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He smile seeing her shocked face, do you remember it? He asked looking forward. She looks ahead for some time and turn around to face him. He smiles removing a strand behind her ear. This place, you remember? He asked again as if she didn’t hear. She looks here and there and then looks at him. Shaking her head slowly she says. No… I don’t.



He look at her shocked, how can she not recognize this place? Simply said no, he sighed looking down. What more can he expects, she was away from everything five long years, must have buried every memory, every place, and every incidents.
Geet look at him knowing what he may be thinking. Putting her hand on his cheek she wisphere. Idiot. You have become more idiots and dumb. He blink looking at her confuse.
 How can I forget this place, she turn her head. The durga, my most loved place. Again look at him.

The place where I realize my feelings. Which have many memories of us.  He smiled happily and hugs her. Now don’t start crying. She moves back only to see tears. Rolling her eyes she wipes the tears and kisses his forehead. I thought you forgot… she put her finger on his lips shaking her head.That’s the reason I always call you idiot and stupid. He smiles kissing her cheek. Your idiot. Both hug each others.

They sat beside a lake; he put his arm around her so that her head rested on his chest. She was lost in all the old moments when they used to come here when they were just kid. Where they would play for many hours, it was the place when for the first time she came to know about her feelings toward Maan, the place where she confessed her love to him. Where she always has came whenever she would feel lonely, and he would come behind her to irritate her more. She closed her eyes snuggling close to him, feeling his warmth, inhaling his scent, her Maan. She feels so blessed to have back his love. There was time when she would spend hours only to adore him.

You remember we used to play hide and seek here, I used to hide just to irritate you. She remains silent, calling the moments in her mind when. She would madly search for him scared to be alone, and he would enjoy hiding from her. She moves little away looking ahead. You loved to give me pain. he stiffened looking at her, he become guilty by all his act, his all rude behavior after their marriage, all his stupid pranks which somewhere always have hurt her but she never complained.

The pain you feel now, being away from me. Is the pain I always have felt? She looks at his eyes.It hurts a lot to be so close yet so far. You can feel it now. He looks down not able to face her. Yes it hurts, a lot. It’s always hurt him to see her making distance between them when he know she love him. That’s what has happened to her, that’s what she felt before. Tears burned his eyes he sniffs holding her hand. She looks at him only to find his usual crying face. Maan. She sighed cupping his face and wipe his tears. Crying won’t solve things. He looks at her blurry form. I’m really sorry. He mumbled. She shakes her head hugging him. He hides his face on her neck. I didn’t mean to hurt you. I know you are lamenting. I can feel it more than you. He sniffs moving down his head on her lap. She kisses his forehead brushing back his hair. It’s really hard to be away. I know. But I’m greedy this time. I don’t want you to stay away from me to control yourself. He smiles kissing her hand. I can do anything for you.





Mama. Khushi yelled seeing geet and Maan entre their room. Geet smiled picking her. How’s my baby? He kissed her cheek hugging geet from back.I missed you both. She said keeping her chin on geet shoulder pulling Maan cheek. Papa, I want ice-cream. He smiles kissing her forehead. Geet move ahead keeping her on bed and went to take Maan cloth while Maan lied beside Khushi and she start playing with him. Let’s go Na papa. He requested pouting her lips and sit on his stomach.

Its late Khushi, papa is tired. Geet keeps his cloths on bed. Khushi look at him with her puppy eyes. Please. She whispered, Maan smiled patting her head. But geet moved Khushi from him. Go Maan. He sighed looking at sad face of Khushi, she pout keeping her head on geet shoulder. Geet sat on bed brushing her hair. We will go out next time baby. But Khushi look down, removing geet dupatta from her neck.I wanted to go. Moving back she looks at her sadly. I waited for so long for both of you. Geet kiss her forehead and look at Maan who just came out wiping his hair.

He smiled looking at her and the sad Khushi. Going to them he takes Khushi keeping his back to geet chest. She takes the towel wiping his hair.Papa, will you take me and Khushi out for ice-cream? Geet asked hugging him from back and keep her chin on his neck. Khushi gasped jumping on his lap and look at maan expectedly. Hmm. if only mama will eat with us. He presses himself back more on her. Both look at Khushi who was looking both of them with her innocent big eyes. Both start laughing at her cute face. Geet pull her cheek. We will go wherever you want. She smiled delightfully hugging Maan and kiss geet cheek. I love you mama, I love you papa.





Precap: long drive and some Ahem Ahems


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4 responses to “LOVING LAMENTS

  1. Krishna

    September 4, 2011 at 1:06 PM

    Nice update or teen bhi bante hai dear

    • zoha25

      September 4, 2011 at 8:53 PM

      Will try to.

  2. Jyoti

    September 4, 2011 at 8:33 PM


    things r getting back to normal…

    continue soon…

    • zoha25

      September 4, 2011 at 8:54 PM

      Thanx jyoti


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