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 He waited for her to reply but could only feel her smiling. She hangs the phone keeping it close to her heart. How life seems beautiful with his sweet love. Will it be the same always? She blushed by the idea even to spend her whole life with him.





She stayed quiet for sometime smiling like a fool and slowly was about to keep the phone when she remember about Yash. She has to call him dialing his number she nervously tab the table not knowing how she will break the news to him. After a long ringing the phone picked up. Yash… she was about to continue when she heard a voice. Geet. Geet smile. Bhabhi aap. wo mujhe laga Yash..



Yash washroom main hai. How are you?  Naina said sitting on bed. I’m fine Bhabhi. How are you and the little one?


We are fine. Long time I haven’t seen you.


Yea. Suddenly Yash come out wiping his face. Here your Yash. She gives the phone to him and start tying his tie.

Geet. Kya hua?  Everything ok? You OK Na. She smiles at Yash usual worrying form. Yea I’m fine. Just have to talk to you about something.

She was feeling so shy how to tell everything to him and how will he reacts.Yea say?  Everything ok?  She giggles at his worried sound. Calm down Yash. Everything is fine. It’s just want to talk to you. Naina silently listen to both and could only smile at Yash. He always goes over possessive by single call of his little sister. She kisses his cheek seeing him really worried about geet. Ok fine.  Naina have an appointment. I will come after that. Geet than remember she have to go to office. I have to go to office.


It’s ok. I will come there to receive you.


Ok. Bye.


Bye takes care. Handing the phone he sighed and take his things. What happened? Anjali asked standing beside her. Don’t know. Have to go to her.








She entered office quiet nervously not knowing how she will face Maan. As she was infringement of his cabin and glanced at him only to find him starring back at her and winked. She blushed looking down and rushed to her cabin. His one look made her so week and he is winking at her in the office, what if someone will see.



Maan was so desperate to be close to her. He picks the phone and dials her cabin number. She already knew this will have to come. Slowly keeping the phone close to her ears she speaks up. Hello. He smile widely like a fool and look at her. Haye, my heart. He sighed keeping his hand on his heart and saw her turning red. But she dares not kook at him. Come to my cabin please. He whispered observing her reaction. She smiles fidgeting with her pen, he smile with her usual nervousness. No. She whispered slowly. Please. He made a very pleading face which made her giggle even she didn’t have seen him but she can feel it. Maan. She said shyly. Hmm. Kaho na. He replied very lovingly making her shy again and requests him. Please. The more he speaks the more she is getting shy. But suddenly there was knock on his door. Sasha peeped in. Wait. He said geet, Hmm come Sasha. And hang the phone.








After sometime when Maan again got free he glances at geet and smile seeing her engrossed in work. Tapping the glass to gain her attention she looks up at him while he indicates her to come. She shakes her head, looking down smiling. He again taps making a pleading face. She smile and look down. Maan was so happy to see her glowing and smiling face and was desperate to spend time with her. But Suddenly Yash entre her cabin. She looks up at him and smile brightly standing and hugs him. Yash. Maan smile at both, no matter what but geet smile always widen seeing him and Maan understand it now very well that Yash have a very different and special place in her heart. Everything ok. Yash asked worriedly moving back and look at her.  Uffhh haan baba. She smiles hugging him again. Let’s go home and talk. She move back and look at him. But I have work.



I will take your leave for some time. Come. Holding her waist both entre Maan cabins who knew very well they will come here.Maan. I am taking geet for some time. Maan look at geet who was looking at him back, he can say by her look that she want to share everything with Yash. A smile formed on his lips and look at yash. Sure. Why not. Yash smile and take geet with him.





They reach geet house and both sat on sofa. Now say. She smiles nervously. Looking down for sometime not knowing how to say him everything. Yash look at her confused by her shyness. She smile and hug him keeping her head on his chest.GeetHe put his hand on her cheek by her strange behavior. She slowly moves her hand up show her ring looking at Yash. He curiously look at the ring and then to her and again at ring. A ring in geet finger, and a blush on her face. She was sounding very happy at phone and at office her crushing hugs. Her soft giggles which he never has heard and her shyly showing the ring. After a long pause he look at geet with shocked expression and wisphered. Maan? She smile bidding her head and sat straight lovingly looking at the ring.


Yash was shocked to hell. Really? He asked curiously which made her giggle shyly and nod her head again. Maan proposed his sister. He proposed her and geet. She is happy, very happy. He couldn’t control and hug her tight. I’m so happy for you. He was on cloud nine, seeing his Geet finally happy and found her love.  Moving back he cups her face.  I’m sure Maan is the vest for you, and will always keep you happy. He kisses her forehead, moving back he saw her smiling with tears in her eyes. Gently wiping them he says. No tears now geet. You are going to see happiness now. She smiles nodding her head.





Precap: naughty Maan.



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  1. Parri muskan

    September 23, 2011 at 8:39 PM

    Lovly update as usual….
    Ooh i can imagine the blushing face of geet….
    Precape seemz very naughty and romantic….
    Waiting 4 next.


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