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Part 24

Maan noticed her being quite and lost. Holding her hand he gently kisses it. Why are you so quiet? She looks down at their hands than loom at him, he gives her a smile, and she sighed keeping her head on his shoulder. You will come soon. Kissing her forehead he says. I have to, if I know someone is desperately waiting for me. She smiles looking up at him. Before going, I will come to meet you in your room. Stay there at night.




Both made their way to geet house, Maan were not sure what anjali wants to discuss that she called him so urgently. Entering they saw her sitting. She smiles seeing them. Where are all?


They are in office. Why don’t you go fresh up? Geet smiled going to her room. Anjali turn to Maan and sighed. Sit. He sat looking at her. Ajay told me you are going for a week. He nods his head. Anjali look down twisting her finger.Maan I think it’s the time I should talk to geet and clear everything. He frowned at her. Why are you saying like this?


Look Maan, it’s been long now. I… I think things should be sort out now. He could feel her scared by something.Why are you looking scared? She sighed a breath looking at him.I’m scared of circumstances Maan. I want things to work well; the time she is taking is really making me scared. He smiled by her possessiveness toward geet, he knows she doesn’t want things to go wrong which never going to happen. Don’t worry anjali. If you wants to talk to her, if that’s what makes you relax than fine. Talk to her. She finally smiled. Thank you.


Ok, now I need to go. Have some packing to do. She smiles getting up. He turns around to her. I hope when I come back, you going to make my geet ready for me. Both laugh walking toward the door. I will, your geet will be almost yours after a week.


Hmm. I can’t wait. Smiling he made his way out. Anjali smile shaking her head she too goes to her room.





Maan slowly enter geet room through window and find her sitting on bed lost in her thought and playing with the chain. He smile slowly going beside her and blow in her ear. She suddenly turns to find him looking at her smirking.How did you come? And when? He put his arm around her. Just now through window. She relaxed putting her head on his shoulder. They sat there in silence only to be with each others. Afraid to be away. she just silently laid her head on his shoulder and play with his finger, he kiss her shoulder moving up to her neck he kissed softly making her shiver and close her eyes. Holding her arm he kisses her jaw and nibbles her earlobe. Her hold on his hand tightened. Kissing her cheek he keeps his lips their breathing heavily, he couldn’t control himself. She makes him go crazy, 



After some time Maan take his mobile setting the alarm he keeps it on table and turn to geet. Hmm, so you don’t have anything to say?  For a change. He chuckled bringing her close to him and lied down beside her. He waited for her reaction but she didn’t have surprised, yet move her hand to his shirt holding it while he caress her face. You have changed me a lot. She comes close, keeping her head close to his heart. He brushes her hair. I am becoming like you now a days. He giggles moving back a little to look at her. Really? She nods smiling. I like living along now, I like peace, silence. I think twice before speaking, you brought yourself in me. He chuckled kissing her forehead.


What will you do in this week? He asked caressing her cheek.Miss you. He smiles hearing that. He will also miss her, her nonstop bak bak, her soft voice, and her beautiful eyes. They lied their taking very few and adored each others; finally Maan finds her eyes closing. Sleep now. She holds his waist looking at him. You won’t leave when i will sleep. He falls at her demand. I am here till five. Don’t worry. She closed her eyes moving close to him again. He keeps his cheek above her head brushing her hair. Soon he felt her heavy breathing, she slept finally. moving his arm around her he hold on her, loving the position they were in. she didn’t even once question him, didn’t even doubted him. Just as always trust him. That is what he loves a lot about her. Happy with the new step between them and what anjali said he too closes his eyes.




The continuous ring of alarm made him move, opening his eyes he switches it off and look at time. He only have two hour. keeping it he look down at geet sleeping still holding him tight as not willing to let him go in her deep sleep. Smiling he put his hand on her cheek. Geet, I need to go. She quickly opens her eyes looking here and there. He giggles making her face him. Here I need to go now. She blinks little time. You are leaving me. She rubs her eyes with her pouted lips looking extremely cute. He hugs her kissing her cheek. I can’t leave you. It just after two hours I have to be in airport. She moves back. Looking at him. I will call you from there. She was about to come down from bed when stopped and turn around. What? From there? Hello. You will call me when you will reach airport. Ok. Turning around she mumbled while walking. abhi tak gaya nahi aur abhi se hi bhool raha hai mujhe. He laughs hugging her from back.Ok baba, I will call you. Happy now. I have to go now. Getting late. She turn around, he hug her for the last time, moving back just kiss her forehead and cheek. Come soon. He smile nodding his head and ran out through window before everyone wake up. She look at him through window, when he went out of gate she again lies down covering herself with cover feeling him. A smile spread on her face thinking about the way she slept with him. Too close.




Precap: continuous calls.



Love you all for all your love and support.

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