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Its dads, but you are his son and he will be really proud if you help to improve his idea. He thought for some time and then smiles sucking her earlobe.Hmm. i will. Looking at her he says. Love you. She smiles accepting his love. Both lost them self in each others, loving each others as more, feeling each others.




Next morning geet stretch her arm opening her eyes slowly. Yawning she again keep her head down only to find it on Maan chest, smiling she snuggle close to him holding his waist. Looking up, she finds him sleeping. After sometime she turns around and grabs his shirt wearing it and went to washroom. Coming back she still wears his shirt, the smell of his was still there and she wanted to feel him. Going to mirror she brushes her hair with towel. Looking at Maan from mirror she smile and went to him. He seems to be in deep sleep, giggling she softly kiss his forehead, than nose and than his lips. He smiles in his sleep.


Maan. She whispered in his ear. He stirred a little and slowly opens his eyes to see her angel looking breathtaking with her wet hair and wearing his shirt. Hey, he smile holding her waist and drop her top of him. Maan let me go. See it’s late. He didn’t listen and bring her beside him closing his eyes and holding her waist. She struggle but he bring her more close. Suddenly there was a knock on door. Oh god, Maan opens the door. She pushes him and tried to stand. Let’s sleep geet. She move away throwing his jeans.No sleep. Wear your cloths and open the door. He mumbles wearing his jeans and went to open the door to find Vicky. What? He asked irritaditly. Bro, where is bhabhi? He asks smiling and tried to entre. But Maan stop him. She is sleeping, its Sunday. Go away. With that he slams the door on his face. Turning around he find geet selecting his shirt and jeans.



Standing beside her he holds her waist quickly taking her to bed and laid on top of her. Maan, what are you doing? Move. He smiles kissing her lips. Move Na Maan. He brings her up of him lying down. Let me go and take a bath.


Only if you accompany me? She looks at him shock and blushes hard. No, move. She struggles to move his strong arm around her. You will get me forever in your life. She giggles still struggling. I have you, and for all over my life.


Hmm. he say taking her in his arm, she move her arm around his neck turning bright red. He takes her inside making her stand under the shower. Maan. She whispered hiding her face in his chest. He smile turning the tab, cold water run down their body, his hand moves to her collar slowly sliding it down kissing her neck nibbling the skin making her hot even under cold water. What about a second honeymoon? He whispered moving his finger on her button, she hold his finger shaking her head moving in crook of his neck. You are busy right now. He moves to her shoulder giving her kisses and moving down to her cleavage. How about making a baby? His finger again holds the button opening them now. She smiles tightening her hold around his neck. Not now. She whispered closing her eyes feeling him caressing her skin under his finger.


He drank the water from her skin, nibbling every part, claiming her only. She roams her hand on his body feeling his muscles. He kneeled down nibbling her belly, she. Curled her toes holding his hair tight feeling tingling sensation. Slowly moving up you her breast he took them in his mouth sucking them. She gasped opening her mouth feeling the burning sensation on her skin by his roaming tongue. The water ran down at her face which he drank moving to her face, sucking her jaw cupping her face with another face. She roams her hand on his back. And chest feeling his abs. he grab her hair sucking and nibbling her throat filling her full of his marks. His leg move in-between hers feeling her bare skin. His hand move down to her thigh caressing it and slowly move to her hips, she hug him nibbling his neck feeling very week by his passion. His hand roams all around her touching her every part. He didn’t let a single place to be touched, kissing, nibbling and sucking every part he takes her to new world.



After seems like an hour both finally came out with only a towel around them. He gently made her lye on bed and lye on her keeping his head on her chest. She smiles, tracing her fingers on his hair and back. He move up kissing her wet lips then looks down at her body which was full of his marks, he chuckled kissing them. She moaned. Maan. Making a cute face. He looks at her removing a strand from her cheek. Why do you love me so much? He asked softly giving her short kisses on her cheek. Because I have only you in my life. He lovingly looks at her caressing her cheek.After you came in my life, you made it worth living. He smiles kissing her nose. But she didn’t smile and move her hand to his cheek looking at him lost for some time.


He looks at her being lost suddenly. Geet. She looks at him and smile a little which didn’t reach her eyes.Maan, will I be able to live with you forever. He frowned looking at her eyes which started burning. She gulped down. I really don’t want to die. I’m tired of all these pains. A tear escaped from corner of her eyes, her lips pout. He suddenly hugs her scared by her words. You are improving geet, you will be ok. He tried to calm her but he himself was scared somewhere. But it’s not going to be cured, it only will reduce. He shook his head not wanting to believe in her. She hugs him letting her tears out,please don’t cry. He plead her, she could feel her neck getting wet. I want to see our baby grown up in front of me Maan. She cried hiding her face. He looks up shaking his head and wipes her tears.You will live with ne, as long as I’m alive. I will make sure you do. He said sternly but tears didn’t help and fell on her cheek. She wipes his tears nodding her head. I love you. He kisses her forehead and again hugs her kissing her neck. I love you too.




They lied their for some time, she keeps her head on his chest tracing her finger. After sometime she looks at him to find him playing with her hair smiling she kiss his lips. I’m hungry. He smile sitting and rest her back to his chest. She brings the towel to her chest. But I don’t feel like going away from you. She frowned turning around. So, I should be here hungry? Hitting his chest. He chuckled bringing her in his lap. Maan, let’s go out at garden and have a walk. He closes his eyes keeping his head back at bed rest. She frowned shaking him. Maan, wake up. Maan. She shakes him until he open his eyes irritated. What? We will go. Don’t shout. And again close his eyes.Uuffho, when, it’s almost lunch time, wakes up Na. he hold her waist giving her a glare. Do you want to go out with towel? He shouts which made her bit her lower lip. He chuckled pulling her cheek. Hmm. now go and change. He again closes his eyes. She hurriedly went to wear her cloths.




Precap: blank letter.




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2 responses to “FOREVER WITH YOU.

  1. Jyoti

    September 7, 2011 at 1:03 PM


    likes the way they r finally resting for a day…

    geet is scared…so is maan….they want to b with each other forever…but how long this forever will last..??

    precap is interesting…

    continue soon…


    September 7, 2011 at 3:23 PM



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