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I knew you love her; I saw it in your eyes when I came yesterday.


But Maan, she won’t agree.




I will make her love me. She will have to.  Naina smiled. We both are always with you. He smiled and looks down. He will have to work hard now.






Next day Maan entered the office, but all were shocked to see him lost and nit smiling for the first time ever. He entered his cabin and the first thing he did to open the blind to get a glimpse of a person who made him so restless. There she was sitting their calmly doing her work. He smiled finally able to see her. How much he missed her in whole day, how much he wanted to hold her in his arm and remove all her pain.




Taking the phone he called her. Hello.




Geet, come to my cabin. With that he shut the phone and saw her hurriedly taking her all files and knocks his door. May I come in sir? He smiled gesturing her to come; she sat in front keeping her things. Have you completed the design? He asked in spite of knowing very well she didn’t did them. No sir, I’m just working on them.




Umm. Complete here. She nods her head opening her design while he only adores her. How much she hide things in herself, how she looks so different and is so different. But he won’t let things being like this. He has promised himself to make her happy. Uski har tamanna ko poora karne ka waada. He look at her with all love, how pure she is, how innocent. How can people be so cruel to her and that too her own family. How can they say her unlucky, how can such an innocence be unlucky or harm to anyone.




After one hour Maan cleared his throat to gain her attention. She looks up at him with her raised eyebrow. Completed? She nods her head showing him the design. He sees it and look at her.Hmm. as you make so good design. I want you to give the presentation also today. She looks at him shock. Presentation and she how can her? She never has talked to anyone and here he is asking her for presentation. How can she do it? It will be not good for the project too if she interfered anywhere near it. Fidgeting with her pallu she looks here and there to find an excuse. When she felt a heavy breath behind her ear, her breath caught on her throat, you will. Haina. He whispered looking at her, she look down tightening her hold on pallu.




He moves his hand on her shoulder slightly which jerk her, she stood up from her chair, her breath was fast I… I won’t be able to sir. She turns around and tried to leave, but to her sudden dismay he caught her wrist turning her that she thuds to his chest. The sudden act made her shock, she look at him with wide open eyes, his hand hold on her finger bringing them to his chest. She tried to move her hand but he hold it tight and bring her more close sticking her body with his.




You have two hours, make yourself ready. with that he left her, she move away looking down, he have left her in the position where she is unable to even argue, she glued to her spot not knowing what to do? She is scared, scared of having him so close to herself. He shouldn’t be why is suddenly being like this? Maan stood their looking at her, taking her file he forwards them to her. Do you want to stay here more? She didn’t look up, taking the file she ran to her cabin.




Maan stood their smiling. This is just the start geet, there’s more to come. I will make sure; you will have to love me. I will build the feeling in you. He smiled seeing her nervously looking at her designs.






She was so scared of whatever happened in Maan cabin, and the presentation. How will she present, she can’t talk in front of them. She remembers the closeness she shared with Maan, no. she should stay away from him. She sighed looking down at her hand, still having the feel of him on it. Why is she feeling so strange by his touch, his breath which was like a soft breeze, his hard chest like a comfortable place in the world? She was so close that she smelled him, the fragrance felt so smooth, so fresh. His warm hand firmly holding her waist, so tight yet so soft. His fingers on her skin. She smiled keeping her finger on her heart feeling his touch.




But soon reality hit her, what is she thinking? How can she even think like that? How can she forget she is not good for anyone? In spite of fighting with him how can she just lose herself? She shouldn’t, she have to be strong. No matter what she feels for him but she is not allowed to express it. He will or may be forgetting her; maybe he was being usual with her. Yes, he is always like this, doing anything anywhere. But she has to control. She shouldn’t let him near to her.




Keeping the thoughts aside she looks at the design. Presentation. She sighed taking the design in her hands. Hmm. I really don’t have to prepare anything, i already know everything. But how will I be able to speak? Looking up she silently prayed. Babaji, please help me, please take this stupid idea go from sir mind. Please.








Precap: presentation.






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  1. Krishna

    September 5, 2011 at 4:19 PM

    Hey dear nice update waiting for next


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