12 Oct




She giggle brushing his hair, he look at her smiling and softly kiss her lips. Hmm. finally got to taste the sweet. She looks at him blushing, hitting his chest. Chaliye ab.





Maan where are we going? She asked not knowing where he is taking her for long and not even one have he said her the place.You will know soon mishti.  Rolling her eyes she keeps her head on his shoulder kissing his neck. Geet. He warned her loosing his balance by her soft kiss. She giggles. Maan, I love you. She said it so acutely that he fall on her charm and gave her his smile, she smile kissing his cheek. OK now stop that. How many times should I tell no kissing in car? She laughs finally moving away.But why Maan? She asked making an innocent face.


Obviously, I lose control. He said with his serious expression but Geet housed brushing his hair and look at the person who means the world to her. He smile and turn to his driving.






Maan was quite nervous with where he was leading, he know this will make Geet upset. She is keeping herself in control thinking he is not feeling her strange behavior and her side effects are affecting her very much. She is probably in dilemma to what to do and what not to. She doesn’t want to show him her weaknesses but he knows, he can feel her discomfort level,  her being in tension all the while, scaring on little thing. She may keep thing in her but he can’t.  He can’t avoid her health. She is very important for him, and he can’t lose her just like that.




With all these thought he stop the car in his destination and slowly look at Geet who was looking at the board and look at Maan, why are we here? Shocked by his sudden travelling to hospital. He staid quite for sometime than went out coming to her side and open her door, holding her hand he made her come out, she just look at him with confused expression. Geet… he stopped not knowing how you make her understand. This will surely shock her and she never likes when he hides things. Sighing he hold her arm. I…I just wanted… just a… just one more test on you. He said it with great difficulties. She starred at him shocked, another test? He saw her looking blankly at him than cups her face. I will feel good after it, just one test sweetheart.



Her heart sank by his pleading, the new everything which is happening to her. He could feel it. And she can see his helpless eyes which tore her heart. She look down sniffing and started to cry, he didn’t wait and engulf her in his arm.Geet please, look please don’t cry… she cries hiding her face on his shirt wetting it not able to see his painfully and helpless self and that too because of her.


But hated himself for making her cry and bringing her here so suddenly. He should have talked to her at least. Rubbing her back he says. We… we won’t go if you don’t want… but please don’t cry Geet…  she sniff holding him tight, ge too didnt wanted to let go of her, ofcorse he wont do this stupid test which made her geet feel so sad. He cannot do anything which will make her cry.



After a long time she stopped and look at him. He kisses her Forbes’s and wipes her tears. We will not go. If you don’t like, we won’t go. She hug him tight hiding her face in his neck, he kiss her neck. I’m sorry. He mumbled and slowly moves back wiping her tears. Let’s go home. Holding her shoulder he made her sit in car and sat on his seat, but in his mind he was feeling really guilty and bad for making her cry. She was so happy after such a long time but he ruined everything. How can he be so careless and just think about him only, but no matter how much he is feeling restless he won’t take her anywhere without her own desire.


She looks out of window not knowing what to say. His face was lingering in front of her eyes,  how can she forget he notices every single things about her,  but she didn’t want to do any test, it’s all useless, nothing will change. She knows he is feeling strange by her being scared from small things. But she can’t help, she know thing happening to her are not only her depression but they are happening in real.


Turning she look at Maan who himself was lost in his thoughts, going near she hold his arm keeping her head on his shoulder but didn’t wanted to discuss anything about that hospital issue. He simply kisses her hair and let her be close to him knowing it will make her feel Beyer.  He himself didn’t want to start that topic again, never ever when she feels so sad about it. But couldn’t take his mind of all the thoughts.   Suddenly his phone ring. Hello…. yea… I will be there… keeping the phone he again start driving. Are you going?  She asked curiously. It’s Sunday and almost late night, couldn’t he even sleep peacefully?  He smiles just a little shaking his head.No. Morning I have some important meetings. Just for them. She did not like him being so involved in work, they rarely spend time, but she couldn’t even complain knowing it will only make him more tensed choosing inbetween. Sighing she. Again keep her head on his shoulder.







Precap: Vicky noticing geet changed behavior.




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