11 Oct




 He kisses her forehead, moving back he saw her smiling with tears in her eyes. Gently wiping them he says. No tears now geet. You are going to see happiness now. She smiles nodding her head.





Geet made her way to office again after talking to Yash. She was about to Entre her cabin when was pulled from there and in second moment she found herself in Maan cabin in-between him and the door. He smiles holding her waist with one hand and other hand on the wall. Hey. He whispered and moves his face close to her nuzzling her cheek with his nose. She gasped lightly holding his shirt. Maan please. She whispered feeling shiver down her spine. He move back looking at her and push himself to her more, she look down turning bright pink.




You have told Yash Han.  He asked playing with her hair, she smile looking down playing with his shirt. Moving close he softly kiss her cheek very slightly, she shivered trying to move away a little but this made him push himself more on her. Someone will come. She whispered turning crimson red.I don’t care anymore. He whispered to her ear teasing her earlobe with his lips.


 She moves her face a little away feeling ticklish and looks up at him slowly.


He smiles by her shy smile looking extremely sweet and beautiful. His finger move to her cheek caressing the soft skin.



Geet. She look at him with her red face feeling his finger on her skin softly caressing her, moving close he kiss her jaw line and nuzzle his face on her hair.


She closed her eyes feeling his breath behind her hair and holds his shoulder. He was losing himself feeling those soft hairs and the fragrance was not helping him.


He inhaled sharply making her sigh. His hand on her waist start to caresses her skin with his thumb, she holds his hand which was almost under her sari and tried to stop his caresses. 




He move back and look at her. She was looking down but a beautiful smile was playing on her lips making her look more than a beauty can be called. I really love you geet. She could feel seriousness in his voice, looking up at him she saw him looking at Ger and searching an answer.



She move her hand slowly and hold his cheek, he still didn’t move but just stare his eyes from one to another. She move close and hold his collar, closing her eyes for a moment than kiss his cheek, Maan stood there shocked. Geet just kissed her. She just kissed him. He smile widely, he don’t need any confirmation from her anymore. He is sure she also loves him.



Looking down at her he found her hiring her face on his chest hold his shirt tight as possible. Geet. He called pulling her chin and made her face him. She looks at him and gave him the smile he was dying to see with tear full eyes. Moving her arm around his neck she hugs him tight keeping herself close to him. He holds her waist dipping his head on her neck feeling heavenly happy by her behavior today. She has claimed him as his and he was more than happy today.






It was night and geet finished her dinner and went to change her dress. After coming out she wipe her hair dry and went to bed.  A small smile captured her lips when she remember today office incident. How hard was it for her to express Herzegovina but she was unable to hold herself when she looked at Maan eyes and his search. He was so tensed. She can do anything to make him calm and Smiley like always. It suite him and he should always smile. Missing me. A small wisphere pass her ear which stuck her breath. She opens her eyes in jerk and turn around only to find Maan lying on Ger bed with his head resting on his hand. He was smiling lying beside her while she was lying on her back and looking at him shock.



I’m real you know. He said mischief and touches her nose making her realize he is real. She gasped a loud and tried to sit when he again made her lye.Maan what are you doing here? How did you come here?  He smiles moving his thumb to her soft skin caressing them. You key under door mat is with me from long. He looks at her eyes and giggles softly. I was also missing you. Moving down he kiss her forehead. She holds his shoulder moving him little back so he can see her.It’s late. You should go. Inspite of answering her he hide his face in crook of her neck inhaling her scenery which always drive him crazy. Her hand move from his shoulder to his back.




He move back and gaze on Ger lips, moving close he look at her eyes wanting to seek her permission. She was unable to think by the proximity. Pulling him down he touch her lips with his first very softly. His hand moves to her waist and he deepened the kiss which made geet close her eyes tight. Her hand on his back become fist, he was going out of control by her single touch. Opening her mouth he entered her and tasted her, he was dying to taste her. As she the sweetest thing ever. She moaned in his mouth feeling his tongue travelling her mouth and making her go crazy by his movements. His one leg unintentionally went in-between hers, and he move his hand to her waist pushing her on bed. Maan. She moaned and moves away before they lose themselves. A single touch of their is really dangerous as they initially wants more and more. He move besides her panting heavily and brought her in his embrace.



That stayed quiet for some time until their heartbeat came to normal. You should go now. He looks down at her and smile kissing her forbear. Di wants to meet us tomorrow. Get ready early. She just nods her head lightly. He smile and move away going out but stopped when he felt her holding his hand. Turning to her he saw her now sitting on bed. I love you. She wisphered shyly looking at him but his look made her shy and look down shyly. He sat in front of her and took her in his arm. I love you too. Kissing her head and stood and went out before he loose himself more on her.







Precap: Naina meeting with Maan and geet.


 love you all and missed you all…

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  1. Jaans

    October 12, 2011 at 11:09 AM

    superb zoha!!! awsome. their feelings so much on fire literally. thank god you are back with a bang.


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