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I can give you anything for what you gave me today. He smirked moving close and hold her hand which were on desk, she shivered and look down. Tomorrow, your full day… you will be with me. She looks up at him, not sure what exactly he means. He smiles. Will you come out with me? It took time for her to decide what to say and do. After a long pause she slowly moves her hand away from him.As you want. She whispered and looks at him, uuffhhh if he could die for her one look. He smile happily and look down at his file in which he was not at all able to concentrate. How can him knowing what he will be doing tomorrow.





It was off time,  Maan and Geet sat in car to go to Geet house, Maan   was continuously stealing glances of her and was finding it really hard to control himself,  he need to bring things faster and wants to tell her badly he really very love her and can’t even think of leading his life without her now. She have become the most important part of him and he cannot think of living a day without seeing her beautiful face. He wanted to take her in his arm and keep her always close to him in his embrace,  away from this cruel world,  away from everyone, give Ger every single happiness which she truly deserve. We have already promised himself and his do to keep her happy and give her whatever she wants. She deserves happiness and he will make sure she will get every small happiness.


But somewhere Geet was uncomfortable with Maan continuous gaze on her and him being so comfortable with her. She was not liking his so closing act and being so nice to her. It is not good for him too for being with her, spend his time with her and felt him so comfortable most of the time or always. What will all think?  If she herself is not finding his intentions good than obviously other will also think about it, they will talk about it. If not today than by the way he is behaving to her tomorrow everyone will surely do. And he has some status, some reputation, a family to look after. He shouldn’t waste his most time with her, waste his beautiful life by being on Ger side always. She have seen so much that it doesn’t matter if she sees more but she won’t be able to survive knowing he will be blamed and that to because of her.




Her thought were disturbed when they reach her place , he look at her expecting for inviting him but she quietly went out not wanting him to come. But as she stepped out only to feel him also coming, she sighed shaking her head. Not again he again wants to come inside at this time. Why does he not understand this all is not good? They approached to the gate when Maan saw a big smile on her face seeing yash standing there with his back toward them and looking down with his hands in his pocket.  Yash?  She yelled making him turn around. He smiles seeing her and her immediately. Ran and hug him tight. Somewhere Maan didn’t like the closeness between her. He only wants himself to be this close to her wanting to be the only one to bring her in his arms; she should be close to him only.




Why are you standing here?  Why didn’t you entre? He smiles moving a strand behind her hair. He could see a glowing look on her face, looking ahead at Maan he smirked. He seems jealous with him even. Hmm possessive Han. Looking at Geet he says. I can only go inside when there will be a key down here. Where it went?  She frowned moving back and look under the door mate and was surprised to not find the key,  usually it will be there,  no one comes here than where it went?  Maan look at yash and geet nervously, not knowing to say or not that the key is with him. Yash look at the look at geet, she was scared by just small thing. He holds he shoulder making her look at him.



Geet rehne Do, I will make another one. Holding her shoulder he extend his other hand, she smile giving him the key. He opens the door and glanced back at Maan. Come Maan. He smile lightly and went behind them. When they enter the house Geet suddenly remember the whole office incident, dropping her file she happily looks at Yash. Oh my god yash, I forgot to tell you something. You know…… and she started telling all about her presentation and Yash smile only, holding her shoulder he made her sit while sat beside her quietly listening to her and seeing her so happy for the first time. He was rather surprised to see her talking so happily and so much for the first time in so many years. He knew it could be only because of Maan. He could only make her so happy.




On the other hand Maan stood there looking at her amazed by Geet smiling and excited face. How can he feel jealous her being with Yash, how can he? He clearly could see how much open she is with her,  she never have talked so much and smiled like this with him also even after so many months. How openly she is talking to him and why not, be is the one who changed her life. He could never stop thanking Yash for helping her and being with her always.



His thought was by Yash. That’s really great Geet, I’m really very happy. And must say all this is by my buddy.  Thanks Maan. Maan smiled slowly sitting opposite to them. Oh, main bhi Na, you sit I will be back changing my cloths and make coffee for you both. She stood and went to Ger room to change. Yash and Maan look at her, and look back and each others. Thanks a lot Maan. You have no idea how much I’m happy to see her like this. He chuckled.It’s just a start Yash. I will make sure she will be like this whole her life. Yash smile proudly looking at him and his unconditional love in his eyes. May god bless both of them?






Precap: a dinner together.


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2 responses to “TAMANNA

  1. sehzadisomia

    September 15, 2011 at 9:58 PM

    Lovely nice

  2. Parri muskan

    September 16, 2011 at 4:09 PM

    Lovly part but very short.


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