11 Sep





She turn around, he hug her for the last time, moving back just kiss her forehead and cheek. Come soon. He smile nodding his head and ran out through window before everyone wake up. She look at him through window, when he went out of gate she again lies down covering herself with cover feeling him. A smile spread on her face thinking about the way she slept with him. Too close.




She open her eyes little late and sat on bed yawning. Hmm. taking her mobile she was about to check the time when her eyes popped out to see so much msg and missed calls from maan. Oh my god. How can I forget? She instantly dialed his number, after two ring he puck up the phone. Finally. My sleeping beauty. She made a cute face. Sorry. Mumbling. He chuckled; he was desperate to go back to her and envelope her in his. Arms. I was calling you from so long. I’m in airport. She rub her eyes lying on her stomach hearing his sweet voice, she didn’t like the idea of him going away and that too for whole week. Please come soon. She said sadly with her close eyes. He smiled hearing her demanding. He could do anything for her, he can fulfill her every demands. But hr can’t say her whole things now. Though he was sad lying to her but he have to. To give her the biggest surprise after he came to know anjali will speak to her he have changed his plans and have thought to give her a surprise. I will be back Maan. Her eyes popped open when she heard the female voice.Who’s that? Don’t tell me that chipkali is with you. He laughs softly. Geet, she came for some work. We are going there for that. Twisting her lips she sits again.haan haan. sab pata hai mujhe. dekho door rehna usse, warna acha nahi hoga. She was actually pointing a finger as if he is seeing. He smiles, oh how much he want to see her cute face now, which must be red with anger.



Acha? kya acha nahi hoga? He asked suppressing a smile and stood up walking ahead when radhika sat beside him. Aaahhh, main… main Na… I won’t talk to you… haan. She said smiling that he would be under him now. Ahaan, really. Good. She frowned puffing her cheek. What did you just said? Good. You feel good? He smiles ordering a coffee for him. Geet, will you please stop fighting. I’m really missing you.  She stayed quiet playing with the bed sheet. But I don’t like her. Stay away from her. He smiles by her possessiveness. Such a sweetheart she is. How much he loves her. Why couldn’t thinks be simple and she understand everything. He wants to confess her his love to her again and again. He wants to kiss her breathless and always keep her close to his heart. Then you should stay with me, to confirm.


I don’t have to. I trust you. But stopped her smile. But not her. He giggles. Whatever, but you know I’m all yours. She smile blushing, and pull the quilt. You have to come before whole week. Don’t stay for a week. He smirked but didn’t say anything. Not now. He could reject this trip but he didn’t, he wanted to see, if she really will miss him? What will she do if he goes away?  They stayed quiet for some time. Enjoying the silence, not wanting to hang the phone and stay away. Just wanted to hear eachothers, listen to heart beat. She rests her head back, while he silently sips his coffee. What will you do for a week?


Will wait for you. She said simply.



I won’t take long. Promise. She smile, she believe in him and prayed what he promised should be fulfilled. She didn’t like staying away from him. The idea scares her. How will she do for whole one week? Somewhere her heart thumb by the feeling only.  She feels like something important is going away. even she know it’s just for week, but still she didn’t want to stay away from him for a day even. What will I get if I came early? She thought for some time, what do you want?


You. He said with the depth of his heart. Wanting to shout a loud and express his love. She turned red by his word. You will get me once you come early. She whispered in a low voice. Wanting him to say he would come as early as possible. But he didn’t say anything. How could he ruin his all surprise?I will make sure you will be mine only. That’s what he can say for now. Wanting to make her feel little well. He didn’t like her being sad. But he didn’t have any other choice. Again the silence lingered between them. Only the sound which could be heard was the thudding sound of their heart.


Finally there was an announcement. He sighed. Need to go now. She pouts looking down. If that could stop him. Will try to come soon. He could feel that she must be sitting with her sad face.


Yea, you should. She said with a heavy heart.


Take care.


You too.


Bye. She hated it, didn’t want him to say that, he stayed for a minute, she silently listens to his heavy breath not wanting to say bye. There was a final announcement. She sighed sadly. He could feel it. I promise I will be back. Please don’t be sad. She wipes a tear from the corner of her eyes. Not feeling good. She badly wanted him, to be in his arm for the last time. Please come soon. He could feel her cracking voice which teared his heart. Geet… he whispered softly trying to make her stop crying. But it touched her a lot and tear rolled down. Dont cry please, I won’t be able to go like that. She sniffs. I will be waiting for you. She mumbled. He smiles. Got to go now. Please. She pulls up her knees up.I can’t say bye. He smiles a little. Don’t say. Just wait for me.


I am. He smile and sighed. Bye geet. She only nods her head slightly. The call ended but she didn’t put it down. Hearing the beeping sound, just keeping it near her ear still feeling his voice. A tear escaped from her eyes. She badly wanted to see him. Keep him near his heart. Not let him go away. Somewhere she was having a bad feeling of him going away so sudden. Somewhere deep she is feeling pain of him going so away from her. She lied down hugging the pillow which was kept under his head and inhaled his aroma.





Precap: a marriage proposal… 





Love you all for all your love and support.

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4 responses to “HIDDEN FEELINGS

  1. jssood

    September 11, 2011 at 3:19 PM

    awesome update
    next a marriage proposal… whose

  2. Jyoti

    September 11, 2011 at 9:25 PM


    i hope geet tries to understand what she is feeling…

    marriage proposal…oh no…i hope it is her bhabhi’s plan…

    continue soon….

  3. Krishna Bhavsar

    September 12, 2011 at 11:11 AM


  4. Krishna Bhavsar

    September 13, 2011 at 4:32 PM

    hey dear bohot wait karvaya kya aaj update kar rahi ho me craving for update


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