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Smiling he remove a strand behind her ear caressing her cheek. She keeps her head on his chest moving close.I missed you so much. She complained making a cute face. Geet. He said making her face him. He has to say her before things get late.I just came for few hours. I have a flight after two hours. She look at him for some time, he came from so far just for him. Just because she was wanting to be with him, just because she was desperate to be with him. Smiling she kiss his cheek.It’s OK. He smiles hugging her. Did you talk to them? She looks at him.They told me. But still. I’m really hurt. She said pouting her lips. He smiles patting cheeks.




Suddenly anjali enters the room hoping that she will listen now when Maan is with her. Entering she smiled at both. Geet sat straight making a face and look down. Anjali sat beside her and touch her arm.



Geet. Ab to baat karna. Geet look at Maan but avoid looking at anjali. She sighed being sad by her totally avoiding her and look at Maan pleading to help her. Maan clear his throat and smile at Geet. Look Geet. Your Bhabhi came to you. Won’t you talk to her? She frowned and shrugged anjali hand. No. Anjali. Was hurt by her behavior. She never have behaved like this with her, always have she been very sweet and lovely but today she is more frustrated and angry on her. She know it was because she always considered anjali as her mother and expected her to share things to her but she tried to explain her point of view also but she is not even looking at her which is hurting her deep. She again tried and holds her shoulder turning her toward her. I’m really sorry. I have told you many times about the situation. She said sadly, Maan nod his head to geet to speak to anjali.



But it doesn’t mean you should hide things from me. She said angrily and again jerks her hand. Aisa nahi hai. We were trying to tell you bit were not getting time.



Oh so you need time for me now. Anjali sighed shaking her head. Not knowing how she could tell her she herself is being hurt by her behavior but things doesn’t matter more than her sweet smile. Her rude behavior is only making her guilty and ashamed; she was herself in her urge of breakdown. Cupping her face in her hand she says. I’m really sorry but don’t be so rude to me. Please. She whispered with here burning eyes. Looking down she wipe her tears which shouldn’t be out right now. Maan look at her and felt bad for seeing her cry Geet felt bad seeing tars in her eyes, wiping her tears ,No matter how much she can be angry but she can’t see tears in her loved ones eyes. Why are you crying? 



Because it hurts. She said with her trembling voice and look down. Maan hold her shoulder. Anjali. She shakes her head. I swear nothing was finalized until the day we talk to you. Maan rub her shoulder and look at Geet, she look at him and then anjali not knowing what she should do now.



Ajay enters the room and find anjali crying, he frowned and ran besides her bringing her in his embrace. You made her cry?  He said softly but yet strictly. Geet look down guiltily and tears rolled down from her eyes too.How can you geet? She loves you so much and you… anjali hold his arm shaking her head.No. It’s not…  he cit her. ChUp anjali. He looks at Geet and said softly. She is unable to sleep from these days just because of your rude behavior.



This made geet sadder; she was just waiting for Maan to come and was not in mood to talk to all, hats why she avoided talking to all. She pouts crying, her cheek and nose turn red. Maan was unable to see her like this. He cups her face wiping her tears. Geet. Don’t cry. She sniff still looking down and mumbled.I’m sorry. Anjali immediately came to her wiping her tears.It’s we who should be sorry. You shouldn’t cry. Geet hug her and mumbled sorry again and again.



Ajay and Maan just sat and smiled at both of them. Glancing at the pure love they have for each others, who will believe anjali is a stranger who became such an important part in such a small time and geet who made gave her the biggest place of her mother to anjali which no one can ever do. After a long time when they move back Geet softly wipe her tears and kiss her cheeks, anjali smile kissing her forehead. Ajay smiled happily seeing both together after a long time and thought of making the situation light.



Thank god. Maharani ka gussa to utra.  She pouts and looks at anjali. Ajay. She said firmly. Ajay look at her with raised eyebrow and look at Maan. Dekha maan. Dono ka Side changed. He smiles while Geet punch him and hug him kissing his cheek. I’m sorry. He smiles putting his hand on her cheek.



No. My gudiya never say sorry. You are the princess of this house, and nothing can be done here without including you. Pagli tu to hum sab ki jaan hai. She smile and again hug him. I love you bhai.




Maan egged. Oh, how easily she said to ajay but saying him is taking ages to her. No matter how much he tries but this girl never can tell her emotions to him, only god knows how much she will take time to express herself to him and say those words for him he is dying every moment to listen.


When I hear your voice so sweet, dear love, 

I feel like an angel from above.

It makes my heart beat faster, yes, 

And alleviates all cumbersome stress.


Among the things I see in you, 

The one I love most is not painted in blue.

It’s your killer smile, so seldom seen, 

This makes my heart melt or turn into steam.


What’s the magic that you’re working on me? 

‘Cause my feelings are not what it used to be?

You occupy my mind reserved for one, 

And who’s next to you in my heart? None.


Infatuation, yes, it could be that, 

The feeling that turns me into a selfish brat.

But no, I think it’s a Lilliputian crush, 

That’s why I don’t want to rush.


Whatever feeling this may be, 

There’s just one thing, a request, actually.

Please smile for me, my dear love, 

And I’ll be off in peace


Thanx Priya.


Love you.



Anjali finds him looking at geet; she smirked and hit his shoulder bringing him in reality. He looks down immediately but anjali giggle. Ajay and Geet look at her curiously, she smile, but the look of Maan made her think about Geet and her feelings.






Precap: time for Maan to go.




Love you all for all your love and support.

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