26 Oct





He move back and look at her. No its not. He cups her face in his palm lovingly looking at her eyes. I love you geet, I don’t know how much but I can’t tolerate a word against you. She keeps her hand on his and smiles with tears rolling down. He shakes his head kissing her tears. She sniffs and wipes her tears. Keeping the tray on bed she made him eat while he just admires her with all love in his eyes. She is his life, his strength; he will make sure she won’t tolerate anything anymore. She must be happy and he will make sure about this.





Maan lied down looking at geet and holding her hand. She was about to stand up when he tightened his hold. Turning around she look at him.Don’t go. She look here and there not knowing what to do or say. It is late and she should go, she. Amy tells him to go as he already is so sad she can’t make him more sad. Stay with me please. He sits and holds her arm. She looks at him. But Maan. She tried to make sense but Maan put his palm on her cheek.



Please. She sighed looking down. All this is not right for her but how can she explain to him. He looks at her nervous face and move close; she closed her eyes feeling his breath on her lips. Gently brushing his lips with her he move inches away and Caesar her jaw. She opens her eyes, and looks down unable to see his passion full eyes. Holding her waist he brings her close and slowly lye on his back brings her on him. She keep her hand on his chest and look down, slowly turning her he made her lye beside her holding her close to him and stroke her cheek making her look up at him.



The moment she looks at his eyes, there was only love for her. The love she craved for all Ger life, how she can deny this person who has made her such an important an important part of him. He always think about her happiness first always, closing her eyes she snuggle close inhaling his sweet aroma and keep her hand on his heart making him know she is there with him always with him, he smile and stoke her hair making her sleep, it was heaven to lye beside her, so close, his eyes didn’t wanted to close and miss this sweet and lovely moment of his life where his geet is for the first time sleeping with him. His finger move to het soft cheek, feeling her skin which ibis feather like soft. He can spend his whole life in this moment by watching her close, but there will be more nights and days where they will be closer. They will live together in whole their life now. How much more can great want. He gets geet which is everything.



His eyes slowly felt heavy, so kissing her forehead he hold her waist bringing her more close to him and went to one of the most peacefully sleep.




Kuch ansuni tamanna

kuch ankahi si baatein

kuch dard kuch aahein

kaho tum ko kya bataaein

kya wo khushi ke lamhe ya dard ki dastanein

ye to hai kal ki kahani

jo ab ho chuki purani

ab hai ek nayi kahani

tere sath ki mere sath se

 tujhe keh diya tujhe chah liya

bus me ne ab tujhe pa liya

meri har tamanna ab tu hi tu.



Tu hi khwahish hai tu hi arzoo.

                                                             thanx sunaea…










Geet sat in her dining table sipping her tea and remembered last night. A smile crept her lips remembering Maan sleeping face when she wakeup. He was looking so cute and sweet as always. She just loves him.



Maan sat beside her with his sweet smile, she smile passing him a cup of tea.i have taught of something. She look at him, he hold her hand. We are soon going to get married. Till that we won’t go to office. She giggles keeping her head on his shoulder. He intertwined their finger kissing her head.And even after marriage. I will take a leave for whole month. She looks up at him smiling, by his sweet dreams.  He leans down softly kissing her lips. Moving back he move his other at around her bringing her more close. I want to be close to you always.



After that month you have to. She looks up with teasing expression. I will not come you office. Will wait for you in home. He admires her sweet dream. Such sweet and so lovely. What if I come late?


I will wait, no matter how late you will be.



Won’t you scold me?



She smile looking in his eyes and shake her head. No. Because I know you think about me first than for other things. He smiled proudly keeping his hand on her cheek and again kisses her. But suddenly the door bell disturbs them and Maan move back irritated by the one person who always have to come in-between.



Geet open the door and hug Yash who smile bit soon frowned seeing Maan sitting and eating his breakfast.  Moving back he gave a questioning look at geet who look down not able to answer him. Maan look up and pass a smile at Yash and again start eating knowing very well the look of him.Why you came so early?  Maan chuckled looking at his plate and look up at geet then at Yash with his smirking look.



Yash look at get curiously who have turned red and was looking only down fidgeting with her finger. He again looks at Maan.I’m here from yesterday. He said with his raised eyebrow and biggest smile, Yash gasped a loud popping his eyes and look at geet who didn’t look up at once. Maan went to her and put his arm around her. We didn’t did anything wrong geet. Look up. He whispered to her slowly making sure Yash won’t listen. Geet slowly look up at Yash who was looking both of them with his popped eyes.









Precap: final decision.










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