17 Oct


PART  28


 I’m coming Geet, don’t worry. I will be there with you soon. She smiles feeling little good by his so much careful. Nature. He is leaving everything just for her, she made it clear in her mind to not to let him go away from her again. And keep him very close to her always. Bye. He said hanging the phone. She smile closing her eyes and lean back, just waiting for him to come back to her and engulf Ger in his arm.I can’t wait for long. She whispered not able to control her own heartbeat which was beating so fast to have a glimpse of her.






She sat in her room waiting for Maan to come back but it was taking ages for him you come. She only wanted him right now and no one else. Anjali entered her room after knocking about several time to manofy her but Geet just refused to talk to her. Anjali was feeling very bad by her beahiviour, never did she behaved like this to her. But somewhere it was all because of them they shouldn’t have done it. Hut they were not having another choice. All have been explaining her situation from morning but she was not at all listening. Trying for one more time she entered and sat beside her. Geet, I’m really sorry. Please talk to me. She turns around and lied giving her back to anjali. Not wanting to listen to their story again and again. She sighed dejected by her continuous refusal. No matter how much she explained the circumstances but she didn’t utter a word. Although she made it clear that it was all because the girl father wanted to keep it secret to everyone before they settle some of their personal issue,  they all were not at all confirmed till the day they told Geet about it. But here she not once has reacted to the news. Not once did she looked at them or tried to understand their point of view.


She ignored any explanation from everyone as if nothing is going to her head. She just wanted to meet Maan and hug him tight that’s what was only going on her mind. Somewhere she was very excites to see him after two days and will not allow him to go back; she will make sure he won’t.



Anjali sat there for sometime than slowly move close to her and start brushing her hair. Geet sighed slightly and close Ger eyes which made anjali smile, no matter what but she can’t be away from all. She continuous to brush her hair untilled she felt her fall asleep. Kissing her forbear and cheek she closes the door and went out.




It was almost late evening when anjali and ajay got a shock seeing Maan entering the mansion. Maan. You… you here??  He smiled at both of them. Yea. Just came now. Anjali look at his tired form, did Geet called you?  She asked getting some hint about the situation. Her keeping silence and Maan directly coming with his office suit looking extremely exausted. Maan smiled looking down. Yea, actually she was sounding very low. I couldn’t concentrate… so came… both look aat him with their wide open mouth. She called him in all the people here, and he, he just came running for her. But you were having a meeting.


Yea but it’s not so important. It can be done later. With that he moves from their leaving the dumbstruck ajay and anjali. He cancelled his meeting, and came straight her, oh how can someone understand them. Anjali sighed and look at ajay who was looking at him with raised eyebrow. She chuckled and drags him to their room.



He almost ran to her room. The flight was so long and be was so tired, but nothing matter infringement of Geet tears. He forgets everything and enters her room slowly finding her lie down. Looking as beautiful as ever not less than an angel. Sweet princess. He will always make sure she will be like this calm. No stress and no years. His heart feared when he listened to her heavy voice and couldn’t waste any time for coming to her and engulfing her in his arms.



Smiling him slowly went and sat beside her. Her eyes were closed, he trace his finger on her cheek very lightly to her cheek, moving close he gently kiss her forehead. She slowly open her eyes feeling something soft on her skin, slolwly opening her eyes she rubber them not able to have a clear view,  once she got a clear view a gasped escape from her mouth and she immediately hug him. Maan. She whispered sweetly. He smiles hugging her close to him. He missed her so much in only these two day, how much he missed to be like this with her. To be close to her these two Dyson were like two months for him, but he was scared to through to her the news of him again going back to London. Don’t know how she will react.


 Moving back he saw her looking sad, eyes were puffy due to crying, moving close he kiss her cheek and forbear. She smile and kiss his cheek.

 Smiling he remove a strand behind her ear caressing her cheek. She keeps her head on his chest moving close.I missed you so much. She complained making a cute face. Geet. He said making her face him. He has to say her before things get late.I just came for few hours. I have a flight after two hours. She look at him for some time, he came from so far just for him. Just because she was wanting to be with him, just because she was desperate to be with him. Smiling she kiss his cheek.It’s OK. He smiles hugging her. Did you talk to them? She looks at him. They told me. But still. I’m really hurt. She said pouting her lips. He smiles patting cheeks.




Precap: manofying Geet.


 Love you all for all your love and support.

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2 responses to “HIDDEN FEELINGS

  1. Jyoti

    October 17, 2011 at 5:41 PM

    aww…i love this maan…

    he left everything for her…n came…n that too fro two hours…n will be going back…

    hope geet understands what these feelings r…

    continue soon…

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