19 Oct




 Hello…. yea… I will be there… keeping the phone he again start driving. Are you going?  She asked curiously. It’s Sunday and almost late night, couldn’t he even sleep peacefully?  He smiles just a little shaking his head. No. Morning I have some important meetings. Just for them. She did not like him being so involved in work, they rarely spend time, but she couldn’t even complain knowing it will only make him more tensed choosing inbetween. Sighing she. Again keep her head on his shoulder.






They entered the mansion; Geet was still in her mood and sadly just walk beside Maan. She was not sure what to do and what not to. The sudden drive of Maan to hospital has left her thinking about her state. Lost in her own thoughts they were about to walk upstairs when mom call them. Maan Geet. Come eat something. They both turn and look at all eating their food. Maan did not know whether to make Geet sit with all as she already was feeling low. He knows she needs time right now. Bhabhi, spend some time with us too. Vicky said teasingly. Maan look at geet and saw her still sad, than he look at Vicky. He holds her shoulder making her look at him. He eyed at all indicating her to at least eat some she sighed and wart walking with him. He holds her and slowly walks toward the table. One glance at Vicky he was revealed, Oh. How can he forget her chamcha can make her light for now? His nonstop bak bak can only take her mind away.



Both sat beside each other and start eating quietly. Sameera who was in kitchen silently went from there seeing Maan and his full mood. Vicky found Geet quite than usual and tried to speak. Hmm so Bhabhi how was your day with bro?  He smiled and tried to lighten her mood, because somewhere he can feel the tension between both. But Geet didn’t answer and just sat their silently eating her food which gave Vicky the proof something must have happened. Maan glanced at her and then at Vicky. He raised his eyebrow asking what happened. Maan grab his mobile slowly and msged him saying all the things and also asked him to change her mind from all this. He read the msg and assured him with his eyes msging him he will come to their room. . All continued to have their dinner in silence feeling the cold look of Maan and somewhere a silence of Geet which itself indicated something was wrong. Sameera who was look in all this from above smirked feeling the silent war between them.




After finishing the Donner Geet silently stood and starts walking. Maan walk behind her but glanced back at Vicky he blinked assuring him.  As they enter the room Maan went to change while Geet sat in the bed, thinking about the incident, what should she do?  Should she agree to Maan or not. Her heart was not convinced to do another checkup. It will be useless. But what about Maan? He is already too tensed and she is just increasing his tension by her health. But what can she do. She can’t leave thing which are happening with her, something wrong is going to happen and she is having a fear in her heart.



Maan came out of washroom and tried to talk to her. Geet. She looks at him, and again thought of the checkup. But suddenly there was knock on the door. Maan sighed and went to open the door. Vicky smiled at Maan who shrug his shoulder glancing at geet. Vicky put his hand on his shoulder and walks to bed. Sitting beside Geet.Bhabhi. He called out softly finding her lost. She looks at him and smiled a little. He sighed, hmm so how was your day?  Care to share. He winked which made her chuckled.  She looks at Maan who smile at her in response. One look at Vicky smiling face made her forget everything and she sat in front of him now smiling and forgot all other thoughts. It was good. Me and Maan went out to eat… she stopped and look down for sometime and than start laughing softly which made vicky curious, looking at vicky She trailled all ththeir hotel things and the unknown girl. Maan smiled finally seeing her smile; he sat beside her and starts to caress her arm. You know what. She was all the while looking at Maan. She laugh and made Vicky laugh to. Seriously?  He asked with his raised eyebrow. Maan nuzzle his face on her hair.




Yea. She was all the while talking so much. Oh god she talked a lot. She said all the incidents and both laugh a loud while Maan smile holding her from back.wah bro, what a charm Han. He said teasing which made geet frown and hit his lap. Shut up OK. I swear if Maan would have looked at her I would have killed him on the spot. She said angrily which made Vicky clear his throat and glance at maan who was busy in his wife, he hold her tight and kiss he cheek. But I didn’t Na. She smile sweetly and hold his arm. Yea. My Maan is the best.




Vicky again clears his throat.  Ahem. You know guys I’m here. Maan rolled his eyes and nuzzle her neck. Arey you listen Na. She again started to say all things about Alisha and both laugh hysterically. Maan was happy that she forgets the things and become Ger usual self. He promised himself to not to force her for anything until she herself wouldn’t desire. He was such a stupid to ruin their day. She was so happy but him. He just. He sighed kissing her shoulder, but her worries and being scared of small things were buzzing in his head. He has to take her fear out. This is not good for her.





Precap: Maan knowing about Vicky secret.



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