17 Oct




I love you. She wisphered shyly looking at him but his look made her shy and look down shyly. He sat in front of her and took her in his arm.I love you too. Kissing her head and stood and went out before he loose himself more on her.






Next day Maan and geet both were sitting on car, on their way to Naina and Yash house. Geet and Maan sat at back seat. Geet was engrossed in her thoughts, how her life changes in just few days. Maan brought so much happiness. He is almost all the time with her and always makes her smile or laugh which she never has done in her life. She never taught life and happiness can be this beautiful. She just loves this life, she love Maan who is always beside her and he promised her to be beside her all her life. A beautiful smile crept her face remembring their last night kiss. How he came her house with the key. He not once even felt uncomfortable in telling that he have her key but said it with so much authority.



Her thoughts were broken when she felt an arm around her looking beside she see Maan look at her with a sweet smile. What are you thinking?  She smiles shaking her head. Nothing. Just about the changes. Keeping her head on his shoulder she tightened her hold in their interwinked finger. He smile and kiss her head for a moment.




They reach the place and the driver went to park the car. Geet leave Maan hand and straighten herself. He giggles seeing her nervous from Naina. Maan. She warned, he is laughing at her since morning seeing her so nervous. But what could she do, she never have thought she could meet Nina Bhabhi like this. She always met her like Yash wife, but today. Oh god, how will she face her?


Maan suppressed a smile moving his hand you her waist while looking ahead. She winced moving away. What. We are not in yet.



Please stop teasing me. He starts laughing softly hugging her from back and made her walk ahead. Stop being scared from little things. She sighed and stopped walking. Turning around she look at him, he cup her face and kiss her forehead. What if she won’t like me and you?  He frowned not understanding her, but her pouted lips and sad eyes gave him clue, that she must be thinking about her luck and other stupid stuffs. Sighing her kiss her cheek.She always liked you. And will always do. Stop thinking bad now ok. He said little firmly but it made her smile and hugs him. Let’s go now.



When they reach the doer she again move away from Maan which made him giggle, Yash open the door and smile at both. She hugs him. How are you? Moving back she smiles. Good. He looks at Maan and passes a smile. Where’s di? He asked him. In the room. Come.  Yash move his arm around geet shoulder and walk upstairs while Maan walk behind them. When they enter the room Naina was sitting on bed and reading book. The moment she sweet them she keep the book on table and smile at them.



Maan sat in front of her while geet beside her and Yash sat infringement of geet.How are you? And this little fellow. Maan asked sitting and kissed her forehead. She smiles putting her hand on his which was on her tummy. Baby is fine. Tiring me. He giggles softly, Naina look at geet and put her hand on her cheek. Kaisi hai tu?  She smiles. Achi hu, Naina smile and Hold her hand looking at the ring, turning to maan she raised her eyebrow smirking. It’s beautiful. He giggles but geet turned red and Take her hand from Naina. Yash find her really shy and knew she must be feeling really awkward in this situation.



Geet. Why don’t you make tea or coffee for us? She nods her head already standing. But Naina look at Maan and find her look at geet lovingly. Maan why don’t you also go. Oh, what else does he need? He stood and went behind geet in kitchen. Naina and yash smile looking both of them.



Geet started making things for them to eat when Maan stood beside her and look at her lovingly. She smiles knowing his look. Her smile only made him naughtier and moves his banns to her slim waist. She gasped moving away and look back to make sure Yash or Naina are not seeing them.



Maan smile and hold her arm brings her close to him. Maan let me go. She tried to move but he holds her waist and lock his both hand their making her stick you him. She smiles shyly holding his shirt.Hmm. Why do you get nervous?  We will not do what we did last night in front of everyone. She gasped looking at him with her wide eyes but his naughty smirk made her look down and hid her face in his neck. He giggles caressing her back making her shiver and kiss Ger cheek.



I forgot. You didn’t reply me. She move and look at him. He smiles caressing her cheek. Will you marry me?





Precap: will get ever reply?


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4 responses to “TAMANNA

  1. sehzadisomia

    October 17, 2011 at 4:22 PM

    Me first thanx

  2. Jyoti

    October 17, 2011 at 5:20 PM


    geet was so nervous….

    continue soon…

    good to c u back..missed u…

  3. Anjelica Defosset

    October 19, 2011 at 3:44 AM

    Oh my goodness! a tremendous article dude. Thank you However I am experiencing challenge with ur rss . Don?t know why Unable to subscribe to it. Is there anyone getting identical rss problem? Anybody who is aware of kindly respond. Thnkx

  4. Snow Nest

    October 19, 2011 at 6:59 AM



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