerk his shoulder making him face her. Will you stop crying at every small thing Maan? She shout angrily, highly irritated by his childish behavior. He can never behave like a mature person. Just will start crying.  If you want to say something than say. Why do you always make a face and just start these stupid tears.




He look down, sad by her this behavior. She never has shouted at him like this.I’m talking to you Maan. For god sake be mature and talk to me. She said frustratingly.  He was unable to take her this behavior and sat at bed wiping his tears. She stood beside him. Maan stop crying. She yelled being highly tired of his tears.




Stop shouting at me. He yelled with more tears now. She shakes her head waving her hand on air helpless by this man. He can never talk; just will start crying at everything. What should I do then?  Ask you to cry more often. God. Khushi also don’t cry like you. She said irritated. He looks at her for sometime and lied down giving his back to her. I hate you. I just hate you. You love Khushi more than me. He complained like a child. She wanted to hit him hard on his head but on the other hand wanted to kiss him and pull his cheek for being so cute. How can she make him understand things? He cans never ever tuning anything when it comes to her will always complain and complain.






Precap: Maan baby can’t stop crying. Lolz.







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Love you all.



Posted by on October 30, 2011 in ~LOVING LAMENTS~


3 responses to “LOVING LAMENTS

  1. Jyoti

    October 30, 2011 at 4:02 PM

    omg ..i love this cute maan…

    i also want to pull his cheeks…

    he is so adorable…

    continue soon…

  2. Snow Nest

    October 30, 2011 at 5:35 PM

    loved it, but i guess geet should also take a little initiative to improve the relationship

  3. Caroline

    November 1, 2011 at 1:29 PM

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