30 Oct




He was such a stupid to ruin their day. She was so happy but him. He just. He sighed kissing her shoulder, but her worries and being scared of small things were buzzing in his head. He has to take her fear out. This is not good for her.





And you know, she also gave her number to Maan. Vicky look at Maan and then at Geet. Oh wow. Really?  He said surprisingly, than where it is? He asked both. Maan smiled kissing Geet cheek. Don’t know. Vicky looks at both curiously. Geet giggle and say. Maan threw it the moment she went. Vicky sighed dejectedOh no. I thought I can take a chance. He winked at geet who gasped and start hitting him.What do you mean Han? Get a chance. Wait. She starts slapping him while Maan laugh. Bhabhi, I was joking. Oh Bhabhi… sorry sorry… Bhabhi…



But she didn’t stop. Wait. Chance Han. And what about meera? She said continuously hitting him while Maan stopped at the mention of meera and look t both who were nowhere in the world. Ohio Bhabhi… PLz was joking seriously….. Arey I could I forget meera… she stopped and look at him angrily. He smiled making a cute face. Joking yar. He said with his heavy breath, she sighed and softly hit him. Idiot. He laugh and after sometime geet to join him.




Meera?  The voice which stunned both Geet and Vicky. He looks at Geet nervously and dare not look at Maan while Geet gulped down. Both were dead scared to face Maan. Oh how stupid of them to even forget he is also sitting with them.Where meera did came in-between?  He asked curiously looking at Vicky and Geet. Vicky gave Geet a pleading look, while Geet dare not say a single more word. She knows very well Maan will not shut until he finds everything but how will they say him and who will. I’m asking something?  Vicky nervously moves a little. Knowing his brother will attack him very soon.Ahem… Bhabhi… woh… I… want to…. sleep. He stood up and tried to run away from the situation when Maan voice stops him. Wait there.




He stood on his ground dumbstruck and holds his breath. He is dead today. Maan stood and went to him standing in front of him. Tell me. He gulped down and looks down nervously, Geet stood up and tried to speak when Maan raised his hand to her. Not you today. He looks at Vicky with his hand on his waist. Vicky will tell. Vicky looks up frightened and slowly turns his head to geet. Look here. Maan said sternly which made Vicky shiver in fear and turn but didn’t dare to look at him. Maan was giving him a dangerous glare.




Geet finds the situation going out of hand and went beside Maan holding his arm. Sweetheart, it’s late, we will talk about it later. But Maan eyes were only at Vicky. Vicky… But Geet interrupt him. Aahh. Vicky you should go now. He immediately nods his head thanking her in his mind and fastly starts walking. Wait. Maan tried to stop him. Vicky holds the knob tight. Vicky go. She ordered making Vicky escape immediately. Maan sighed and look at Geet angrily.What was that for?  She smiles kissing his lips snuggling close to him. Nothing. But I can’t see you shouting at Vicky. She said sweetly and kisses his cheek. She knew she can’t escape but being Vicky here will only make the situation worse. Maan will ask question and Vicky being the stupid, god know what have he been done that time. Maan sighed, yea. Your laadla… but I won’t stop asking.




She move back and went to cupboard.Don’t stop. Coming to his she touch his cheek.I will be back. With that she went to change leaving a frustrated Maan behind. She always escapes her chamcha from him.


When she return back Maan who was sitting on bed look at her. She continues to comb her hair but the look n Maan face made her sigh. Keeping the brush she went to him and sat on his lap with both leg either side. Can we talk on this later? She career his stubble to remove his mind from this but he move her hand from his cheek. She sighed keeping her head on his chest. Vicky love meera Maan. Moving back she wanted to see his reaction but he was so shocked to react in it. Meera? He whispered. She nods her head. From very long. But she doesn’t know about it. She stopped and waited for him to say something, he look down as if thinking something. After a long moment she keeps her hand on his cheek making him face her. Kya hua? He looks at her for some time and then looks down. He loves someone from long, but was unable to say any of us. He stop for some time and than continue.It shows how perfect our family is. He smile detective by himself. His brother was in love but never has shared his feelings with anyone. Not even mom, how can he be so careless in his own world that he have kept himself away from his own family when he promised his dad to be the pillar of them all. What if geet wouldn’t be here and his brother would have kept it in himself always. He look at Geet, she have brought so much happiness here. She fulfilled all the promised which he made to dad. She always takes a very good care of Vicky Annie and mom.







Precap: Maan step for the information he got.






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2 responses to “FOREVER WITH YOU

  1. Jyoti

    October 30, 2011 at 3:36 PM

    will geet ever be fine??

    coz if something happened to her…maan will surely not be able to handle himself….

    continue soon..

  2. Snow Nest

    October 30, 2011 at 5:45 PM

    hope geet is fine…hmm wondering what would be the next step after maan knowing abt meera


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