loving laments

10 Sep




 He smiled looking at her and the sad Khushi. Going to them he takes Khushi keeping his back to geet chest. She takes the towel wiping his hair. Papa, will you take me and Khushi out for ice-cream? Geet asked hugging him from back and keep her chin on his neck. Khushi gasped jumping on his lap and look at maan expectedly. Hmm. if only mama will eat with us. He presses himself back more on her. Both look at Khushi who was looking both of them with her innocent big eyes. Both start laughing at her cute face. Geet pull her cheek. We will go wherever you want. She smiled delightfully hugging Maan and kiss geet cheek.I love you mama, I love you papa.




As they sat in car as usual, Khushi irritating Maan while driving.Baby, stop papa is trying. She giggles again pulling his ear. Maza aata hai mama. She roll her eyes and look at Maan, he was giggling but one look at geet he stopped and look forward. Aah, princess let me drive. Geet take Khushi hand and make her look outside of window. Now look there. She takes her hand out and smiles. Maan smiled looking at Khushi and. m slowly hold geet hand. She looks at him suddenly. Maan leave. He smirked looking ahead, she struggle to get out of his hold but he holds more tightly. Finally she stopped and let him hold her hand.


They reach and sat in a table. Khushi start playing with the spoon. You will also eat ice-cream.


No, I don’t want to.


What if I make you? He said mischiefly. She looks at him, knowing his look. You can’t.


What if I? He asked with raised eyebrow. Let’s see then. He smiles looking down. Khushi ate her ice-cream; Maan ordered for himself and packed it. Geet was curious, he didn’t order for her even he have challenged her. He look at her confuse face and kiss her lips, she could only gasp and ran to car murmuring. He giggles paying a bill.  They sat in car, Khushi slept in geet lap.






Reaching home she put Khushi on bed and kisses her cheek before leaving. When she entered her room she didn’t found Maan so simply went to change her cloths. She returns back and finds Maan sitting on bed. Where were you?


A call. He simply replied coming under the spread she sat beside him which makes him smile. Turning a little he grabs the ice-cream and put it in front of her. Hmm, remember. She looks at the bowl than to him. Oh. How can she even think of him forgetting his challenges? He smirked holding her waist and pull her close. With other hand he takes little ice-cream. Here, take. She gave him a look and move away lying down giving her back to him. He cone close to her ear nibbling it slowly. You want to play game Han? As you wish jaan. He turns her, she look at him,what will I get if I make you eat? He asks kissing her jaw and cheek. Whatever you want.  She whispered unable to take his closeness, looking up at her he could see sincerity in them. Anything? She pinches his nose.




 Smirking he again take little ice-cream in a spoon and put it closer to her mouth, she turn her face to which all it fall on her cheek. He leans down licking them softly make her gasp and hold his shoulder. His tongue revolves all over her cheek making her breath harder and holds his shoulder tight. He licked all the ice-cream and gently kisses her cheek. She shied and looks at him. he smile, and take another spoon, this time she tried to move but her hold her both hand with his one hand above her head and tried to push the spoon in her mouth but she move her head from right to left not letting him and making her whole face full of ice-cream.Maan let me go please. He laugh a loud putting the ice-cream on other cheek. In process. Not until I win.  He loved the game which has brought him so close to her. Atleast he is able to be close to her by this. They continued to struggle until both got tired and stopped breathing hard. I won’t let you win today. She whispered breathing heavily and tried to move her hand but he hold them more tightly.


He smirked, kissing her nose.  Keeping his forehead on her, and I always love to make you lose. Looking at ice-cream he found only little to be left. She raised her eyebrow giving him a victory look. Moving down he lied on top of her keeping his entire wait on her. Ready?



He smirked and tried his last chance.taking the ice-cream in his. Mouth and lean down capturing her, her eyes widened by his sudden action and felt a chill sensation on her. Lips, closing her eyes tight she tried to close her mouth tight and not let him entre. but his soft lips didn’t helped she was dying to kiss him back budding wanted to loose from him he kissed her and pressed her lips with his until he felt her going out of breath, moving back, she open her mouth to breath and taking the advantage her put the ice-cream in her mouth.



She looks at him shock, he laughs while kissing her whole face. I never loose.  He said licking all the ice-cream. She moves her arm around his neck. You always cheat. He giggles looking at her. I just love to cheat with you.



Hmm. so what do you want? He smiles licking the ice-cream from her bottom lips. She brushes his hair feeling his soft deligate lips. Moving back he smiles removing her hair. I will tell you tomorrow.


Why can’t today?



Aaahhh, just like that.


She look at him for sometime lovingly, he was touched by the love in her eyes, leaning down he softly kiss her both eyes. Let me wash my face. He giggles moving away. She went and washes and face. After coming she fined him lying down with close eyes, she lied beside him and he quickly come close to her hiding his head close to her heart. She smile brushing his hair but soon stopped smiling when he look up at her to caught her smile but pout looking her straight face. She closed her eyes to prevent from his pout. He smile and kissed her lips again closing his eyes. Tell Na.




Precap: what will Maan want?




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Love you all.


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  1. Krishna Bhavsar

    September 10, 2011 at 2:36 PM

    nice update dear waiting for nexttttttt but really fast wait nahi karna hai


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