19 Oct




I forgot. You didn’t reply me. She move and look at him. He smiles caressing her cheek. Will you marry me?




She smile looking down and slowly keeps her head on his chest keeping other hand on his heart. Geet. He asked removing her hair from her shoulder tracing his finger thief. You know. She whispered wrapping her arm around him and hides her face on his neck. He chuckled closing his eyes. I will be really happy to listen from you. She move back and look at him, he smile moving a strand behind her ears. Yes. She said tightening her hold on his shirt turning bright red. He looks at her and then cups her face softly kissing her lips. She sighed looking down shyly after moving away. He could only giggle at his shy angel and hug her close to him.




I have to make something. She tried to move away but Maan hold her waist tight not letting her goes. She smiles looking at him while he shakes his head. Please. Again shaking his head he moves his cheek forward to her. She giggles moving close sand kiss his cheek. A small sigh escape from his lips which made her shy and hug him. Suddenly they heard a sound. Ahem. Both separate immediately and geet move to table. Yash smile and stood at the door. I came to see if you are not having any problem… but… look like… I disturbed… and start laughing shaking his he’s. Maan look at geet who turned deep red, looking at yash he irritated say. Will you please ho to your wife? Yash look at him with raised eyebrow. Hmm sure. With that he went but still laughing. When he went Maan smile and kiss geet hot burning cheek. Maan move. He giggles and hugs her from back tightly.









They all sat and eat the food which geet made. So. When are you getting married? Naina ask looking both of them. Maan look at geet which was looking down at her plate. He smile, she never will stop shying. Very soon di, you can fix the date. But Yash interrupt them. Date will be fixed by me. And I have decided next week. All look at him shocked and then look at each other’s. I don’t think waiting will be good, plus i want my sister to be married as soon as possible. Geet smile looking at him while Maan and Naina look at eachothers and smile.



 Suddenly Maan phone Rang, seeing the name his smile vanished, and Naina well understood who it will be. He picks the call.Yes mom. The word caught geet attention, she almost has forgotten about them. Yea will be there soon. Gaming the phone he mumered softly and keep it on table. Now what they want?



What else. Leave it. She nods her head but thinks of something for some time and then speaks up. Have you talked to them about geet? Geet look at him, he look at her and saw her looking at him expectedly.I don’t find them important to say di, and they won’t he interested in it. Geet look at him shock, why is he not even trying to talk to them. Naina look at her and then indicate Yash. Geet. She turns to him. Eat your food. Nodding her head she started eating but her mind was on what Maan have said just now.





Both bid bye to them and sat in car to go home. But geet mind was somewhere else. Maan.




Can we go to your house?  He frowned and looks at her. I want your mother to see me, she should know about us. He stops the car in one corner and look at her. I told you before Geet, they never have interest in my life.



But still, she is your mother. He sighed and hold her and. He knows meeting his mother is not right. She will never accept geet because she always wanted a lottery ticket for him. But he didn’t want geet to meet them, it will surely hurt her. Please Maan. He looks at her. She has asked her for something first time. And he really can’t say no to her. Fine. But their decision is nothing for me. She nods her head, he start the car and headed toward his mansion.






Precap: mom and Dev face to face with geet.









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  1. Snow Nest

    October 19, 2011 at 8:01 PM

    lovely update


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