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She turned around and looks at him shocked. What does he means? How can he say that? He lean back at wall crossing his arm and look at her. Smiling. She look here and there not knowing what to do? What to say? How to make him know she is not good for her, anywhere near her. Taking her files she quickly made her way out of office to have sigh breath. It was all suffocating her, this entire thing are really strange and scary; all these feeling which she have kept herself away from. How can he just come and make her feel this. No. she can’t. She can’t make his life difficult. He is a happy person. He deserve happiness, she can’t ruin everything in his life by being beside her.




He stood there looking at her lovingly; he finally succeeded in what he wanted to do. Her fear, hear faith he have won it. His eyes didn’t left her and start coming toward her. She looks down holding her pallu tight. Geet. He whispered, she look up at him, he smile moving his hand softly to her cheek. She closed her eyes with his touch. Look at me geet. Opening her eyes she looks at him. Moving close he embrace her in his arm really very tightly. I knew it. I knew you can do it. I always have known it. She smiles with tears in her eyes. His warm embrace made her tears rolled down. She was never ever was told like this. Moving back he cups her face.You have done it geet; I knew you will make me proud. I knew it. He again hugs her tight, she was out of words by whatever he was saying it or doing to her. Did she really make him proud? Are they really all happy with her? She smiled and slowly moves her hand up very softly holding his waist. He closes his eyes tightening his hold when he felt her holding him very lightly. Oh it feels so heaven. He remained like this for more time not wanting to move away from her, from her embrace.



Moving back he saw her tears which he wiped smiling cupping her face. You know geet. You are really very lucky for me. I will keep you really close to me. Always…… Promise. He whispered keeping his forehead on hers. Her breath caught on her throat. She is lucky. How can he just say like that? How can she be lucky for someone? Never in her life have anyone told her this, yash have many time tried to speak about this subject but she always refused to even talk because she knew she is unlucky. But today…. What just happened? Her fear. Her nervousness. Everything has won. He has given her so much in just a few minutes.


She smiles a little with her treaty eyes.It’s all because of you only. She whispered softly, unable to talk at that moment. He chuckled shaking his head.No geet. It’s not me. It’s only you. You have done all this and I’m really very proud of you.


Wiping her tears He put His Arm around Her Shoulder and Proudly Make His Way out. Once they were outside of the conference room she heard a huge round of applause from everyone in the office. They all stood up and clap for her happily, coming to her shaking hand with her. She smile lightly not knowing what more to do. She never have been in notice of so many people, she became little nervous by all the gaze and look at man who was looking her very proudly and standing beside her. She smiles looking at him. He is an angel for her, he have given her which she was craving for so long. She so much wants to be happy and he always do that. Always makes her happy.


Wah geet, we never knew you can be that good. One of them come to her and says.


Sasha says. Arey, apni geet to chupi rustam nikli. She looks down turning bright red by all of their continua teasing. You are really great geet. Must say, sir taught you really well.


Another boy: Kya keh rahi ho, yea sab geet ne khud kiya hai. I’m sure. All of them and tease her to high level and stood with her talking. She looks at all of them. She was so wrong, how can they hurt her, they are all so nice. They are speaking so softly to her. She as so stupid to keep herself away from them. They are not like those people she has known.  She look at Maan, it’s all because of him. He has given her a very big happiness today. Maan buhat bari tamanna poori kardi.. She didn’t needed anything else than this.





He sat in his cabin looking at geet from his cabin; she was again engrossed in her work. He was so happy to see her with all office staff, so left her there; it took her hour to come back to her cabin. He could see twinkle in her eyes whenever she look at him and give him her sweet smile. He could die for her little smile and to bring happiness in her life and will go to any extent. Picking the phone he calls her to his cabin and saw her picking her thing and came. Yes sir.


Come geet. She sits in front chair. So, now you agree all my staff is really good. She smiles looking down.Yea. actually… I want to thank you…. I don’t think it all could have happened without you. He smile leaning back on his chair.You want to thanks me? She nods her head. Hmm. than I want something from you. Will you give me?


I can give you anything for what you gave me today. He smirked moving close and hold her hand which were on desk, she shivered and look down. Tomorrow, your full day… you will be with me. She looks up at him, not sure what exactly he means. He smiles. Will you come out with me? It took time for her to decide what to say and do. After a long pause she slowly moves her hand away from him. As you want. She whispered and looks at him, uuffhhh if he could die for her one look. He smile happily and look down at his file in which he was not at all able to concentrate. How can him knowing what he will be doing tomorrow.






Precap: yash in geet house.



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  1. Krishna Bhavsar

    September 14, 2011 at 1:15 PM

    nice update dear keep it up

  2. Ayushi

    September 14, 2011 at 2:13 PM

    its sweet…. plz update next part soon…. very soon


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