02 Sep



Part 23




Your all mine, only my. She said looking at his; Maan missed a beat by her little possession. How much he wanted to hear those words from her. Kissing her forehead he bring her to his heart, his heart was thudding loud which amused geet, she smile looking up to him. He smiles kissing her cheek. I’m all yours. Both hug eachothers happily.














So, why you came? She moves back.Bhai gave this file to give you. He takes the file and keeps it. Hmm. holding her waist he call the reception to not to disturb while he take geet and make her sit in sofa sitting beside her with his arm around her. Now. Why I am not allowed close to anyone? He asked holding her finger and playing with them. She keeps her head on his shoulder looking at their fingers. I told you, don’t ask reason. He softly giggles. Ok fine. As you wish. he bring her more close by which her back was rested on his chest, he keeps his chin on her shoulder still playing with her fingers. How do you feel when im close to you? she look down becoming bright red, he smile seeing her cheek turning red and kiss their softly keeping his lips on her cheek. How it feel, having me so close? He whispered making her shiver, when she didn’t answer but tightened her hold on his finger. He kisses her earlobe whispering. Han geet, she shivered moving a little and looks back at him, he look at her eyes and can see the answer but he wants to hear it from her. He wants her to express her feelings. moving his hand on her cheek he cares it with his thumb, she closed her eyes moving her face more close to his soft touch. Slowly his finger moves to her lips very slowly tracing her lower lip. How long will you stay quiet? Won’t you say me anything? Holding her cheek he lean closes and kisses her jaw. It feels nice. He instantly looks up at her. It fells amazing. Looking ahead she again rests her back on him. Keeping her head back on his shoulder.It feels heaven. He locks his arm around her listening to her first time expressing herself. It feels like there is nothing present than you and me.




Leaning down he kiss her neck nuzzling his face. I have been feeling it when we were coming from that farmhouse. She holds his hand which was around her. I want to be with you… always… I feel like…. she stopped gulping down.I won’t be able to live anymore without you. He looks at her surprised. She look down, tears burned her eyes. Hey, why are you crying? Turning her he takes her in his arm worried by her sudden changed behavior. She holds his shirt. I don’t know why do im feeling so strange, it’s really scare me sometime. How can I feel like this? She sniffs hiding her face in his chest. He holds her tight rubbing her back and kisses her head. There is nothing wrong geet. Even I too feel that. It’s not only you. She look up at him, he gently wipe her tears. Having you is a bless geet and trust me, it’s not wrong. He smiles kissing her forehead. She keeps her head on his chest listening to his heartbeat.










Hmm, let’s do some works now. He stood up walking to his desk.What’s so important in this file that bhai strictly told to give to you only. She asked taking the file. Maan smile hugging her from back. Why don’t you read? She made a face. Yea, like I know business. He keeps the file on desk holding her hands. Then why don’t you join it?




I’m not interested. Kissing her jaw he asks. What are you interested at Han? She turns around keeping her one hand on his chest and another on his torso. Hmm, I don’t know. Papa have given me everything than why should I work. He smiles.




Well, he stopped. I wanted to say something to you.








I am going tomorrow morning to London, for some work. She gasped with her wide eyes. You are going?




Hmm. radhika came here for some business issue and i have to go their to attend a meeting. She makes a big face looking down at his shirt. Geet, don’t be sad. Look I will bring for you whatever you want. She keeps her head on his chest.I don’t need anything. She said with pouted lips. He cares her hair. When will you come back?




After a week. She suddenly looks at him. A week, he is going for a week? He cups her face. Now don’t be sad, I will call you from their and will bring a surprise for you.




What will I do, I will really miss you. He smiles kissing her forehead; even he didn’t want to leave her. I will miss you too.




Promise me, before going you will meet me… alone. He nods his head hugging her. Suddenly geet phone rings. Hello.




Geet kaha hai tu?




Bhabhi, I’m in Maan office.




Maan hai waha? Give him the phone. She passes the phone to him.  Hello.




Maan, can you please bring geet here, I have to talk to you something important. And don’t tell geet about it. He looks at geet. Jee, we will come.




Ok bye.




Bye. Hanging the phone he looks at geet. Come, I will drop you home. I have to pack my bags too. She nods and walk behind him.




Maan noticed her being quite and lost. Holding her hand he gently kisses it. Why are you so quiet? She looks down at their hands than loom at him, he gives her a smile, and she sighed keeping her head on his shoulder.You will come soon. Kissing her forehead he says. I have to, if I know someone is desperately waiting for me. She smiles looking up at him. Before going, I will come to meet you in your room. Stay there at night.










Precap: last meeting??




Love you all for all your love and support.


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7 responses to “HIDDEN FEELINGS…

  1. Krishna Bhavsar

    September 2, 2011 at 2:49 PM

    dear onr month baad update diya hai to treat to banti hai plz 4 update sath me do na me craving for update plzzzzzzzz dear

    • zoha25

      September 2, 2011 at 9:11 PM

      I will try to.
      But I need your regular comments please. 😉

      • Krishna Bhavsar

        September 3, 2011 at 9:14 AM

        ok i will dear but plz dedo aaj update

      • zoha25

        September 3, 2011 at 9:43 AM

        Aaj to nahi ho sakta, but still I will try

  2. Krishna Bhavsar

    September 3, 2011 at 11:15 AM

    ha try dear abhi to muskan bhi nahi de rahi hai sab log weekend manane chale gaye hai hum readers ankhen bichaye baithe hai

    • zoha25

      September 3, 2011 at 11:21 AM

      seriously yar I’m really very busy
      Jitna time milta hai utna hi update deti hu

      • Krishna Bhavsar

        September 3, 2011 at 12:41 PM

        its ok koi baat nahi bas wait karege or kya jaldi khatamkar lo kaam yahi wish hai hamari


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