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Keeping the thoughts aside she looks at the design. Presentation. She sighed taking the design in her hands. Hmm. I really don’t have to prepare anything, i already know everything. But how will I be able to speak? Looking up she silently prayed. Babaji, please help me, please take this stupid idea go from sir mind. Please.



After two hours she was called in conference room. She nervously fixed her pallu straight and took all files entering the room. Once she entered she found the whole room empty, sighing in relief she smiled and stood beside the table, but still she have to do it, people will be here at any moment. How can she convince Maan for letting her go from this presentation? suddenly Maan entre the cabin, she nervously look at him twisting her pallu not sure how to convince him, while Maan well know she will try to melt him, so he kept a cold look and sat on his chair.


Start your presentation. She looks at him confused, now? But how? No one is here, she continues to give him her confuse look while thinking about the reason for his sudden strange behavior. He finds her lost and rolled his eyes. Geet. He yelled which bring her out of her thoughts.  She jumped and looks at him scared. Presentation. He point at the board behind her, she hesitantly take the marker with her shaking hand and move to the board. The lines were nearly shaking; he stood up and went behind her. She could feel him behind her who made her more nervous, soon his breath fall on her hair; she closed her eyes and pressed the marker on board. He slowly and slightly holds her trembling hand.


You didn’t shake when you drew ne?  He whispered near her ear which gives her Goosebumps, she shake a little due to which he hold her waist with his one hand. she open her eyes and saw her hand which were on his, he was making the lines of graph slowly, his other hand  to her waist very slight touching his finger to her skin.  She gasped feeling his cold tip. You have design, now present it as beautifully. She gulped feeling his breath on her neck. He leaves her hand and holds her shoulder from back. I have full faith in you. You are going to give me this project. Her eyes become teary, she didn’t want this. He shouldn’t have faith in her, she is not worth it. She is not a person to whom anyone could keep their faith. She will fail him; take his project away from him by doing the presentation. She will ruin all his faith. Slowly turning around she look at him with tears rolling down. He smile shaking his head and wipe her tears. Yes I have, I know you can do this. And you will. She shakes her head with her trembling lips. I will make you fail. She whispered lightly but he heard it. Pulling her chin he says. You can never. Now start presenting. It’s me here only. Wiping her tears he turns her to board. She turn and look at him, he smiled and blink assuring her.  Inhaling sharply she turn to board starting her presentation without looking back even for once, knowing his one look will make her silence.


After half an hour nearly she finishes her presentation and smiled satisfied by her own work. turning around her breath caught on her throat to find the room fill with people, she look here and there and find Maan standing with a proud smile and crossed arm looking at her. She felt nervous having so many people around her so suddenly when she heard. A loud sound of applause from all of them. She was so nervous that didn’t even blinked once. One by one everyone come and shake hand with her complementing her work.


That was just great. I love your presentation. Mr. Chopra stood in front of her.


The project goes to Maan. The investor even demanded of another design and presentation by geet.


Maan smiled and look at her lovingly when everyone praised her. One by one all went out leaving both of them alone. Geet look down still not sure what to feel. How can that be possible? Maan mist have done something, she will never be able to win if he would not have helped her for every design. She can even never win; she still is the same, not good for anyone. It’s all because of him. Just him.


He slowly cone toward her standing in front of her. Geet. she look up at his smiling face, the moment he saw her face, he was not able to hold on himself and did what he was wanting to do from long time during the whole. Presentation. He hugged her tight keeping her very close to him. I knew it. I knew you will do it. I just knew it. He was very happy today. He has proved to her and to the world that she is not unlucky. She cannot make lose you. Moving back he saw her shocked face. Smiling her cups her face. You are really lucky for me.


She look in his eyes, so much trust, he trusted her so blindly. What if he would have lost the project? What if her fate have come in-between him and his work. She slowly moves away from him. It was all because of you. Not me. Turning around she wanted to leave from there at once, he was having lot of acceptations from her which she does not like, and she is not worth it. He holds her arm bringing her back close to his chest. Whether you agree or not. You are for me. And will make sure you will be beside me always.


She turned around and looks at him shocked. What does he means? How can he say that? He lean back at wall crossing his arm and look at her. Smiling. She look here and there not knowing what to do? What to say? How to make him know she is not good for her, anywhere near her. Taking her files she quickly made her way out of office to have sigh breath. It was all suffocating her, this entire thing are really strange and scary; all these feeling which she have kept herself away from. How can he just come and make her feel this. No. she can’t. She can’t make his life difficult. He is a happy person. He deserve happiness, she can’t ruin everything in his life by being beside her.





Precap:  geet reaction.





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  1. Krishna Bhavsar

    September 9, 2011 at 3:22 PM

    nice update dear waiting for nexttttttttttttttttt


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