24 Oct




She turns around. He smile and kiss her Forehead. Moving back she smile and went out. He stood there until she close the door.




Dropping geet Maan went again in mansion you make everything clear with them. When he entre he found his mom still saying there, sitting beside her he look at her, he was not sure how to tell her and start speaking. Clearing his throat he says. Mom. I want you and dev to shift somewhere else. Dev look up instantly while mom look at him shock. All her plan to have the property will be just vanished by this. Maan knew from look of her and dev that they must be thinking about money and nothing else.



You don’t worry about anything. I have a place, a big place. You and dev will get 35% of my property, I have business there too and it will be under dev now. So you can live happily.




Dev look at his mother, both were quiet shock but couldn’t say anything. At least they are getting something like this but if they started to argue than they sure will not get anything. She was sure this all is just because of that girl. If she could meet her alone than she could have talked to her well about this. But knowing Maan she stayed quiet and smile weekly. As you think son. We will go. She said with an uncomfortable smile, while dev roll his eyes and went from there. Maan smiled at her, stood up and was about to go when her voice from back stop him.




If we were you real family, you wouldn’t have done this. He turns around and looks at her. Your parents will be so sad to see you throw us for some other girls Maan. He looks at her shock. No, he won’t believe this. His parents are and will always be happy for his choice, why is she saying this.








Geet was making coffee for her when her phone rang, washing her hand she pick it. Geet. She smile and sat on chair. Yash. Kaise ho? 




Theek. Is Maan there? Geet frowned; there was some urgency in his voice.Maan?  No. Why? She stopped eating, curious to know what have happened. He has sent his family somewhere else, but naina is calling him from long, he is not picking and not being here. Geet was stunned, where will he be?  Will he be alright?  How can he even do this? Why did he send his own family, he is not even picking the call. But somewhere she knows he will come to her, he will have to. Don’t worry Yash. I will inform you if he comes.




Yash sighed looking at naina. Yea. I’m sure he will come there.








Take care of him please. He may be feeling low.



Yea I know. Don’t worry.






He put the phone down and looks at Naina. He will go there, don’t worry. Naina sighed coming in his embrace. I hope so. He never goes to anyone when he feels alone. He holds her tight. Hmm. But now he has geet. I’m sure he will go there.








 Precap: Maan aayega Na???








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