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He immediately nods his head without looking up at her. Maan sighed finally.  Go now rajjat. Maan said wanting him to leave as soon as possible so he can handle with her anger which is nothing for him. She can never show her this side to him.



When rajjat goes from the cabin she Look down at Maan giving him a glare and start murmuring taking a file sitting in front chair. Don’t know when you will you change? He truly looks like a bluffing person. I don’t believe you can believe him. Oh what am I saying? You can believe every second person toward you. Her continua to curse him while he smile and look at Khushi who was looking at him with her big eyes. He chuckle at her pouting lips. Kissing her cheek he move back and puff his cheek indicating geet mood. She giggles softly, he too giggles and both look at her while she was still murmuring something. Mama is dusht. Haina? He whispered again making her giggle and himself giggle too.



This brings geet out of her cursing world. She look up at both with her raised eyebrow which shut both of them and instantly cleared their thought glancing at each other’s and look down. Rolling her eyes she look down but Khushi again start giggling. She looks up at them. You both are making fun of me? She asked angrily standing up and put her hand on her hips looking both of the them. Nahi to mama. She said making a very cute and innocent face. Maan too nods his head making a face.



Haan mama, hum aap pe hanse. Na. Saying these both burst in laugh highfying each others. The look on Geet face didn’t help them to control more. Her cute red cheek and above that making puff them. Her hazel big eyes looking at them trying hard to glare them. They continuous to laugh which irritate her. Good. Laugh. I won’t talk to both of you. With that she goes and sits on sofa crossing her arms and made a big face. Maan and Khushi look at eachothers, knowing well that have to make up for it now.  Let’s go. He whispered to Khushi, she nods her head quickly and both went and sit beside her on either side.  He glances at Khushi indicating her to be first. Khushi jump on her lap.mama, yeh sab papa ki waja se hai. Haina. Maan open his mouth wide seeing her daughter changing side, oh god, she is such a changing color. You cheat, you were also laughing. Looking at geet he kisses her cheek wrapping his arm around her shoulder. Mama has seen you. Haina mama. She nods her head, but smiling inwardly seeing Khushi behave exactly like Maan. Now Maan will know how exactly it felt when someone changes side in the end. It’s almost same what he always do to her and leave her to handle everything. She wanted to laugh at his plight, her poor jerk is in danger now by no one else than his own daughter.  looking at Khushi with pouted lips who blink her eyes innocently looking at geet not knowing how more to defend herself, geet fall on her innocence who look just like Maan when he have to manofy her, so adorable and beautifully  she smile kissing her chubby cheeks. But I still love my baby… she smile widely kissing geet cheek. I love you mama. She shows her tongue to Maan hugging geet.



I also need a kiss and hug, he complained cutely pouting his lips and look at her.  Geet look at Khushi while she shakes her head not wanting her mama to fall for her papa so soon.No papa you won’t get it. He frowned looking at Geet. Do I really won’t get any?  He asked making sure he sound very sad that it will immediately. Geet look at Khushi and look at Maan, oh how much they both were looking cute. How can she be angry to her both most lovely person.

They are only her world and person to whom she love and the most in her life. But she wanted to play it little hard for Maan. Wanting to see what will he do when for the first time he is kept in her place by no one else but his own daughter?  Hmm papas have to work hard. Haina baby. Khushi giggles and look at Maan raising her eyebrow giving him her wining look. He made a big face hugging Geet and kisses her cheek. I’m sorry. Bus. He said making a face. No, mama won’t agree this easily. She said giving a look at Maan moving him away from Geet. Geet loved the entire scene, He look at Geet sadly and slowly move his hand becoming sad. Geet felt his uneasiness and knew exactly how he feeling, she hate to see him like this is. And stopped pretending.You know Khushi, mama can never be angry on your papa. Maan gasped. Turning and look at her happily, kissing her cheek hard. Now that’s my Geet. He raised his eyebrows looking at Khushi. Theek hai theek hai.  She mumbled hugging geet. He smile and look at Geet she look at him. Lovingly, that how she wants to see him, happy. How can she be angry on such a cute person, looking at Khushi she made sure she was busy with her toy now she again look at Maan who was lost in her and kiss his lips suddenly which gave him a shock of his life, she never have kissed him so openly.
Never in her life have she claimed him like this. It will be always be him claiming first or she would kiss very rarely that to making sure no one sees them. He smiles happily showing his dimples to which she kisses his cheek skipping another beat of his heart. He look at her eyes while she keep her head on his shoulder kissing his chin, can his day be more better having so much love from her, he was in cloud nine at that moment. Smiling with tears burning his eyes, he kisses her forehead keeping his hand on her cheek while she rolls her eyes hugging him. Now why are you crying? She whispered softly tracing her finger on his chest. He sniff holding her tight and shake his head keeping her more close, she lean close keeping her head on his chest hearing his thudding heart which amused her and she look up at him.I love you so much. He said kissing her hair.  Kissing his neck she stayed in his arms lovingly.





Precap: Maan crossing his limits



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