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 Anjali finds him looking at geet; she smirked and hit his shoulder bringing him in reality. He looks down immediately but anjali giggle. Ajay and Geet look at her curiously, she smile, but the look of Maan made her think about Geet and her feelings.






All sat in her room after ajay announced to brij and mohinder about Geet changed mood.  All sat there chatting while Maan was getting calls to come back soon.To bhaiya, kab hai shaadi?  Brij smile and look at mohinder. Ajay pat his back and say. aise kaise shaadi. Pehle humaari gudiya to dekhe apni Bari Bhabhi ko. Aur pasand kare to hi baat banegi.  All smile and look at her she Giggle. Of course. But when I’m going to see her.





Soon baby. They will come here tomorrow. She gasped and smile. Ajay tried to tease her. But must say. Now there will be a competition for anjali Han. Both anjali and Geet look at him confuse.Anjali won’t be the only one for Geet now. He smirked with raised eyebrow while all laugh. But anjali smile vanished feeling that true. Sure someone else will come and she won’t be so close to Geet as she is now. The girl going to be her Bari Bhabhi and offcourse she will be more important.





Geet find her lost and quickly hug her from back kissing her cheek. No matter whoever comes? But no one can take the place of my Bhabhi, even not you all. Anjali felt tears in her eyes with pride and happiness. How can someone be so pure? Lo. Phirse rona shuru. Ajay said irritated. Geet hug Ger and anjali kiss her forehead.




Suddenly Maan again got a call Geet glanced at him knowing he have to go now. She didn’t want it. She was wanting him to stay longer or not to go again but he said he have to. It’s urgent. Even ajay and brij also insisted to him to go as he was having less time but he wanted to spend this time with geet. She was unable to insist him infringement of everyone but somewhere she was not having a heart again to stop his work because of her. He already has come to her leaving the most important deal when these things are so important to him but he left them just for her. She was so touched by his gesture and was proud and happy to have him in her life.




Anjali somewhere felt the expected look on both their daces. She knew both would want to spend time before Maan going so she looks at all and say. Bus papaji, it’s late. We should go. Beside Maan will also go after sometimes.  All agreed to her and one by one kissed Geet cheek before leaving.  When all of them went anjali close the door but before going she turns around and smiles at both. Her respect for Maan only increases to see him leaving everything and come to geet when she just called him once she was now very sure geet will always be happy with him. With her thoughts she leaves closing the door.




When she left geet sighed in relief and look at Maan smiling. He sat besides her taking her in his arm. So, have to go now. She look up and him and smiled a little. When will you come?  He strokes her cheek with his thumb. Because you wasted my one day. I have to come after 5 or more days. She pouts hugging him. He smile and kiss her cheek softly. It’s so hard to stay away from you. She said so acutely which melted Maan heart. He kisses her forehead.  I know. It’s not easy for me too.  Suddenly Maan got a call to come to airport soon. Finding his call he turns to Geet. OK Geet. Got to go now. He stood from bed; she too stood in front of him. Both hug eacothers for the last time praying these days would pass soon. Bye. He said cupping her face and kissed her forehead. Take care and dont be sad on small things. She smile nodding her head and keep it on his chest. I really miss you. He strokes her hair. Me too. She looks at him, he lean down kissing her nose making her turn crimson red and move back letting him go.






When he came out he straightly went to main door when anjali sight in kitchen got his attention. Going to Ger he stood behind her. Anjali. She turns around and was amused to still find him there. You are not yet gone? He shakes his ahead taking a step to her. I want you to talk to Geet soon. She smiles keeping her hand on his shoulder.Sure. Was not getting time. But whenever I will get I will talk. He suddenly shakes his head. No… Not whenever. You have to talk tomorrow…



Anjali look at him confused. Why so hurry. He still have days than.But why tomorrow. He smile and pate her cheek. That’s something for me. Just do what I say. With that he left leaving a confuse anjali. She looks at his retreating back and shrugs his shoulder. Chaddo. Yea dono aik din mujhe pagal kar ke rakgenge. With that she again went to her task. While think of  the way she will disclose the truth to Geet. It’s going to be the hard task anjali.











Love you all for all your love and support.

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3 responses to “HIDDEN FEELINGS

  1. Simarpree rana

    October 30, 2011 at 4:26 PM

    Nyc story dear i like it ….

  2. Simarpreet rana

    October 30, 2011 at 4:30 PM

    Nyc story yr

  3. Snow Nest

    October 30, 2011 at 5:39 PM

    wow cant wait


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