25 Oct





He put the phone down and looks at Naina. He will go there, don’t worry. Naina sighed coming in his embrace.I hope so. He never goes to anyone when he feels alone. He holds her tight. Hmm. But now he has geet. I’m sure he will go there.






Geet sat there thinking about what Yash told her. How can Maan send them away, why he did this? She was engrossed I. Her thoughts when her bell Rand and she know instantly who it will be. Opening the door she saw him standing with his head bowed, she never have seen him like this,  he would always smile brightly looking at her, but now his face seems so sad and low. She went ahead and holds his arm dragging him inside, he look up at her.



His mind was fighting with his heart. No one in this world can hate her, and he is sure that his parent would have been proud with his choice. How can mom say something like that about geet. How can she even think about her like this? he was right to send them, otherwise things can be difficult for geet. If in return they would have wanted his whole property, he can give anything just for her, and her happiness.



Making him sit she sat beside him looking at her,  he sighed keeping his head on her lap,  she start brushing his hair, closing his eyes he felt so calm, so peacefully by her soft touch have the power to make him feel calm after such a turmoil. He was not in mood to meet anyone, not to talk or see anyone. But he knew geet can screw all these thoughts from his mind, She only can do this.  He forgets everything and just enjoys her touch, which made him sleep in the deep sleep.



It was almost an hour; Maan was peacefully sleeping in her lap while geet was brushing his hair, suddenly her phone start ringing.  Maan stirred and turned moving his face to her stomach.  She pick her phone looking down at him.


Nandini : Geet.


Geet : Bhabhi.


Nandini : Maan aya kya?


Geet : Jee.


Nandini : Please take care of him.


Geet : Yea Bhabhi. Don’t worry.



Hanging the phone she looks down to find him looking up at her. She smiles caressing his cheek. You should sleep in the room. I will make something for you. He looks at her for some time and then sat,








Geet made dinner for Maan and went to room; he was just lying down and looking up at ceiling.  Putting the tray she looks at him. He sat straight but looks down. Putting her hand on his cheek she made him look at her.I don’t like to see you like this. He smile and hug her close you him kissing her shoulder. She rubs his back with her one hand and brushes his hair with another. I hate it when someone says anything about you. She sighed now knowing the reason of his mood. Moving her arm around his neck she brought him near. It’s ok.



He move back and look at her. No its not. He cups her face in his palm lovingly looking at her eyes. I love you geet, I don’t know how much but I can’t tolerate a word against you. She keeps her hand on his and smiles with tears rolling down. He shakes his head kissing her tears. She sniffs and wipes her tears. Keeping the tray on bed she made him eat while he just admires her with all love in his eyes. She is his life, his strength; he will make sure she won’t tolerate anything anymore. She must be happy and he will make sure about this.






Precap: don’t go.










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