25 Oct




Now why are you crying?She whispered softly tracing her finger on his chest. He sniff holding her tight and shake his head keeping her more close, she lean close keeping her head on his chest hearing his thudding heart which amused her and she look up at him. I love you so much. He said kissing her hair.  Kissing his neck she stayed in his arms lovingly.




It was almost midnight; Maan was sleeping peacefully in Geet arm while she was awake tracing her finger on his hair and thinking about her future life. What will it be like with Maan and Khushi, she chuckled at the thought, and at first she was unable to control only Maan, his pranks, stupid jokes, his sweet lovely talks. And now she has two to handle. God knows how they will be as time passes. They start new mischief everyday.



Looking down at Maan she thinks of Khushi and her trip. She has to make Maan agree for her trip which is not so easy, but she have other plans for him. Blushing she kiss his hair still brushing them, he move a little, she smile moving her finger on his face caressing it slowly, he stirred a little in his sleep and move close to her. She smile kissing his nose lightly and move to his cheek giving him a very soft kiss. He slowly opens his eyes feeling her soft lips. She was lovingly looking at him tracing her finger on his cheek.


Why am I getting so much love today?  He asked looking at her, she move close muzzling her face on his neck.




Sometimes I think 

Did I make mistake 

To love you, to care for you 

It hurts me within 

Deep really deep inside 

But this pain 

Seems to vanish 

Whenever I see the same pain 

In your eyes 

I feel happy for our love 


In end it makes us happy 

But the journey was really painful 

I’m scared, 

I’m fearful, 

That what if 

That journey starts again 

What if you… 

Starts again to ignore me 

To take me granted 

I can’t bear this 

That time I was alone 

But now our love 

Who possess in our daughter 

Our KHUSHI, Muskan of us 

I can’t tolerate this 

That she crave for us 

For our love, our care 

I know I made mistake 

I left u alone 

With our angel

But I knew it that 

“IT “will work 

And alas!!!!!!!!!!!!


These loving laments 

Hurt our love

                       thanx sunaeza..

                                love you dear… 



Not answering his question she start nibbling his skin, he sighed closing his eyes he put his hand on her waist and slowly moving it under her shirt caressing her soft skin. She groaned moving up kissing his jawbone and with her hand she put it on his chest feeling his body. He was unable to control more. Her being so close to her and broke his last limit of control, he is dying to feel her skin. Grabbing her hair with his one hand he slams her lips on his. While his other hand caress her back softly. She wrap her arm around him forgetting everything, every promise, every single past moment becoming lost in him and kissed him with all her desire, closing her eyes she inhaled feeling his tongue nibbling her throat while his hand went to her bra strap slowly making her lye on bed he open the strap tracing his palm on her bare back.



She started to breathe heavily when she felt herself being career by him. Somewhere she wanted to stop him knowing very well where will it lead but she was unable to push him knowing it will only hurt him and make him guilty… She can never hurt him, closing her eyes she tried very hard to control her thudding heartbeat but she was feeling uneasy by his continuous kissing, this shouldn’t be done now. Things will get only worse. 


Maan was unable to control himself. She has awakened his desires which were dying to feel her. He moves his hand on her stomach feeling heaven to roam his hand on her soft body after so long. He wanted to forget everything and just feel her. His lips move to above her chest kissing her skin, and slowly move his hand to remove her bra, she gasped by his movement, this was going very far. Holding his shoulder she moaned. Maan please. She tried to push him lightly making him know the circumstances.



He was stunned by her pleading voice. It send shiver down his spine, how could he loose himself,  stopping his hand at once he slowly remove his hand and move little away panting but was unable to see her. Her eyes got teary by the proximity, she turn her face sniffing and wipe her tears. He suddenly looks at her shocked by her tears. Did he make a mistake? Putting his hand on her cheek he tried to look at her. Geet?  She didn’t look at him. I will be back. With that she went to washroom. He lied down brushing his hair back. What the hell happened to him? When will he let her be only to love him? He always has to pressure himself to her.



After five minutes she comes out wiping her face. He quickly sat and looks at her, but she didn’t look at him and lied down giving her back to him which made him sadder. Jaan. He whispered with his choking voice. She closed her eyes tight couching the pills. That’s what she was scared of, him feeling so guilty. He leans on her holding her shoulder. I’m sorry. He mumbled hiding his face on her shoulder. I didn’t do it purposely, trust me. She turns around hugging him and kisses his cheek. Don’t. Say that. He hold her tight fearing to leave her, no matter how much he makes mistake she can never hear him pleading. She keeps his head close to her heart rubbing his back. It was my mistake to start things. He shakes his head. She lied down and brings him close to her brushing his hair. He tightly holds her waist. Maan. Please stop crying. He sniffs and wipes his tear looking up at her. She moves her hand to his warm cheek. He kiss her palm closing his eyes, she lean and kiss his forbear and brush his hair untilled he again fall sleep. Closing her eyes she snuggle close and slept.





Precap: Maan sad 😦




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Love you all.




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