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So, I should be here hungry? Hitting his chest. He chuckled bringing her in his lap. Maan, let’s go out at garden and have a walk. He closes his eyes keeping his head back at bed rest. She frowned shaking him. Maan, wake up. Maan. She shakes him until he open his eyes irritated. What? We will go. Don’t shout. And again close his eyes. Uuffho, when, it’s almost lunch time, wakes up Na. he hold her waist giving her a glare. Do you want to go out with towel? He shouts which made her bit her lower lip. He chuckled pulling her cheek. Hmm. now go and change. He again closes his eyes. She hurriedly went to wear her cloths.



Maan went to washroom while she takes out his cloth keeping them on bed and went to mirror adjusting her pallu with pin. Suddenly she hears some noise, turning around at window she goes their but didn’t find anything. She turns around and found a crunched paper in the floor. She picks it up holding her pallu to stop it from falling. Opening the letter she frowned to find it blank. Again turn to window she looks down, here and there but no one was there. Shrugging her shoulder she throws the paper on dustbin and again went to mirror.



Maan came out drying his hair when he saw geet irritated struggling with pin. Going to her he hug her from back keeping his chin above the pallu. She looks at him from mirror. Kya hua? He asked kissing her shoulder and neck. Dekho Na, I can’t put this pin. Her lips pout throwing the pin at the table she sniffs. She is unable to see thin things now days, thing become blurry whenever she concentrates. It was my usual task. How cant I. she couldn’t complete and tears rolled down. Hey geet. He turns her around hugging her. Its ok honey, why are you crying for small things? She sniffs holding his waist. He rub her back for some time, he know she is feeling suffocated by not doing her usual things,see, I will do the pin for you. Moving back he cups her face wiping her tears and kisses her both cheeks. Her lips were still pouted, he chuckled kissing them softly. He doesn’t like to see her like thus. He can’t tolerate it. It’s the last thing in the earth h e want to see. His geet becoming so week. He gently kisses her eyes.


From now on, I will help you in dress up like you do to me. He smiles trying hard to make her smile too.  He love her smile, she should always smile. She smiles only a little wiping her tears and keeps her head on his chest. He takes the pin from table and makes her turn around putting the pin. Completing he kiss her jaw. Now. Will you help me? She smiles nodding her head. Moving to bed she takes his cloths and helps him. He wears his jeans when geet saw behind him, another paper thrown to their room from window. She takes it and again finds it plain. It was rather strange, hE is someone throwing this? This is the first time. Looking down window she again didn’t find anyone.


Maan. She went to him. He buttons his jeans and turn to look at her. Someone is throwing this paper for second time. He takes the paper, but finds it plain. It should be some kids, may be just pranking. He throws the paper thinking for some time she takes his shirt making him to wear it.But there is no one down there. He smiles holding her waist while she buttons his shirt.

Hmm. he look down at her hand which were now a days very slow in buttoning and tying his tie but he never tell her or complained knowing she would feel bad. He would patiently wait for her to slowly finish, even if take long time. he hold her and moving toward the bed,kya kar rahe ho? He smirked throwing her on bed lying beside her and hold her waist kissing her neck.


She giggles when his finger cares her skin of stomach. Maan. Kya hogaya. Her giggle turn to laugh, she softly start laughing while he lovingly look at her. Moving close he captured her mouth. she giggle in his mouth trying to hold his other hand but his hand move up to her Brest caressing them above her blouse. She move away breathing heavily. Shameless. She whispered nibbling his ear. He chuckled kissing her jaw and cheek and look at her still with his hand softy caressing her Brest. Stop it. We need to go. She whispered turning bright red. He smiles kissing her burning cheek moving his hand to her stomach again softly tickling her. She starts laughing softly. Maan stop Na. he hide his face in crook of her neck sucking her skin. I’m really hungry.


She complained moving him up. He smirked kissing her lips than look at her removing a strand from her forehead. Let’s eat out today. She becomes excited holding his waist. Sach? He nods again kissing her. But the food will be according to your health. She pouts making a face. Some more time honey, than you can eat whatever you want. She smile locking her arm around his neck bringing him down and kiss him. He immediately kisses her back entering her mouth and played with her tongue. She closed her eyes brushing his hair. He nibbled her mouth drinking her saliva tasting every corner. She was almost out of breath but didn’t want to leave him. He turns his face to left sucking her tongue in his mouth. Not able to hold, she closes her mouth moving away and rests her head down panting. He move down and nibble her lower lip. Should cancel the lunch. She giggles with her close eyes and shake her head.I’m hungry. He smiles kissing her forehead. Let’s go before I loose myself completely. She smiles opening her eyes.




Precap: An unknown person.



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2 responses to “FOREVER WITH YOU.

  1. sumaiyariya

    September 11, 2011 at 3:08 PM

    it was superb yarr

  2. jssood

    September 11, 2011 at 3:29 PM

    very good
    now who is unknown person


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