22 Oct




But still, she is your mother. He sighed and hold her and. He knows meeting his mother is not right. She will never accept geet because she always wanted a lottery ticket for him. But he didn’t want geet to meet them, it will surely hurt her. Please Maan. He looks at her. She has asked her for something first time. And he really can’t say no to her. Fine. But their decision is nothing for me. She nods her head, he start the car and headed toward his mansion.




They reach the mansion… maan was not at all liking this. He knows they will create some drama and he never ill want geet to witness it. She already has agreed after so much effort, she finally have agreed for the marriage and he don’t want them to ruin everything.




When they entre Maan tightly hold her hand and bring her close to him. Her eyes went where Dev and his mom were sitting and talking. The moment Dec saw geet with Maan he stood up, looking confused to both.



Geet move little behind to Maan seeing Dev and remembered the office incident and his behavior. She didn’t like his look but couldn’t say anything now but the things cannot go out from her mind. Mom stood and looks at Maan and geet with confused expression.



Maan. Who is she?  Mom ask him shocked somewhere to see a girl with Maan and that too with homing and this close. She tried to make him work with many girls and made some relation but he very politely have ignored them. Than how come this girl.



Maan move his arm around geet shoulder in protecting manner. She is geet mom.



Suddenly dev come forward smirking. Who can forget you ma’am.  Geet look down, holding Maan shirt. Dev stood in front of her looking at her mischief from top to bottom which didn’t get unnoticed by geet.  She was getting very restless by his gaze and wanted Maan to talk fast so they could go from here. Maan look at his mom and spoke up. I and geet are getting married.




What??  She yelled looking at him shocked and then look at geet. But we don’t know anything about her. She tried to make sense, not having another option, because she knows she is not allowed to interfere in his life.




Yes mom. Next week. Geet wanted to meet you. And I know everything about her. Dev look at geet. He did not at all like this, he has an eye on this beautiful girl and his brother has to take her. He chuckled remembering his being so close have made her so nervous and scared; don’t know what magic Maan have done to her that she is standing that close to him in front of them. Strange.




Mom came forward and look at geet and then to Maan. If you made a decision already. Fine. Your wish. Maan smile and look at geet who was only looking down, than he remembers the office incident where she was screen of dev.  Glancing at dev he fined him drooling her with his dirty eyes. He know him to well, we got to go now. With that he guide geet and went out.






All the drive Maan was only thinking about them, they didn’t seem to be interested. Of course why will them. Mom wanted some millennium to come and he was sure she will taunt geet whenever they will be left alone. And dev, he also is not so good. Maan decided to shift both of them to outhouse or other place and make it clear to them to stay away from geet that will be only the solution.





When they reach home Maan was about to come out when geet hold his hand. It’s late. You should go.



He smile, oh she is scared as what happened yesterday.Hmm get out type. She giggles looking down.




He holds her hand and kisses her fingers. Good night. She smile and was about to go when he tightened his hold.




She turns around. He smile and kiss her Forehead. Moving back she smile and went out. He stood there until she close the door.










Precap: Maan decision












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